Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not Letting Government Fear Mongering Rob Us of Our Common Sense.

            I remember how people were scared after the attacks on September 11th. Over many years, good people on a quest to reveal with credible sources and research by tenacious patriots seeking the truth to expose false flag terror is a real threat to liberty to a people. The evidence has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Shanksville Pennsylvania was a false flag attack by our government to instill fear in the people to advance an agenda. The only half-truth that day that was spoken by President Bush was Freedom was attacked. It was not by Muslims living in caves so we are scared of people wearing turbans as they portrayed . It was done by our own government creating a major event with loss of life to scare people into accepting a solution under normal circumstances would not even consider ever allowing to happen. Government induced fear by false flag events to steal our liberties in the name of national security fighting a perceived enemy is the formula they use to advance an agenda.

            People were afraid of Muslims because they might be with Al Quada. They might attack us was the talking points of the day. The mass hysteria and paranoia that if Muslims talked in a group in a mosque or at the park, they are plotting an attack, and we better be very afraid of them.  The whole propaganda machine was selling fear that we need to surrender our rights for safety. This has created a tyrannical nightmare strangling our own freedoms and liberties in the name of the war on terror. It is time we think for ourselves and decide what is best for us. Never put what we can do for ourselves in the hands of a distant government out of fear of a perceived threat fictional or not.

            All dictators used fear of staged events like burning of the Reichstag all the way to the attack to the Oklahoma City bombing to demonize political enemies so the people will fear the opposition.This willl give the government the excuse to abuse a group of people as enemies of the state. The State of Texas might have fallen short restraining the TSA at the airports groping travelers as a condition to travel. It seems fear tactics are not working anymore with the people. It just works for politicians who want to be reelected. We can start to see major Airports starting to opt out of TSA screening passengers due to the pressure of tourist industry to do something to spur the local economies. When we see the government power is under a threat from the state of Texas because they are getting ready to assert state’s rights. We can see these staged events like with the Shoe bomber were people could take off their shoes. Not to forget the Underwear Bomber who was allowed to board a plane without a visa or passport to justify placing the full body scanners in all the airports. The government is using fear tactics to justify taking our freedoms to protect us as they say always. They might stage an event of a rectal bomber exploding in an airport to justify the groping when it really starts coming under fire like never before. A false flag event will be used to silence the opposition to groping can go on with a rectal exam. The sky is the limit of what lengths they will go to hold onto power.

              We now see Mayor Bloomberg using Adam Pearlman as a poster child for gun control saying Al Quada is going to gun shows and will massacre innocent people as a fear tactic. If it does happen where a false flag results in deaths in a public place or soft targets where many people gather at once. They will use the firefighter carrying wounded children out as they did during the Oklahoma City bombing to try to scare the public tugging at people’s emotions blaming the second Amendment for this tragedy.Id they stage an event in Chicago or New York were gun control has disarmed the people. This will further show gun control is a failure because people armed with a CCW could have stopped the attack before it started if people were allowed to defend themselves.

               We must remember never let fear rob us of our common sense to think things through; always ask questions and be skeptical . Never give into government-induced fear of the boogeyman will come and get us if we do not surrender our freedoms so they can protect us. I have a feeling they will try to use fear to attack liberty to justify checkpoints and further invasions of our privacy. As the days, go by. The war on terror is now the biggest hoax and a blank check to attack our way of life as the people see today. I am worn out on fear now to the point of being numb to it. I am to the point now I do not get scared at a phantom enemy anymore and starting to ask questions about what is real and true compared to the official story. Never let fear steal commons sense anymore. It is still legal to think.


  1. Good points - if our "protectors" are doing such a great job - why all the "danger?" Why is the focus of our "protectors" shifting to We The People?

  2. Welcome to Howlers! A good crop this time.

    "All dictators" Really? Every one of them?

    "used fear of staged events" That' seems odd. Who's afraid of a staged event? I mean, if you know it's staged, why be afraid? Did you mean to say, "used fear WITH staged events"?

    "like burning of the Reichstag all the way to the attack" Ummm. Huh?

    "to the Oklahoma City bombings" How many?

    "to demonize so the people will fear the opposition so the government can abuse a group of people." So I don't understand so I guess you write badly so you need to so improve.

    "We can see these staged events like with the Shoe bomber were people could take off their shoes." You still can take off your shoes, if you want.

    "If it does happen where a false flag result in deaths in a public place or soft target where many people gather at once." That was almost a complete sentence. Almost.

    "We must remember never let fear rob us of our common sense to think things through; always ask questions." Figures. First time in his life he uses a semicolon, and he uses it wrong.

    "As the days, go by." A little unintentional philosophy there, folks.

    "Never let fear steal commons sense anymore." Yeses. Don'ts lets fears steals thoses commons senses.

    "It is still legal to think." But not however, to write coherently.

    As good as ever, Realman. Thanks for your work. And check out my webpage for more information.

  3. is interested in this article, but, requires the author make the following changes: A) clarify to the reader whether or not the "9/11 attacks" were a false flag or not. After the changes are made, please email us at and we will review your article for publication. Thank you!

  4. Rooty, I've complained about the bad grammar and sentence structure on here before and it is obvious to me Realman does it on purpose...methinks either you doth protest too much or you just need to get over it. Realman ain't gonna change until folks stop bitching about his bad language/writing skills!

  5. I live in an upper middle-class economic area in Hawai'i, and these people have no fear because they ignore it all.( A lot of Monty Python's upper middle class twit behaviors and short commings) They want you to fear also. And me. They do not remember Dresden, they do not have any experience in life beyond being the most self-obsessed in the rat race. They will tolerate anything done to anybody by the government, including slow neighbors. They tolerate cocaine wholesaling cops,9-11, ARM repossessions, genocidal wars done in their name, and society's serial killers because they were appropriately dressed, with attention paid to style from a catalog. A depressing mess of people indeed.
    They do not fear because their master is the result of allowing the parasite to grow with the promise that it will rid their world of all other cultures in competition for resources for their kind, only. My neighborhood features the population hosting those in power. They, unlike misguided fools, have the capacity to do right. But they turn it down. Their priests tell them "God forgives", and takes a cut. Old world, New World Order. NWO=OWO+IMF(UN)+CFR(The Fed)
    Know the NWO did 9-11 and do NOT let the traitorous CFR talk you into forgetting or tolerating it. See the History channel's Weather Wars? that's Impossible to see that it is possible and being carried out across the U.S. since last March at

    This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.

  6. It's not just our government or just this time in history.

    If the people were not frightened of something they may figure out that they don't need government at all!

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