Thursday, June 23, 2011

Texas Lawmakers to Vote Again Tomorrow on Anti TSA Groping Bill "Obama Come and Take it"

               It is about time Governor Rick Perry added the Anti TSA bill after demands from the people nationwide and in the state of Texas. This puts Rick Perry in a very tough spot politically since his actions say he is running for president. The last time the Anti TSA bill HB-1937 was about to be voted on in the state Senate. The Justice department with Senator Kirk Watson and Lt Gov. David Dewhurst went around the floor of the Senate twisting arms and making threats that air traffic over Texas would stop if this bill becomes law. If the Lt Gov was involved,then we know Gov Perry gave his blessing to the Lt Gov to sabotage the legislation before there was a vote.

              Now they are making threats again to Texas if the legislature passes this bill and becomes law.They will take legal action in court and no air travel over Texas. I mean the ultimatum of no flights coning in or out of Texas if Texans will not allow a bunch of mindless goons to touch our private areas a police officer is not authorized to search.There is a vote scheduled in the Texas state legislature in a special session on June 24,2001.Will this be Obama's and Big Sister's Waterloo? If the Justice department goes ahead and pursues with legal action to override State law.This might be the TSA's watershed moment that is the beginning of the end.

               I never seen an Administration so brazen in the the face of the American people. How Tyrants took over societies using culture will not succeed here.This is not Russia,This is no communist China and Castro's Cuba. This is Texas.If push comes to shove. There are plenty of cowboys with boots, cattle prods and branding irons to chase the TSA out of Texas for good.  Texas will lead the way for freedom once more. So please call the State Legislature in Texas and show support.


  1. Good. Let's see what happens to tha airplane industry should the feds stop flights to Texas.
    Hmmmm...An American hub in Dallas and Continental/United in Houston. The fed's promise will screw up the air travel system big time!!

  2. Let the feds stop air flight over Texas. They'll just be showing the entire country their true colors and they ain't the red, white, and blue!

  3. It's costly standing up for your freedom to travel without showing ID, submitting to grope and scan. It cost Phil Mocek $35k just in legal fees.

    Every American that submits to being groped or scanned, that shows ID is a good communist.

    Do you want to live in a world were $12/hr clowns stick a probe up your asshole, or free?

  4. If the feds stop flights over Texas, I would be happy to stop flying.

    I'm not from Texas, but have spent a few months there, its a beautiful place. My point being -don't worry about threats from the feds, the rest of the country is on your side.

  5. Don't Mess With Texas!

    That's not just a clever saying, but messing with Texas is a good way to get your ass messed up!

  6. "There are plenty of cowboys with boots, cattle prods and branding irons to chase the TSA out of Texas for good."

    Oh, I'd pay big money to see that!
    Give 'em hell Texas!


  7. Maybe it's not just the TSA, but the USA, that should be chased out of Texas.

    Ever think of that?

  8. The perception people need to realize is control vs. no control.

    Control, in any form, by government is destruction of freedom and confiscation of wealth
    it doesn't matter if the system is socialist, communist, democratic, Marxist, constitutionally
    controlled republic...etc It's all a form of control.

    We need to find balance.
    We need to go back to the drawing board.
    We need to re-examine the Articles of Confederation


  9. Anybody who threatens you for not allowing them to sexually molest you deserves corporal discipline with a 36 oz. Louiseville Slugger.

  10. Interstate travel is a Constitutional Right. Were the feds to try that it would hurt the federal government a lot more than Texas. All mail travels by air. Think of the lawsuit and possible criminal liability to the disruption of the mail. Think about big corporate contributors like FedEx & UPS. Think about medivac flights. The government's threat is pure theater.

  11. If the feds do the illegal thing by trying to stop flights, then Texas can secede and make it's own airline businesses. They've already got some of the best airports.

  12. It's true, Texans have balls and if any state is going to truly exercise their 10th amendment and not just "make noise", it will be Texas.

  13. "I never seen an Administration so brazen in the the face of the American people"

    Are you referring to Obama and the TSA, or Bush and the Patriot Act?

    Sigh. How soon they forget. And no, this isn't a "Bush did it too" post. It's a "people sure have short memories" post.

    Bush forwarded the Patriot Act against the very explicit will of the People. Obama continues the TSA. Bush's acts have led to thousands of deaths, Obama's to hundreds of embarrassments.

    While the TSA is certainly a problem, it' in no way as bad as multiple illegal wars. Want to bash Obama? Get him for continuing Bush's failed policies, not for this very minor issue.

  14. Texas FunBelt News checked out this story with Senator Patrick and the vote is Monday, June 27.

    Meanwhile here's a historic piece of Texas political news that the LS Watchdog missed:

  15. Enough is enough.
    People are not cattle.
    Thank you Texas, proud state of Ron Paul and vanguard of freedom!

  16. The airlines make big $ flying Texas, in/out and within. Let them stop Texas flights. The biggest, loudest "cry-babies" won't be travelers. The same day a restriction is announced, there will be a lot of behind the scene actions. I didn't say corporate CEO's, did I?

  17. NobodysaysBOO:
    HMMM aeromexico?
    Southwest airlines might complain but if MEXAS was a NATION with a TEXAS NATIONAL AIRELINE like MEXICO we could all fly again just nationalize the banks ,airlines, OIL,PANTEX !!!
    The Republic of MEXAS has never so far gone to war against the USA, civil war does not count only a few states were in the fight.Perhaps MEXAS would win!MAYBE the USA would use nukes against MEXAS just like on 911?
    WE will soon see.
    PLEASE stop wishing for(and wasting time hoping for) some honest help from Austin they sold us out LONG LONG AGO, they will NEVER be honest or honerable again!

  18. Texas, I am sure will seceed once the Feds stop the flights. The Tx. Militias will be "locked & loaded". All other Militiaswill start heading towards Tx. to help out. BEWARE FEDS! It will be a 1776 moment!!!

  19. Good for Texas! My hopes are with you. However, unless the X-ray body scanner problem is also addressed in the state's anti-TSA legislation, the Obama administration will simply make TSA screen all airlines passengers with the TSA X-ray scanning equipment, a fate physically worse than groping. The TSA body scanners is a bombardment of deadly X-rays that has been proven to cause both sterility and irreversible damage the DNA and RNA structures (the seed recordings) of the human body. Remember that all forms of radiation are cumulative and that damaged DNA/RNA causes cancers. Multiple small exposures to X-ray and other radioactive poisoning will not only cause humans to die at unnatural and accelerated rates, but also cause countless birth defects in potentially all future offspring of the unfortunate screened airlines passengers.