Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Double Standard Lying to Congress. Major League Baseballs use of Steroids and BATF Operation Gun-Walker Scandal

             While we hear all the fanfare of Congressman Issa exposing and demanding answers from the BATF Operation Gun-walker scandal. When it was found out the head of the BATF lied to congress. He might have to step down was the news because he was not honest with congress. There are no calls for his indictment to be a trial on the charges or pay a heavy fine. The possibility of incarceration was never the topic in the press, not even a peep from all the networks. It seems the powerful always protect themselves. I find there is a big double standard here when it comes to people in government who lie before congress and the private citizen when they are dishonest before the same governing body.

              I remember hearing on the news constantly about steroid use in in Major League Baseball. The seriousness of Major League Baseball Players using steroids was worse than our troops using torture in the war on Terror. It should be an outrage, but not for congress to deal with. I wonder how many Louisville slugger bats these steroid induced players hitting home runs broke. When it was obvious that Roger Clemons and Barry Bonds were lying before congress. An outrage demanded swift justice as the media portrays. They were calling for jail time and indictments. Never mind the torture of Iraqis and bombing children in the Middle East. Steroid use in baseball was the major issue.

              When Acting Director Melson of the BATF is said to resign after being caught lying to congress. I do not hear any calls for him to be under arrest and indicted for lying before congress. There is no call or being serious about the rule of law unless you are a private citizen breaking the same law before congress. The same treatment as another baseball player Tejada facing jail time for using steroids also caught to lying before congress. There is hypocrisy here in how government treats its own and how the private citizen is treated committing perjury before congress.

              There is a big difference between the operation Gun Walker and Steroid use in Major League Baseball. Steroid use in baseball, the players done more harm to themselves and broke a few a Louisville Sluggers by sports enhancing drugs. Their actions did not hurt the fans or anyone else. The athletes only hurt themselves. It should have not been a waste of the taxpayer’s money to drag people before congress. A very small matter not relevant that should have been the jurisdiction of Major League Baseball to deal with and not the US Congress because there are more pressing issues than steroids in baseball. Operation Gun Walker is much worse.

              The sad truths unlike Professional baseball athletes have made some bad choices that can influence some players in lowers leagues does have a negative effect. The fact is the actions of the BATF done far more harm to many innocent Mexican people south of the border and the family of the murdered border patrol agent. For all the people in the justice department to the BATF straight to the White House who are called before the subcommittee to testify under oath. They all should all face prison time for lying before congress. There should not be a double standard in how people in government and private citizens get different treatment when they commit perjury. The law should apply to all with no respecter of persons. Maybe if Congress starts to jail people in the Obama White House for committing perjury. Maybe the President will realize no one is above the law.


  1. When pigs fly brother.........

  2. Well Bill Clinton lied as well, what happened? NOTHING. You must remember there are 2 sets of laws, one set for the surfs, 1 set for the dogs of the elite...and none for the elite. Where do you get the idea that all are to be treated equally under the law? We can't do that, we can't treat the elite like the peasants..they are the elite after all. And to try and hurt their dogs of war isn't going to happen either. Stop this freedom and equality talk...everyone who does that winds up being shot at a traffic stop, don't rock the boat or you'll become the a good little slave and stop thinking.

  3. 1984 was NOT an instruction manual!!!Fire the bastards ALL OF THEM!

  4. Jack Rabbit - "well said" - ARE. YOU. FUCKING. KIDDING. ME?!

    Nothing this moron writes is even in the same solar system as "well said". This site is an affront to all critical thinking individuals EVERYWHERE.

    RealMan2020 hates the English language. No one trying to stir the passions of the people & had any self-respect would shovel this shit he calls "commentary" out there.

  5. RealMan2020 speaks the truth. There is a double standard and it should be obvious to any clear thinking individual. Keep on blogging!

  6. Texas voted a Bush into the governor's office at least 4 times. I'm glad some of Texas survived with their class intact.
    Congress is an overpaid undertalented swarm of flies touching down over the nearest exposed wound. 9-11, the GOM oil well, Now it turns out Fukushima and chemtrail>HAARP>weather attacks, Geithner and Bernanke shoveling the coin out the back door and congress mewls because of 'the rapture'. Obama mandates gay molestation at every street corner. The CFR provides the stupid with a phony diversion. And WE get to clean up the mess. They don't call me 'the happy swordsman' for nothing.

  7. Hear Hear, well said.


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