Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who Will Step Forward With Articles of Impeachment Against Obama?

               It seems like we have a tyrannical dictator in the White House who knows no boundaries concerning the rule of law and the restraints to his office as the Constitution outlines. The US congress to look the other way or to shrink from their duties cannot wait until the 2012 election. Action Congress must take now to pull the plug on the White House before he sends in the Army to shut down the Legislative branch and the Courts in the government so he can hold onto power.

               The President I believe is a fraud. I do not know what his real name is. He has a social security number that says he is using the identity of a deceased person who existed long ago on the east coast and not from Hawaii. This has nothing to do with a birth certificate or not.The President is trying so hard to cover up his past because it will expose him as a complete fraud. If Obama says was born in Hawaii as the President claims to be his birthplace. He lived in Indonesia and renounced his citizenship to the United States to qualify to enroll in schools in that country. Where are his naturalization or repatriation records? Where are his legal records of his name change from Barry Seotoro to Barrack Obama? What about his college records, transcripts and financial aid records? Never mind saying he is born in Kenya. He has enough skeletons in the closet that makes him ineligible to hold office as it is.

              We have him committing our forces and putting our nation in harms way starting wars in Pakistan, Yemen and Libya without the approval of Congress. Now we have become an imperial empire bent on conquest for the Bankers and Israel. He is writing law by regulatory process and executive power without passing laws through Congress. He is in contempt of court ignoring the ruling from the Judges. He is still implementing his Healthcare law regardless being ruled unconstitutional. He will not allow oil rigs back in operation after a Judge lifted the moratorium after the deep water horizon disaster in the gulf. He is out of control with no regard for the will of the people or the laws of the United States. He needs to have constitutional restraints placed back on the President and remove from office by the impeachment process before he destroys this nation.

              Who will be the congressional representatives to bring forward articles of impeachment? It is getting to the point Congress cannot pick and choose their battles with the White House anymore. They have a problem when the President usurps power from the legislative branch. President Lincoln jailed the whole Maryland Legislature so they could not vote on secession before the war of northern aggression. This battle has to be waged in congress to restore the balance of power between all three branches of government.. The Congress cannot look the other way on something and take on others. The Legislative branch of government must do its constitutional duty reigning in power of the President. Therefore, who will step forward and do what is right for America or we will perish. Not only is the nation at risk but congress as an institution is in peril too because Obama will try to dissolve the Congress if it keeps him in power. Self preservation of the congress under constitutional rule needs to be the agenda. The more they delay the more powerful the Dictator with become if left unchecked. Good men in Congress cannot sit idle and do nothing anymore. It is not about Politics. It is about our survival.


  1. Why are you even considering Congress and the possibility of impeachment proceedings? The presidents does NOT hold the power, Congress does. They obviously want to do NOTHING about this issue and all the other issues to which they are complicit and treasonous to the bone.

  2. The president and vice president, Congress and the Supreme Court all need to be impeached, and charged with treason. All three branches of government have completely turned on the American people and the Constitution.

  3. "It is not about Politics"

    No, it is 100% about politics. You bring issues on up Obama's birth because you are against him politically. If you agreed with him, you'd have nothing to say. You'd call it a non-story.

    You state that Obama should be impeached because of his prosecution of numerous illegal wars. Did you ALSO call for Bush's impeachment, on those same grounds? No? That's because it's 100% political with you.

    Everything Obama has done, Bush has done. Are you calling for BOTH of them to be arrested? No? 100% political.

    You state that, "Good men in Congress cannot sit idle". Well, you define good as those YOU agree with. If a Dem congress was trying to impeach a Rep president, you'd be on the other side, wouldn't you?

    100% pure politics, and nothing more.

  4. Let's be fair: this fascist crap didn't start with Obama. Impeach, my ass. He belongs in prison -- right next to ole Dubya.


  5. All politicians work for the corporations now.

    Just one exampl; drug companies had its owned goons inside congress late at night, to force fellow politicians that were against the bill practicaly giving the major pharma industry
    its very own law system. ( a few then left politics shortly after and were hired by the big name drug companies ). Why did this happen, and how did they get away with it?

  6. Since when does any political party NOT try to sling mud at the opposition at every opportunity? Even if what is slung is not true, it is still used by inference to create doubt in the voting public's mind. This is politics. Always has been and always will be. Except last time.

    Republicans DIDN'T use the birth certificate issue, which they knew about at the time of the election, to defeat their opponent. Obama would have had to produce his birth certificate to silence his critics.

    Did the Republicans think the voting public would be angry with them if they insisted the Democrats actually follow the law? They could have crushed the Democrats for trying to sneak a usurper into power. But they DIDN'T.

    Obama is the figurehead for the two headed snake we call our government. Elections in America are just theater and the snake doesn't care which head we "choose".

  7. Since Congress members must put themselves and their CFR masters before the American people,don't expect impeachment. Originally and still VERY much today, CFR=the Fed. So, we must work toward the destruction of the crooked voting machines and hope America cuts the cord with their CFR programmed TV sets. Honestly, most people rely on defective information gleaned from the CFR programmed TV for their election choice data.

    Those banker collected interest payments buy and sustain a lot of unearned bling. It is their obsession with this bling that will end their reign forever. And then the congressional mewlers will be shaved and put on chain gangs.
    Obama, himself, probably does not know who his father is. Top pick is Frank Marshall Davis, an American citizen. Nose up is Obama.

  8. I don't like either Bush or Obama, for that matter all of the last 5 President's have been part of the problem, we are in at the moment. However I don't like uninformed people talking about things that are false. Bush did go through Congress for the wars on his watch, Obama did not for the war on his, and that is a fact. He should be impeach on those grounds.

  9. I do not vote, because that would imply that I consent and agree to their rule. I do not. Impeachment would imply that I agree and consent to the fair play when the opponents are breaking EVERY rule of fair play they can! So why would anyone enter into a rigged game? Better yet, why would you expect us to do so knowing its a rigged game? WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?

  10. Stop all talk of impeachment.
    You can only impeach a legitimate President.
    Obama/Soetoro is not.
    He is an impostor squatting in the White House.
    Impeachment would give this criminal a legitimacy.
    It would recognise his Presidency.
    Just arrest him for High treason war crimes and genocide.
    Then a rope would be too good for him

  11. Typical Texan idiocy. Now stop being stupid on the internet.

  12. Obama is nothing more then a lightingrod. The Bilderburghers appoint our Presidents, to take all the crap for all thier Globalist wheeling and dealing.

    Bush and Cheney aswell as most of thier cabinet can't leave the United States for fear of being arrested for War Crimes.

    all the while 75% of Congress and Senate are complicit.

    I never believed I would live to see America completely at risk.

    Those of you still Loyal to America may want to look into a fine organization made up of mostly prior military and police.


  13. The system is broken......so tell me again why are we feeding it?

    I order to kill the cancer you must starve it,
    "No Freedom No Money", pretty simple!

  14. Since the only thing these people feel anything about is money, we should all stop paying taxes, boycott, big corporations (ie, Monsanto, Walmart, Bank of America) etc. I even stopped watching any MSM, actually most tv stations. Thats how I'm doing my part. It would help if millions of people did it too. I don't know how to stop paying payroll taxes since my boss is married to this treasonous government though. If anyone knows, please let me know. The other thing I thougt about is that since our country is in distress, we should all turn our american flag upside down and drive with our headlights on till they do their job.

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