Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is Texas the Tipping Point Against Federal Tyranny if They Prevail over the TSA?

            I can see the Federal Government are up to their dirty tricks in the Texas state Senate trying to block the anti TSA bill that prohibits agents from sticking their hands down people's pants as a condition to travel on an Airplane. The Federal government making threats of no flights in or out of Texas will be the consequences if the bill passes becoming law. The Senate cannot dodge the will of the people and think we will forget them.They will find out the hard way. The Federal government is acting out of desperation to hold onto power over the states.

              I have a very strong indication that the stakes are very high if the Feds do not try to stop the Texas Legislature from passing a law against the TSA sticking hands down people's pants. This can be the beginning of the end of Federal encroachment into the states. The first domino to fall if Texas prevails  seeing a chain of events following if this legislation passes. This puts TSA agenda in jeopardy rolling out taking control over the states. This issue is not limited to airports. It is about jurisdiction over the states is the real battleground that is at stake..

              If Texas wins over the Federal government regardless of the threats was coming from the White House and the Justice Department threatening economic sanctions. The TSA rolling out on the streets with checkpoints on interstates and State highways is in peril. Because a win for the Lone Star State is, a big boost is really shifting momentum for State rights and Sovereignty movements against tyranny. It will be hard for the TSA to justify being in theme parks, sporting events, shopping malls and any major function when there is no justification for their presence to be there. The unpopularity of the TSA will further be their demise if Texas prevails.

             The Federal government is not making threats to keep Texas in line. They are making threats because the stakes are high and they will lose more than scanning people naked bodies to feeling up passengers. The authorities in the White House know if there is a victory over the TSA on the state level. This could be the shift of momentum to start pushing back. The truth is we are winning and the Federal government is trying to derail any effort to advance state rights.

             The TSA is so unpopular and there is a backlash against his rogue agency. They are the face of government oppression and tyranny. We are breathing down their necks and they are trying to break our will not to take on the Federal government. The people of Texas must say no to dirty politics and threats from Washington DC. The Federal government is not prepared to deal with a chain reaction of states to follow Texas putting the TSA back in the box if Texas prevails.

             We Texans must not allow our State Senators and Legislators to cower to threats from the Federal government. We share the risk and the consequences that come out of Washington DC if we put an end to TSA groping Texans at the airports. Texas has nothing to lose standing up to tyrants. Let them try to suspend flights over Texas. It will only strengthen our resolve. For the State Senators who want to please the Feds and vote no against TSA groping. We will be happy to put you all on a Grey Hound bus with a one-way ticket to Washington DC since most of you want to go there anyway. Just stay there and not come back to Texas ever. They either do their job to uphold the Texas and Federal Constitutions as they swore to in an oath or get out of our way if they are ashamed to stand up for the Lone Star State.

              The Tipping point is close were the momentum is in our favor against the authoritarian forces if we push all the way and go the distance. A victory in Texas against the TSA is the chain reaction needed that the other side can no longer control .We have nothing to lose. The Federal government has everything to lose if they are defeated.


  1. If the Feds try to stop flights from going in or out of Texas after this bill is passed, wouldn't that put them in violation of various interstate commerce laws? Not a lawyer, but I do know right from wrong.

  2. THe TSA is now being authorized to do TSA checks INSIDE people's homes. So we have
    1. no 4th amendment
    2. warrantless searches and entry allowed
    3. advent of the 'lockbox' where residential and business owners in IA and PA required to give a set of keys to town authorities for 'security'

    Even the USSR, Syria, Iraq and STAASI didnt pull this shit.
    Yes the stakes are HIGH in Texas- for the WHOLE of the USA. What can non-Texans do to support? Please publish.