Friday, June 17, 2011

If Congress Wins in Court Against Obama's War in Libya. What is Next When the President Ignores the Courts?

            I have to say I am very frightened how President Obama violates the rule of law in the War Powers act. This President's actions pose a danger to our freedoms at home and destroys our image abroad starting wars not consulting Congress. One of the saddest times in our history where one of our patriot heroes we celebrate his moral courage killing the second bank of the United States. That man is Andrew Jackson. Old Hickory made a blemish in our history with the Trail of Tears. President Andrew Jackson violated the treaty of the Cherokee Indians forcing them west off their land moving to Oklahoma. The Cherokees won in the Supreme Court because it was a violation of the treaty. Still President Jackson still removed the Indians from the Land knowing no one could enforce the court ruling. A very bad precedent future presidents can reference to defy congress and the courts.
            Since Jan. 2009 when Barrack Hussein Obama was sworn in as President to be our 44th President He has violated his oath since day one. Since President Obama is violating the War Powers Resolution invading Libya calling it everything but a war. The President has failed to report to congress about military action in Libya. Now Congress has filed suit against the President because he bypassed consulting Congress.  A major legal precedent on July 25, 1973 in Federal Court ruled against President Nixon. A Federal Judge ruled the secret Cambodian bombings is declared unconstitutional. This secret bombing of Cambodia caused Congress to pass the War Powers Act of 1973 because Richard Nixon abusing his war powers. The secret Cambodian war one of the offenses in the articles of impeachment against President Nixon was proposed.
              My concern is the past Presidents defying congress and the courts is nothing new. This gave Presidents in the past to thumb their nose at congress and the courts starting with Abe Lincoln. It did not just start with President Obama. President Clinton and Janet Reno violated the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals removing Elian Gonzalez from his uncle’s home in Miami in the year 2000. President George W. Bush is no angel either. He ignored numerous Federal Judge Rulings that the Patriot Act is unconstitutional. He has ignored court orders against violating the right of Habeas Corpus. President Obama is ignoring court orders to resume offshore drilling in the gulf and still moving forward with his Health Care Law that was by a Judge’s ruling to be unconstitutional. Regardless what the courts are ruling, Obama is still is moving forward to implement it.
            Now we have a precarious situation here. The President is ignoring Congress and the Courts like his predecessors did .Why because Congress has failed to keep the President in check on his war making powers and executive authority. The Courts do not enforce its rulings. The lawsuit filed by congress is a good start. I hope Congress wins the lawsuit where the courts rules against Obama’s war in Libya. How will Congress and Courts enforce the ruling to stop the war? Will they start Impeachment proceedings to attempt to remove the President from office? Will the Congress invoke the powers of the 25th Amendment declaring he is incapable of discharging his duties of the office? The President's mental condition and state of mind is putting this nation in great danger starting wars worldwide. Only an insane person would start wars with nations without provocation. If President Obama is not in his right mind launching World War III.  The 25th Amendment needs to be a consideration to save the nation from destruction that put us all in great danger as a nation.
            It is now crunch time for Congress. They do not have the luxury of picking and choosing their own battles anymore. The reason why the President is out of control is because Congress lets the President and his predecessors get away with it for so long. The Congress can refuse the raise the Debt ceiling so the Military must scale back operations not in our national interest. The Presidents fitness to hold office has to raise into question of his mental abilities since he is bringing this nation to self-destruction.  Congress must act not just filing a lawsuit. Call all the commanders of the Pentagon before congress to testify why they are following illegal orders starting wars not declared by Congress? The Members of Congress must call cabinet members to testify of the President’s mental fitness to hold office. Congress must act in their Constitutional duty before this nation falls into great peril. This is not about politics. It is about the survival of our great republic that is in peril. It is about drastic actions because we are not safe unless we act. It is do or be done in by a lawless dictator wannabe if his power is unchecked. God help us all.



  1. "...It is now crunch time for Congress....."
    About 10 years too late.

    I have to say that any court battle regarding the illegal wars the US is waging completely and utterly unprovoked will be no more than smoke and mirrors to give the sheep the appearance that CON-gress actually cares about the rule of law. These bough and paid for shills for Israel have systematically nurtured and fostered the atmosphere of "war whenever we/Israel want". They're been responsible for outsourcing the entire industrial base of this nation. And you don't hear a peep out of them when it comes to the Federal Reserve SCAM. Not ONE stood up to call Bush and Cheney criminals and none will do it now with Obama. If you think Obama is his own man, you'd better talk to the Rothschilds first.

    Certain people are put in certain places to say certain things to give the appearance of opposition when in fact, no opposition exists at all.

    Don't get your hopes up about the Constitution. It was ignored decades ago and excessively, within the last 10 years. Why would we part with tradition now? Obama and Libya? What happened to Bush and Iraq? Or BushBama and Afghanistan? NEITHER of those are legal either. Or is this selective disapproval?


  2. Jackson is one example but a more current example would be Stalin response to the Pope's disapproval. How many division does the Pope have. The president has the army , navy, air force under HIS command. The courts have the court police. I am sure the court will understand and rule accordingly. After all they did vote in Bush in a case they clearly should never have touched.

  3. "What is Next When the President Ignores the Courts?"

    Better question. What will THE PEOPLE do next, once the president ignores the courts? What will you do, Realman2020?

    More blogging?

  4. Impeachment. Something I'd buy tickets for

  5. Hey realman2020,...I guess you could always invite the bastard to Dallas and then take him out from the grassy knoll.


  6. Give him a trial then put the lobotomized twit up for adoption. Congress, even though photographed mewling at near every issue handed to them will huddle and tremble and point their fingers at the scars on the back of Obama's head and fear for their lives and so shrink home in their limos to hide and admire their stock portfolios. What will we do? Probably watch our neighbors do the same thing.

    The majority of the people have not been studying all the attacks on the U.S. closely and think God is trying to drive us into the arms of Benny the Rat and the church of England or the Rothschild empire. If I had the power, I would bitchslap at least 500 people a day until they stopped believing in their personal safety and perfection. I sure don't believe in mine anymore. But then, that's always been part of my job.
    Being civil has no effect with the masses and innocent people are still being tortured, some to death, at Guantanamo. And most people think more about toaster cozies.
    D. Rockefeller has no right leading the charge with the NWO. He's an overpaid child torturing animals with his friends. They want population control to facilitate access to resource centers.

  7. NobodysaysBOO:
    IT is easy just stop the money! same as nam.

  8. Hahaha....LOL......Really funny pics. I have never expected such a wonderful picture of Obama...

  9. Campaigne Contibutions......just rolls off the tongue. And sounds so much better then Campaigne Bribes!

    Obama racked up $720,000,000.00 in 2008, mostly from huge corperations. And boy has he made sure they got thier moneys worth. And now that they have made it legal to recieve unlimited contributions/bribes from corperations. He is expected to be the first horse in the race to break the Billion Dollar bribe mark. It's nothing really when you recon he has been handing out Trillions to his benefacters. Right out of you're grandkids piggy bank.

    Anybody that believes Obama is taking orders from Congress or the United Nations is a fool.
    Obama is a Globalist Puppet, as was our previous three Presidents. Joe the Plumber and the rest of us peasants deserve everything we get out of this deal! While we watched Football, they snatched our Republic. Not only are we doing nothing about it, ninety five percent of the population is totally clueless to the obvious crimes being committed right before thier eyes.

    I hope the American people don't wait untill thier bank cards don't work, and the store shelves are empty. Before they grow thier BALLS back!

  10. NobodysaysBOO!:
    WANT A MINUET! Those guys with him are HONERABLE MEXICANS.

    EVERYBODY knows he only hires BLACKS!

  11. I don't care about the color of our President, I do care that he is a liar. And that he is taking his marching orders from anybody with a buck or billion to add to his warchest.

    Ron Paul is the only decent man in the whole damned horse race.

    A vote for Obama is a vote to kick'off World War III.

  12. "I don't care about the color of our President,"
    YOU WILL care when they give your job to a "PERSON OF COLOR" JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR COLOR!!!!

    THINK WHO RULES US AFTER the JEWS? ALL of the racist minorities want a shot at ruling and a share of the $$$$. They are all watching this nightmare and are ready to step in.Who is NEXT?,blacks?Mexicans? HILLARY(GOD FORBID),perhaps the QUEERS?

    THINK, there less than 10% blacks here but just count how many black faces you see on TV!
    This is no accident.
    THINK do you TRULY think Opra will VOTE for and give MONEY to RON PAUL! When PIG FLY!!! LOL

    Thank you for the free speech ZONE.

  13. Just remember if obama/osama is impeached then we will have BIDEN.
    They ALL need to HANG!!!

  14. In Response to: "nobodysaysBOO".

    Obama, like Bush and Clinton and all the rest since they Murdered JFK are in the Bankers pocket.

    The Elite own him allmost as much as they own peasants like you.

    They want you to Hate! And they want all the other races to Hate you!

    Suckers and Peasants everyone of us.

    As long as we Peasants keep blaiming and hating each other. We won't be looking to bring to Justice those that are responsible for the decisions that are destroying America.

    The Blackman that took you're job for a buck or two less did make any "Laws"!

    And for the record, one look at Congress will tell you those that have made the Laws are mostly Very very weathy Whitemen.

    Perhaps you should widen your view of the World. Looking thru that toilet paper tube aint getting it done anymore.