Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rick Perry! You Are No Ron Paul!

              If anyone thinks, Gov. Rick Perry can to save us from Obama’s heavy hand from the White House being the 45th president. They are dreaming and I have ocean front property in Amarillo I want to sell you. In 2009 when Gov. Perry was giving speeches at Tea Party events about how he will not tolerate Washington's heavy hand in Texas. His speeches are just empty words that ring hollow. His book "Fed up" is just empty words that have no meaning. He only told people what they wanted to hear to seduce the voters. The Governor for 10 years,his words and actions do not line up at all.

             There is a reason the call Gov Perry slick Rick is because he is a good speaker and can look the public in the eye and lie through his teeth. This man is not a constitutionalists, he is not a vanguard for freedom, or stands up for Texas. Gov. Perry sold his soul and Texas for political power. He is a big government Rockefeller blue Blood Country club Republican. He may talk like Ron Paul and claim to be just like Ron Paul. He is no Ron Paul. He does not even come close to the good Doctor.

             Congressman Ron Paul may not be the most eloquent speaker, or the best dressed. His hair might not be perfect.All I can say his actions speak louder than his words. He has consistently stood for sound money and the constitution. He has returned what has not used to the treasury allocated to his offices and staffing needs. For the governor with a straight face to share the stage with Ron Paul will be interesting to see. I see for the last couple of years. Rick Perry has dropped the ball for Texas intentionally many times. Congressman Ron Paul's message is now getting much airtime and now dominates the tea party grass roots inside the GOP. I do not think Rick the RINO will have the same luck as the neo cons had in the past.

             The latest ploy was when Perry and his partner Lt Gov Dewhurst in playing dirty politics tried to do in secret kill the bill in the state senate prohibiting the Federal TSA from groping people at the airport. If the bill had passed by overwhelming majorities in both chambers in the legislature would make legislation veto proof, leaving the Gov Perry any wiggle room to please his party bosses. The bill would have been veto proof. The Governor and the Lt Governor played this political cat and mouse game where they tried to kill the legislation and have political cover. Well thanks to the outcry statewide in Texas. Their dirty tricks are now public knowledge throughout Texas. Now they cannot have it both ways like they used to do.

              Now I hope the Texas Tea party destroys Perry politically as they did to Rudy Giuliani by dogging him on selling out paid roads in Texas to a Spanish company and to force young girls to take a vaccine that is dangerous by cited experts to cause injury. Governor Perry has sold out Texas so many times and is not a hardcore patriot. If you believe Governor Perry will save us from Obama? I have to say you are wrong. Obama and Perry are dancing to the same puppet masters who rule in the shadows. This says there is no difference. It is like having a choice of the Dixie mafia or the Chicago mob to rule over us.

             Slick Rick, you are no Ron Paul. You can talk like him and sound like him. You will never be him. Ron Paul has a record of accomplishment that is the best. Therefore, go ahead Rick and run for the White House. This is not politics as usual as years past. The battleground has changed and you are using an out of date playbook that does not work anymore. I think the republican establishment will be in for a rude awakening when Rick Perry is exposed.


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