Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Preacher Who Said the World Would End Made Millions Fleecing the Flock

                When will people learn to discern the phony from the genuine? To send money to a distant preacher who deceived the people saying the world would end. I went after Benny Hinn and other TV preachers for their lavish lifestyles living other than a righteous lifestyle. Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker in the 1980s should have made a skeptic of many people. As a Christian, I have to say and admit. I fell for the fleecing of Robert Tilton 25 years ago with Gods economy get rich scheme for a short time, if we send our money to his ministry.I will receive one hundred fold of blessings. He is no different than a corrupt a stock broker instead of using the Wall street Journal,he uses the Bible saying we will get high returns if we give our money to him.

                 Today, I see the church as no earthly good and useless. We see these mega churches and international ministries saying they feed the hungry. I have to be skeptical. I was upset hearing about how this Preacher of the Family Radio Network made millions of dollars from followers donating to him. Why do people believe it is God's command to send this man money? It is sad too many people are very weak minded who cannot see the phoniness of people suckering them out of money. This radio network has assets over 104 million dollars. According to IRS filings publicly on record if, anyone cares looks it up if his followers just take the time. This radio network received $18.3 million in donations If these people would read their Bible, they will find out not to be deceived. I have no pity for them, because they should know better. If they want to give and be generous to a good cause, there are far better ways that do make a world of a difference in our own communities.

                We have people hungry living on the streets in need of shelter. This economy has taken a toll on millions of families and children. People homeless who never foreseen themselves before in this dire situation  ,now live on the streets surviving day to day. I say keep charity local as much as possible for the people in our towns who need assistance so they can get it. Keep our money local when we shop, even in charity. Keep your earnings in the community. If Christians really want to experience, true blessings from above and see their money at work? Give to the people who have need in their own communities like soup kitchens and food banks. Not to some distant preacher in Oakland California where we cannot see if our money is serving a good use wisely or is there squandering. It is a big waste of money.

                The $18.3 million could help people in the communities to assist those who need a helping hand and not a hand out. If a single mom, who works and is barely make enough to feed, shelter and clothe her children. If this mother needs new tires or car repairs so this mom can keep working so she can provide for herself and her family. It is money well spent. Jesus even said "if we done unto the least of these we done it unto him". It seems the Christians today are not the salt of the earth anymore. They are into subsidizing the Pharisees like TBN and all these TV preachers. This is why are country has lost its moral compass because they are deceived by the preacher who said the world would end. They believe every word said without a challenge.

                I remember the movie with George Burns and John Denver called "Oh God". When God told John Denver to go to this specific preacher and tell him to shut up because he is giving the Creator a bad name preaching garbage. Hearing about Harold Camping having a stroke is probably divine intervention because he is making God look bad. Please do not waste your money on these ordained con artists. If you want to give to change the world, it starts in the community we live in first. Help those here in our own backyard. Not someone’s back pocket  1000 away saying “Praise the Lord!".


  1. "There's a sucker born every minute." -The guy who built the first church.

  2. Oh brother, you and I had the same revelation from our heavenly Father. There is an an old saying: 'Charity begins at Home', is still appropriate today. I tell you, you find out quickly when the 'ship goes down', who your real brethren are. I been there, but thanks to our God, He never let me and my wife down, even when most ministries turned their back and only gave platitudes. Most of the help came from the un-churched and even non-believers who became believers when they saw, how the Lord was working in our life's. Jesus warned us about the great deception that would befall the Church before His return and we can certainly see the evidence of this today.

  3. But of that day and hour, KNOWETH NO MAN, NO NOT THE ANGELS OF HEAVEN, but MY FATHER ONLY Matthew 24:36 Gee, seems fairly simple to me, what about this doesn't anyone understand????

  4. Mankind will only become spiritual when they eliminate parasites like organized religion and Bankers counterfeiting money. They are two peas in a pod and create all other problems.

  5. "If these people would read their Bible, they will find out not to be deceived. I have no pity for them, because they should know better."

    That's very Christlike. I'm sure Jesus would be very pleased with your attitude. Somewhere in the bible it say, "screw those idiots", right?

    Especially shocking your opinion, since you stated that you *yourself* were scammed. "I fell for the fleecing of Robert Tilton 25 years ago".

    So maybe they are just as stupid as you were? Maybe you are just as stupid as them? Maybe a little f*cking compassion would be nice?

  6. I am not happy about being fleeced by Robert Tilton. I admit it. The truth did hurt when I found out he was a fraud. I repented.We all wake up and make mistakes. We repent and never be suckered again

  7. The devil can take some credit for it.

    After all it is it's plan to take as many souls to hell with it that it can, before the gates close for a very long time.

    That means satan will use whatever means possible, even preachers and false spirits. So considering that the devil incarnate (probably inside an American body) will be walking around the globe very soon, maybe even now, one has to expect an increase of hatred towards all things that are truly holy. Like, using false peace makers (freedom fighters for instance) and fooling even the very elite into total submission. Even using self-absorbed soothe sayers whose only real goal is not a better world, but a bigger house.

    No one knows, not even Jesus knew the time of his return.

    Old communist Russia ended up using it's churches as outhouses. And it sounds like the same dark watery slick is headed to America.

    If people want an excuse to round up the christians the devils own zionist conservative false christian party will help. It is playing it's part in setting the Christians up for a mass execution not ever seen before. And the world will be demon ridden.

    Not every church donates money to greedy ministers. Some of us actually go to church with many nice, carring people who also attend and gather to pray for divine guidance. The hope still is that the day will soon come when the people blinded by satan's talented agents of deception will be able to remain connected to the rapture of pure Universal insight God has tucked away inside all of us.


  8. Rooty. I try to tell people to test what these preachers say to scripture. I am not being cold, But there is point when people will not listen. I try to tell people there is no rapture. When I say I have no pity for them. I was meaning shame on them once,shameon me twice. Understand there is a point when they do not listen and bleive the lie. When they get hurt. It is thier fault for not listening to truth. Sorry to sound so cold. But sometimes I have to be staightforward.Sorry Rooty If I offended

  9. This article is just perfect, very inspiring, except, third sentence: Please pluralize the "ist" word correctly! Just add a single gol-darned "S" for the love of god! For the sake of all the limp-wristed, testicularly challenged "East Coast Liberal" "Grammar Nazis" who otherwise love reading your stuff. Real Texans know how to make plurals!

    I know you're smarter than that! Thank you.

  10. You didn't see Robert Tilton clowning you?? A two year old could see he was pure con.

    A joke....and you swallowed it whole?

    Here's a better joke:

    "Joe said...

    This article is just perfect, very inspiring, except, third sentence: Please pluralize the "ist" word correctly! Just add a single gol-darned "S" for the love of god! For the sake of all the limp-wristed, testicularly challenged "East Coast Liberal" "Grammar Nazis" who otherwise love reading your stuff. "

    Is Joe admitting to being a "limp-wristed, testicularly challenged "East Coast Liberal" "Grammar Nazi(s)" by correcting your post???

    Everyone read the article out yesterday proving Homophobics have Homosexual feelings.....? Heterosexuals, whether "limp-wristed or East Coast" do not.

    Joe, quit projecting your inner thoughts for all to see. Thank you pretty boy.


  11. Buybull thumpers are weak minded people who refuse to wake up to the power of their own brain.

  12. Frankly I'm not religious, but people fall for this stuff over and over and over yet again.

    Its one thing to have faith in a deity, its another to place your faith in men.

    I believe that bible says something about "god is not a respecter of men, we should follow his lead.

  13. Amerikagulag said:

    From Genesis onward, the bible is a collection of wishful thinking, fabrication, fallacy, forgery and outright LIE. There's no historical or even archaeological evidence to support the claims contained therein.

    So the sooner people understand there are no 'chosen people', there was no Exodus, none, zip nada; it never happened, no wandering in the desert, it never happened and no parting the Red Sea, it never happened; That no one floated up into the sky and no one will come floating back down, the sooner we can have some hope for peace in this world.

    Remember, if the Germans had written the bible, the Germans would be the 'chosen people'. See how it works?

  14. Who cares? Ya fellas can as well become Muslims! I'd sooner dot ya one in the eye for all that matters.

  15. Virtue in cooperation brings out our best work. I don't see this here. The only differences between this guy and Benny the Rat are that he hasn't been caught with young boys or carry around a battery-powered writhing Jesus-on-the-cross to impress the masses with his ability to condemn. A few more end-of the-world projects and we will see. the 7 Day Adventists are the remnants of the 19th century Millerites who refused to give up on a similar doomsday scenario.

  16. Old Adage: A fool and his money are soon parted.

  17. I was raised in the Seventh Day Adventist church. And you're right apeman2502, that's exactly how the church started. What most Adventist don't even know is that their prophet Ellen G. White had visions from God approving of Miller's time setting. Which makes her a false prophet too. She later had a vision where God showed her that he had intentionally tricked the faithful believers into believing in the date (there were actually multiple failed dates) to test them. How convenient that it wasn't human foolishness that led to their humiliation, but an act of God.

  18. To the author and to Rooty:

    If you read your Bible you actually will find that God is then one responsible for causing False prophecies. Read Ezekiel 14:9 which says that when a prophet says something false it is because God deceived him. Read 2 Thessalonians 2:11 which says that God sends strong delusion so people will believe a lie. We're expected to believe the whole Bible, when the Bible itself says that God lies. "I'm a liar and everything I say is true. Believe all of it or go to hell." It's not possible to sanely believe all of it because it's a massive contradiction. But, that's what Christianity expects us to believe.

    As to the bible saying, "screw those idiots"... the Bible certainly does take that position a number of times. Look the mass murders that God called for in the Old Testament. Even the peaceful Jesus gets in on the "screw those idiots" action when he presides over the lake of fire where those not in God's chosen group are perpetually tormented. It's not Satan that presides over hell, It's Jesus and the angels. Read Revelation 14:10.

    The most peaceful, loving, decent Christians that I know are those who don't know what the whole Bible actually says. It's those who go to the more wishy-washy churches that pick and choose the good bits of the Bible from the bad. Which goes to show that we do not get our morality from a book of contradictions written by men.