Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Arizona Police Officer Execute Man For Telling Them They Needed A Warrant TheyDidThis


  1. NobodysaysBOO:
    The cops NEED the citizens to feed and support them.If all the citizens move away like in Detroit the cops will follow them to the new place and feed off of them there!
    If we the sheepel move BACK to Detroit the same cops will follow to continue FEEDING off the host.
    The point is that Arizona cops are killing the HOST and the Detroit cops now work in ARIZ!
    The cops always take off their proud uniforms and sneek away when it gets tough like Katrina or the middle east where the people are killing the cops by the scores.

  2. This is why we need OUR troops to come home and deliver our petition to remove all occupants of the AMERICAN People's offices and buildings! While OUR troops are away fighting for our freedom...Slime ball corporate criminals and Slime ball Banker thieves are/have manipulating OUR laws, rights having judges change things making corporations that get out of paying taxes constituents? Our FREEDOM is being destroyed and there is NO tax revenue, because all of our jobs, manufacturing left and took TAX REVENUE and our prosperity and livelihood with them! Plus they've made it where these super rich thieving slime get tax cuts up the wazoo! What do they expect. This is exactly why they are INCOMPETENT to run OUR government. We are in this mess because of OUR reps decisions ( that are NOT in our best interests!)FIRE them now!

  3. An unarmed person deserves to get shot! That is BS! There is no way that that person should be shot maybe arrested for resist but honestly he is not god! who makes the desision to shoot a person that is unarmed? Apparently the cops. Give them a gun and they think they are the law. Brutal!!!! I feel terrible for the mother that has to endure the rest of her life with no son for a cop on a high. R.I.P Maybe that cop should get life for taking the life of an innocent unarmed person with an issue. Beware people of Arizon u could be next! If he gets a slap on the wrist they will be outrage, wait and see.