Sunday, June 26, 2011

We are sick and tired of the RINOs games and dirty tricks in the Texas Legislature.

                It has become apparent the Gov Rick Perry, David Dewhurst and Joe Straus love Texans tolerating groping and their dignity violated at the airports. These people need to resign and just go straight to Washington DC and never return to Texas. We do no need them. They are obstructionist and sell outs. They love tyranny just as much as Big sister in homeland security. Gov Perry should just resign and go run for President on the Democratic side since he does not embrace the actual Republican Party platform that is going back to the Constitution. David Dewhurst needs go back to the CIA playing spy games. Speaker of the House Joe Straus should just resign and move to Washington DC to Join Obama's cabinet. No RINOs should claim to be something they are not. The three men need to get out of Texas's way or else they will be accountable in a not so nice way. Eventually angry Texans might run them all out of Texas with pitchforks if they keep playing all these games. They have very little choice but to pass the bill.

                 Cut the crap with the parliamentary dirty tricks and backrooms deals. Bring the bill to a vote. We can all tell Gov Rick Perry does not really support the bill. If he did all of the above. The Governor would have put the bill on the agenda for the special session when he called it. Why wait so late in the special session to place bill on the agenda? It is because Rick Perry does not want the Anti TSA bill law either. He is colluding with Speaker Joe Straus to make the bill die by manipulating the rules and procedure of the House. They are claiming to do one thing while behind the scenes stabbing Texans in the back is ending.

                 When the Tea Party voted in the latest crop of candidates, even Rick Perry rode the bandwagon to cover up his true agenda. The people of Texas were expecting results from these people. Not just talk with no action to back it up. Three men who supposed to look out for the interest of Texans are failing to discharge their duties as the office demands as their responsibility under the state Constitution dictates. The men who fought for Texas independence are rolling over in their graves right now. We owe to these warriors for laid down their lives, fortunes and sacred honor who threw out Santa Anna and his army for being thugs.

                  Tonight when I go to sleep and lay my head down. I pray the Ghost of Sam Houston keeps the governor awake at night until he does what is right for Texas. I hope Jim Bowie haunts Speaker the House Joe Straus playing with all the knives in the house. The Ghost of Davy Crockett haunts the Lt Governor aiming his muskets at him all night playing mind games. I hope all the men who died at the Alamo haunts all the state lawmakers until they do what is right for Texas. I know that is not going to happen. If it did happen that might call in Ghost hunters and make it a major TV event. They will use the haunting as a way to get public sympathy. These early Texans would not have put up with the Mexican Army groping their wives sand children. Even the Mexican Army knew better than to mess with people's wives and children. If they rose from the grave today, they would be calling for many people to hang from the nearest tree. They will not tolerate the games they are playing in Texas today.

                   This latest dirty trick by the leadership in both chambers in the Texas State Legislature and the Governors mansion should be the last straw. If Governor Perry had anything to do with not allowing this bill to pass. His chance for him to be President is over. He will go the way of David Dewhurst with his hands in the cookie jar trying to kill the bill earlier. I am sick and tired of their tricks playing with the minds of Texas. I see many Texans have had enough of the games too. They demand results and not another excuse why it was defeated wishing better next time in two years. We had better give them hell and these people will make Texas hell for all of us.





  1. Easy problem. I can solve it at a cost of about 20$ per TSA Molester. Collars. With sensors for blood pressure, pulse rate,and eye dilation. Response voltages not to exceed 50,000 volts at 70 amps. That will shape their pedo molester fantasy into the desired package. No collar, no job.

  2. just another reminder to change the contrast of your website white on black is too hard on the eyes

  3. "The men who fought for Texas independence are rolling over in their graves right now."

    I'm sure they are. They gave their lives in response to injustice. Your response is a poor written website.

    Face it. When you write that, "If they rose from the grave today, they would be calling for many people to hang from the nearest tree." What you really mean is that you lack the guts to do so.

    You simply don't have the balls to do anything more than complain on a website. You talk about REAL TEXANS like it means something. It means nothing, based on your actions. Your ACTIONS, not your words.

  4. Rooty are you a Pentagon Obama troll?

  5. Hey Rooty, how's that Lee Harvey Oswald investigation coming along? The Dallas press was on that case like stink on a skunk. Law enforcement personnel could have been convicted on the omnipresent photographic evidence alone, including the sargeant that released the hobos who included E.Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. The third hobo may well have been soon to become officer White who was working photography for the Dallas police in the month of November, 1963. The third hobo sure looked like White. His son says his father(White) confessed to being a shooter.
    Since bravery is your forte', how's about getting more on george Bush's alleged presence at that satanic cult in Brownsville Texas in 1968 on the weekend just before the entire 17 member cult was found murdered and skinned the following week. Henry Lee Lucas was the only capital case pardoned by Bush, but he was whacked by the pros right after his 60Minutes interview. Let's go Rooty, we have a nation to save. Watch out for NSA general Michael Aquino. He was a top figure of the satanic church at the time and later became the nation's top satanic church priest and Bush43's director of all military psychological warfare. Kinda wonder what he was doing on 9-11. Moffett AF base has been linked to 1986 San Francisco Citadel-1986 type events and that is where Bush went on 9-11.
    What do you think Rooty? Still want to help?

  6. Face it. You're an idiot. You still think your Repugnakin heroes are gonna save you. You still think that voting for Tea Party usurper idiots is the answer. You actually thought voting for these people was going to do something? Oh my god!
    Its time for idiots like you to let go of your elephant shaped security blanket and address the real problem. Our govt is owned by Israel. Your repugnakin heroes are all subverted to stand up on que and cheer their little hearts out to their jewish masters. Identify the problem, expose the source.
    Don't cry because you got scammed by a bunch of liars. But pride is jealousies evil cousin, and pride prevents people from facing the important issues if it includes their sacred cows. Give up on the republicans and voting our way out of this. It's very annoying to see this crap when we well know that we are WAY past the time voting is gonna save any aspect to our demise.

  7. to the last comment. I am not for Rick Perry and the rest of the wet noodles. I have no confidence in Austin. I left the GOP long ago. There are a few bright spots in Austin.


  9. Yes Realman2020, I am a Pentagon Obama troll.

    It's not possible I simply disagree with you. Or that millions of people disagree with you. I must be part of some massive government conspiracy between the Masons, Obama, the military, and vampires.

    Sheesh, you get a couple dozen hits per day. Most peole come here just to laugh at your writing. Do you really think anyone who matters is going to come on here to debate you? Do you really think they even know you exist? There's a million people like you on the web, and I doubt very much the government is watching them all.

    No Realman2020, I'm not any sort of government agent sent to destroy you, although it's cute you think you're big enough to warrant that. No, I'm just a citizen that finds all your writing, and most of your ideas, laughable.

  10. The real ELEPHANT in the room is the zionazi TALMUDIC TERRORIST "Jewish Narrative", it worked for the TERRORISTS {MEDIA & ADL/FBI/ATF}when "THEY" were massmurdering the Davidians. Both Buzzard wings LEFT & RIGHT on the same Talmudic Terrorist "JEWISH" buzzard...for the sake of brevity RINO is a "JUDEO-Christian" oxymoronic word...Like a um good baptist...JEW WORSHIPPING BRAINDEADGOY...believing the same lies day in day out...eating the same stool sculpture deity..TRIPE...STUPID will never change true. Maybe you could spend some time reading Juri Lenas' book under the sign of the Scorpion, or issa Nakhlehs Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem or Willie Martins' files outline[] see & lots...The more true information you have the more true conclusions you can reach, at least you know how Texas ought to be..."NONJEWISH" Truth & Freedom loving people stringing up jew worshippers..on Tree Limbs...after a fair trial.