Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What a Democratic Congress Did to Nixon During Watergate,Republicans Should use on Obama.

                During the Watergate scandal when Nixon was involved in a cover up with the break in inside Democrat headquarters during reelection. President Nixon has done many egregious things attacking freedom of speech and the rest of our liberties with executive orders. When Nixon was under investigation over a cover up under a congressional scrutiny, it is front-page news. I do not remember much about Watergate. I was very young. I only remember Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room.

               Doing a little research, I though about it. I see parallels with Watergate and the Present day Lawless President Obama. Back during the Watergate scandal, the Democrats controlled Congress with a Republican in the White House. Today we have a Democrat in the White House and Republicans in the House and Democrats holding a slight majority in the Senate. We have a corrupt White House,the time is now to teach the Democrats that history is a two edged sword. Even Hillary Clinton ,who helped in the investigation in Congress when the scandal broke should be worth noting.

             President Nixon was looking for distractions and diversions from Watergate. He was looking to start wars and bomb political conventions as false flag events to start wars or to demonize groups of people. President Nixon was a ruthless man desperate to silence his political enemies. It was rumor that Congress told the Top ranking commanders in the military not to obey Nixon’s order to attack or start wars to distract the public using the military. Congress did its job stopping the corrupt Nixon administration-playing wag the dog. Our country was very close to being a civil war in the early 1970s according to declassified documents
“Operation Garden Plot” and” Operation Cable splice“. This all because of the corruption of the Nixon White House caused a major division inside the Military and many circles of power.

             I will say it again and now what the Democrats used during Watergate can be an option to use against Obama. That is telling top commanders not to follow any orders of attack a nation unless attacked. The Military should have it made clear no attacks without their approval. The President is neck deep in corruption with operation gunrunner and passing out waivers to his cronies so they do not have to participate in Obamacare to name a few. The Economy is tanking and his approval ratings are in the sewer. He is using our military to save his political hind end putting our nation at risk on the world stage. He is abusing power using the force of government to go after his political enemies. This administration is abusing power doing unlawful power grabs he has no power to do so under the Constitution. He is making tricky dick look like a Boy Scout.

             It is time this congress makes its move to neutralize the President. He is using his seat as chairperson on the Security Council in the UN to send our forces to Libya and not consulting congress. He is claiming the authority of the United Nations as his claim to commit our troops to attack a sovereign nation who is no threat to us. Congress needs to start hearings to draft articles of impeachment and tell the military commanders in the Pentagon to stand down and pull out. No more military presence in the Black sea or drone attacks as acts of war on sovereign nations in the name of stopping terror. No more orders to attack other nations without congressional approval with the threat of funding being cut off from defense if they follow an illegal order. If congress does not do its job and neutralize this White House, provoking wars around the world for Israel,bankers ,and mega corporations. The President will use PD-51 to dissolve congress making them useless.

               This congress has no choice, but to act now to be that vital check on executive power. If they do not use what the Constitution delegates to them to do keeping the Presidents power in their legal limits. If they fail, the congress will have to apologize to the Nixon administration because they are letting the Obama White House get away with is the very same thing they condemned Tricky Dick for. It is time our congress take back their constitutional duty to put Obama back in the box before he destroys this great republic.



  1. what we need is for our military to remove by force both Obama and his staff, and most of congress by force. Our military needs to uphold their oath to defend the united states from all threats foreign AND DOMESTIC. Cause we know damn well, congress aint gonna do jack shit.

  2. Instead of berating him would it not be wiser and more beneficent to help instead?
    or would that be too generous of you?
    This is the exact same attitude that the "elite" have towards all the little people such as yourself,and I know this for a fact because I used to associate with their kind, and I could not live with myself being a part of it, no matter how much material wealth I was promised, and gave up. Instead of them showing some sort of compassion or empathy for the not so fortunate. They belittle, ridicule, and make fun of your "the Cattle's" shortcomings, but they have lost their way, their soul, and their Humanity. Have you also? What does your conscious tell you? shouldn't you listen to it? or is there another more sinister voice in control? extolling, hate, bigotry, and sanctimony? You still have a choice.

  3. To the grammar NAZI who likes to pick me apart. I bet you are so pathetic .you can not get an woman and can find satisfaction tearing down other people. because your inability. You pick me apart and get so nasty. You are not in your right mind. You are an embarrassment to the human race. My two sons have more maturity than you. I bet you work for the Obama white house or George Soros. People in their right mind do not go to great lengths to say such things and find fault. Jesus would not be so critical as you are. You are just jealous, because your grammar is so perfect. You are boring and people fall asleep because you have no heart or passion. You feel threatened because I am doing well. I can be myself. You are a sick person. Mike of WRH does have a choice. He does not always accept what I write. I can accept rejection. You can't. You are jealous and pathetic. You attack success like any socialist because you can not stand individual thought. I will not go away. I will keep writing. I can accept I am not perfect. I will keep posting on WRH. people like you will not stop me. You do not discourage me.Your scum and if you do not like what I say. Stay away from my website. My parents told me one thing you should pay heed to.That is,PEOPLE SHOULD NOT THROW STONES WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES.

  4. I will delete comments with cuss words. My kids do not need to read such things.

  5. Firstly; many people mispell due to typing errors and do not correct them, big deal. As long as the content is understandable thats all that matters. The literate as well as the illiterate both have same right to express themselves as best they can and to be heard. On the subject of party politics, the Left Wing Democrats (Atheistic Marxists) are not so much different from the Right Wing Republicans (Cultish Nazis) considering that Judeo/Freemasonry runs both parties to the detriment of our nation. Institutionalized corruption of our government, it's political parties, finance, the judiciary, the military, and social institutions is beyond human repair; get ready for the end result which is beyond most peoples imagination and coming soon.

  6. OK, I have had enough of this sort of stuff.

    I wrote with more accurate grammar than you when I was in the third grade.

    I could correctly spell all the words you used in this article by the sixth grade.

    And now you write: The Military should have it made clear no attacks without their approval.

    Have you ever read the U.S. Constitution? WHO HAS THE SOLE AUTHORITY TO APPROVE AN ACT OF WAR?

    You are an embarrassment to WRH. He is required to post your junk because you pay him to do so.

    Now, PLEASE GROW UP! Learn to behave well with other folks, or GO AWAY! Michael has no choice but to have your stuff appear because you pay him to do same.

    But I do have a choice, and I choose to never read anything that you are the author of.

    Would you respect the marksmanship of a guy that couldn't hit the sky or the ground when using the weapon of his choice?

  7. BTW, my last comment was directed at the Grammar troll, just thought I should mention that in case anybody misunderstood
    who it was meant for.

  8. Hahahaha, trying to make sense of your posts are like willingly banging your head against a wall to clear it.

    Nixon was scared the photos of who killed Kennedy would emerge.

    But this, this deserves an award: "Our country was very close to being a civil war in the early 1970s according to declassified documents"

    Really? We were? And we need to read "declassified documents" to discovery it?

    Well shuckens, and heah us'n's down heah in da South was too stooopid to even reckon hows close us'ns was to Civil War agin!

    We weren't remotely close to "Civil War"...dream on. Nixon, Bush Obama: you apply equal ethical standards to them, Tex?


  9. Great article, but it's actually much worse than even you describe.
    Nixon was actually taken down in a coup d'etat by the Rockefeller led Trilateral commission. What Nixon did was a non-event compared to the Bush White House and now the Obama White House (and virtually every other administration).
    By way of history, the takedown of Nixon was precipitated in steps by first taking out Agnew (trumped up IRS violation- shades of Jim Trafficant). In Agnew's place, Gerald Ford (the CIA's front man in congress and the assassins' wingman on the Warren Commission) was appointed Vice President under the somewhat suspect 25th Amendment (the coup d'etat amendment). Once Gerald Ford was firmly in place, the precipitating event of Watergate (was Nixon set up on this one to take him down?) forced Nixon to resign.
    Who takes Agnew's place once Ford is installed as President? Why, the conveniently placed Nelson Rockefeller, whose brother David, at the very same time. was precipitating events to create the Trilateral Commission and to further commandeer numerous financial assets under Rockefeller control. Old Nellie Bell was installed in the Vice President slot where his role was principally used to corral military industrial assets and intelligence assets for Rockefeller control (note that to this day, John D. Rockefeller IV- Jay- of West Virginia- controls the Senate Intelligence Committee and related sub-committees associated with such intelligence assets).
    This post was presented to provide an alternative thesis to the Nixon coup d'etat and notwithstanding this post, the validity of impeachment is appropriate, except that the standard of impeachment (the events precipitating the Nixon resignation) would result in everyone's impeachment (except Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Nancy Kaptor, a few others).
    On second thought, impeaching everyoneis not such a bad idea!

  10. Realman2020, I pity you. For two reasons. One is of course your terrible writing. Two, your massive ignorance. But not just ignorance, your pride of ignorance. You are actually proud of your shortcomings!

    Take any person you admire. That you'd like to be like. George Washington, Sam Houston, Jesus, anybody.
    Do you think any of those people communicated poorly?
    Do you think they made it *difficult* for their audience to understand them?
    Do you think that if they didn't get their point across, they blamed the audience, not themselves?

    We aren't talking about the occasional spelling error. We're talking about honest to god baffling writing. Writing where people have to go back two, three times to slowly pare what was written.

    "Give me liberty, or give me death!"
    "I statemented I wanted liberty or. Give me death."

    See the difference? See how one inspires, the other confuses?

    Why can't you admit you need to improve, then actually improve? Would you tell your kids they only have to do "good enough"? Would you tell them their teachers are simply garammar nazis? That they are scum because they abide by the rules of the English language?

    You're a tiny little man with a tiny little website.

  11. NobodysaysBOO:
    The nixon affair will be forgotten like the JFK affair,nixon never served a day in jail and niether will any of the bushwackers.
    Sometimes I misspell thers posts on purpose just to perplex the school teachers here,LOL.and make them feel needed.
    Nixon put this country thru a hell on earth,wage controls,price controls,no wage increases without a new job title, ect.ect.GOONS.and we let them go scott free? WHY

  12. NobodysaysBOO:
    PS, That evil nixon pig KISSINGER is still out there running amouk and scott free!!!

  13. Grammar? Do you want good grammar or good taste? (The grammar Nazi nailed me a couple years ago.)
    Obama+Bush + Project Monarch. You old ladies please still yourselves and get serious. There is serious trouble afoot and the above reference is a good place for you to start with your googling and quit needling this poor fellow. Go read Nancy Drew books if it is suspense and good grammar you need.
    The illuminati bad-guys are deep into mind control. The impact Rockefeller had after gaining control of the American Education system during the 1920s to 1930s depression has continued to pump out obedient workers and with the CFR programmed TV, has shaped unaware minds into defenseless believers.
    I have been astounded by the total ignorance and general LOUD pin-head attitudes of sub-cretins who BELIEVE they know all they need to know.(Which sometimes includes grammar.)Honesty and integrity cooperate into successful societies and corporations. Loyalty and commonality of purpose from the folks who plant and harvest the vegetables to the top scientists and technicians. Obama and Bush are NOT included in this group. Obama is the cast-adrift in a boat 'damsel in distress' we stopped to pick up during the 'Dump Bush' party on board our cruiseship. Unfortunately, the Bernanke led pirates were hiding under the boat and their ship, "Queen Elizabeth's Revenge' has just come into range and is bearing down on us, still invisible in the fog. 9-11, the Fukushima nuclear facility, the recent VIDEO DOCUMENTED HAARP weather attacks (NEW technology, MUST READ MATERIAL, PLENTY OF BEFORE,DURING,AND AFTER VIDEO DOCUMENTATION. HAARP AS A WEAPON IS BEING USED AGAINST THE U.S..), the ARM and derivative and hedge fund and HUD frauds ALL are direct attacks on the heart of the nation by the same entity. If you aren't doing your homework, you better start. The munitions including nukes were placed in the WTCs I,II, and 7 and the Chicago Sears tower (now Willis tower) during construction and your old lady English teacher wets herself every time I remind her of this. Then the bitch calls me names.

    This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.

    NOTE: For details on munition placement, including nukes, see Activist Post: Architects and Engineers Question... comments at the back.
    The retriggering was done much later for the 9-11 event. These comments are not speculative. Chris Bollyn's explanation of the retriggering is the best I have heard. It explains how inefficient placement of the nanothermate led to unexploded product throughout the dust covering Manhattan that week. Other dust samples at the WTC prove that a fission reaction or more than one, had recently occured there, proven also by the warped steel cars around the WTC that day with all paint and upholstery intact. See Jeff Prager's material for this and MORE. Prager's conclusion for MOTIVE must be heard.
    Obama is a shill and has all the symptoms of a Project Monarch victim. He would shoot himself in the head if told to by the person who is close to him and in on it. I can only speculate on this point.

  14. NobodysaysBOO! :