Friday, June 17, 2011

TSA Worker Arrested In Houston,Texas for Theft. (Not Only Get Out of my Pants,Stay out of my Luggage ,and out of my life too!)

              It was announced that Governor Rick Perry finally placed HB-1937 back into the agenda of the special session in the State Legislature, It took a lot of pressure from the people to get this bill back as a priority after it was kept from coming to the full senate for a vote due to the efforts of the Lt Governor to defeat the legislation. I thank my fellow Texans for putting the heat on the Governor to do the right thing.

              The TSA must have limitations respecting the sovereignty of Texas. We have a tenth amendment, which is a means to restrain the Federal government from encroaching on the states. It is a good start that Texas is taking the lead trying to pass legislation to prohibit the touching and groping of passengers as a condition to travel on an airplane. This bill if becomes law would enforced state law already in place that touching people in intimate areas against a persons will a felony. This would allow TSA workers to be under arrest for breaking state law already on the books.

              In Houston Texas, a TSA officer is arrest for theft for stealing from passengers. The TSA has plans to roll out on the streets of America. The almost were about to conduct security groping students at a High School prom in New Mexico. There are numerous arrests from TSA around the county of theft from luggage. The TSA even takes infants into custody away from the Mother for setting off the metal detectors because the clip the pacifier. The lack of common sense and dignity is egregious with the TSA. They are over reaching into areas that have nothing to do with Airline safety. Now the TSA ask travelers about personal finances and marriage. No Air traveler is should not have to tolerate questions by people who are not sworn officers about matters having nothing to do with aviation safety. A Federal Judge ruled the TSA searches are going beyond permissible violating the Fourth Amendment.  Texas needs to be the tip of the spear pushing back against the TSA.

           I am happy we have people in the State House like Rep. David Simpson who authored HB-1937. The people of Texas are making headway telling the Federal government, that Texans have a legal right to be secure in their persons. The right not to be touched or groping against our will without probable cause. It is good this bill does have fangs. Nevertheless, I want Texas to have a stronger bill that has shark teeth. Not only prohibiting the touching of people genitals as the original bill prohibits. I would like to see it being illegal the body scanners and keeping their hands out of our luggage. Texans want no more evasive questions asking about our intimate personal lives that have nothing to do with airline safety or stopping terrorism. Texans have a right to be secure in their papers and personal effects from unreasonable searches and seizures too. We have a right to be left alone in our thoughts too when traveling.

           We Texans have a unique opportunity to push back against this lawless and rogue agency breaking law and violating our God given rights. The right to travel is being secure in our persons, effects and papers. We need to make this bill stronger that puts TSA within reasonable limitations respecting our liberties not being subjected to unreasonable polices that are a infringement on our rights. The Message to the TSA and the White House is when they come to Texas. They play by our rules. Texans will send the message not to mess with Texas drawing the line in the sand one more time.



  1. Hardly a surprise considering the lowest of low life that you find amongs the TSA.
    Now, about the feds threatening to stop airplanes from going to Texas. Hmmmmmm...what will them geniuses do about airplanes that fly OVER Texas airspace? Make a New Orleans to Albuquerque flight fly up and around the top of Texas to get there? Or maybe go south over Mexico!
    Oh well, if I had to fly in to Houston and would be unable to leave, good! Texas is much better than most of the other several this time.

  2. LE-GIS-LA-TURE!! TURE!! TURE!!! LegislaTURE!!!!! It's spelled LEGISLATURE!!

    If you can't get the little things right, how can we trust you with the big things?

  3. Rooty Websters Dictionary and spell checker have you wrong.

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  5. Secede! Secede! Secede!

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  7. "Rooty depending on where you live in the country. Florida spell thier lawmaking body legislator. Texas spells theirs Legislature."

    Well, first thing, you were referring to Texas in your post, so according to YOUR OWN EXPLANATION ABOVE, you spelled it wrong.

    Second, no they don't. From dictionary: "legislator- noun. A PERSON who gives or makes laws."
    "legislature- noun. A deliberative body of PERSONS, usually elective, who are empowered to make, change, or repeal the laws of a country or state."

    Third, no one speaks the same English? Yeah, you've made that *very* clear!

    But honestly, I don't get it. You have some good things to say, but you say them so poorly. Then when people tell you to improve, you instead say *they* are the problem. I really don't get it. What's so hard about admitting you were wrong, them working to imrpove on it?

  8. my favorite TSA story is the photo of the ex-Abu Garaib prison torturer/ sexual molester patting some guy's crotch at an airport.
    Did you ever see Joe Frazier break Mohammed Ali's jaw? That punch could have tipped over a bus. I wonder if Joe Frazier gets fluffed at airports.

  9. This bill is not enough. Like you said, we also need to get rid of the scanners. I would prefer to be groped, pushed and head-butted rather than subject myself to unregulated and possibly cancer causing scans. Until they get rid of the scanners, I will continue to boycott the airlines.

  10. Actually, Rooty,
    A LEGISLATOR is a PERSON who makes or votes to enact bills into LAWS, within the LEGISLATURE (the body, as a whole; the combination of the LEGISLATORS).

    I really hate it when those who think they can correct someone else yet don't actually give correct information, themselves.

    Now, on to the TSA; I have been groped (truly does feel like sexual assault) multiple times. I have some artificial joints, and when the TSA finds this out, an "S" is added to the flyer's ticket(s), which stands for "Secondary Screening". It is to prevent us going through the scanners, but means, too, that we ALWAYS get the groping-pat-down. This is exactly why you see so very many elderly going through this. It's a fact that as we age, we are more likely (these days) to go through some sort of joint-replacement, and to avoid lawsuits (from possible magnetic pulling of screws and rods), the TSA, along with all airlines, does put us on their list.
    However, the last time I went through one of these secondary-screening pat-downs was about a week after I had been through a 13-hour (major) surgery. I was wearing an elastic-bandage, and though I offered to remove it, the ts-a-hole decided it was worth pressing hard enough on the bandaged (surgical) area to break stitches and cause me to bleed for the entire day (while i sat in airports and on three separate planes to get to my destination-- HOME).
    I complained to her boss. Immediately after this, my name was removed from, "secondary screening". I can only presume that the TSA did not want a repeat of that sort of thing-- with ME, anyway.
    I would never willingly go through their scanner. I also am not a very willing participant in their groping session(s). I have not flown in about three years, and that means I missed my sister's funeral, because I now have a phobia about that screening.
    Something needs to be done.
    I am happy that Texas is finally doing something (or trying to do something) about the scanners, but I think we really need to do more about the PEOPLE who work for TSA!