Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stop Making the World's Elite and the Money Junkies Equal to God. They are Just a Bunch of Delusional and Depraved Lunatics

I can only listen to a very few Patriot shows because of a very good reason. If anyone read the book of Proverbs 23:7 Bible quote" As a man thinketh, so is he ".  I get so fed up with people who say they have to fight the New World Order whose mind is sucked in the what the elites say on paper. I mean they make these people out to be equal to God himself being all knowing and powerful.  I am getting sick of these people saying how they are going to shut down the web, track, and trace us. I do not accept the people who are the world Elites will have their way. I am sick and tired of this defeatist attitude about what they are going to do to us.

            What really I get sick of is people saying, "Ron Paul has no chance of winning" A self fulfilling prophesy if you are not the one willing to get off the couch and canvas going to door to door. If we believe Rep. Ron Paul has no chance of winning, then he will not win. If we believe, he will win. He might have a fighting chance. I am sick and tired of hearing "they" will not let him win. This "They this" or "they that" is a complete cop out. They will keep stealing elections as long we let them get away with it. Corruption will stay in place if we believe they will roll out their plan to dominate. If we believe, they will get away with it. Then they will get away with it. We will speak our own slavery into existence. It is not up the Elites of the world what kind of leader we will have. It is up to us to put the man in power we want. Therefore, if we think they control all and we cannot have a say. They will get away with it every time. If we are not willing to put up a good fight and work hard. Then we will get the leader and the corrupt government we deserve.

              I do not accept this scientific overlay and dictatorship one bit. Put up all the cameras on every street corner with all the facial recognition software to track and trace people. They can poison the food; add the fluoride and all the drugs in the water supply. They can do all the studies on human psychology. The elites do not hold too many wild cards. They will fail trying to prop this corporate world government up. They are arrogant and overconfident. Their narcissism will be their demise. These people are not God and will never be. It is time we see them as hell spawn and scum. Their power is an illusion and they not invincible like superman being bulletproof. They can be defeated. They put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us and die as all humans do.

            I truly believe in my heart that this will fail very soon. The Elites are depraved lunatics who never had to make their own bed. Dress themselves or even wipe their own tush. They never had to fight for survival and worry about the next meal. They are not too bright and pathetic in their own illusion. I believe there is a God in heaven that is one-step ahead of these people just giving enough rope to hang themselves in good time. These people will self-destruct and be destroying themselves by their own moral rot and delusion from within. This is why their New World Order will fail before it starts.





  1. You are right (and your grammar is better even than most of the time!), of course. As for mentioning God, God will give us the government we deserve. Period. End of story.

  2. The headline alone made this article worth a gander.

  3. I agree. I hear people talk about "Karma" - how "someday" the bad guys will get what's due them. But no they won't! If you sit on your butt and do nothing, they'll get away with whatever is on their devious minds.

    "Karma" is just empty space without YOUR ACTION! You want people to get justice? Do something to make it happen!

  4. Agreed! Especially re: Ron Paul. if I have to hear ONE MORE REGISTERED VOTER tell me that HE can't win, I'm going to punch SOMEBODY in the mouth! He "could" end up being as big a disappointment as Obama, but if he IS, the we will absolutely KNOW that they colne the bodies and fill them with NWO bs. Ron Paul is sincere, with a record to prove it. I thought BO was. But he is only a clone of the man that convinced ME he could make a difference, plus, his record is nada. Go figure.

    Let us ALL get behind Paul and diligently protect him from the JFK, RFK or MLK syndrone. If RP goes down, they gotta take us ALL! I MEAN US ALL! He needs to be surrounded by dedicated, educated and savy security. Otherwise, he will be toast sooner than you can say Caesar.

    He needs the help and promise of American patriots. Not "Tea Party" patriots of the latest ilk. He needs those of us who can discern the foxes from the hens. And we are few.

    Peace on you.

  5. We will get the leader and the corrupt government we deserve because you will vote him in...........

  6. As much as I like him, Ron Paul CAN'T win. He's just not going to win. If you, me, and everyone you know got 100 people to vote for Paul, he still wouldn't win.

    It's not negative thinking to recognize this. Paul's numbers could quintuple, and he'd just then be a viable candidate.

    It's not positive thinking to say if we just want it enough, it will be. That's magical thinking. Childish thinking.

    Paul doesn't have a chance because the press isn't behind him. Because neither party is interested in running him. Because no lobby wants to fund him.

    These are political realities that no "as a man thinketh" will ever cover up.

  7. Rooty said...

    As much as I like him, Ron Paul CAN'T win. He's just not going to win.

    Ok Rooty.... How about coming back in a few months and showing us that egg all over your face

  8. Not a prize winner among them. A lot of prostitutes though.

  9. [39:65] It has been revealed to you, and to those before you that if you ever commit idol worship, all your works will be nullified, and you will be with the losers.

    [4:116] GOD does not forgive idol worship (if maintained until death),* and He forgives lesser offenses for whomever He wills. Anyone who idolizes any idol beside GOD has strayed far astray.

    [4:117] They even worship female gods besides Him; as a matter of fact, they only worship a rebellious devil.

    [72:18] The places of worship belong to GOD; do not call on anyone else beside GOD.

    [7:194] The idols you invoke besides GOD are creatures like you. Go ahead and call upon them; let them respond to you, if you are right

    Qur'an, we believe is God's word, unadulterated by the Synagogue of Satan, the Pharisees and those who wish to lead man astray. If you are humble, then READ IT. There is nothing left after this.....that's it.

    Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?

  10. 'Why, you're only a pack of cards!'

    good post.

  11. The whole two party system in this country is
    rigged! They count the votes and there are too
    many points from the booth to the TV screen
    where they can be skewed. The voting precincts
    are not able to get their results coupled with
    all of the others unless they go through some
    central point(s). It is at that point where
    they are added together on both a county and
    state level that the results are most vulnerable. They can report any numbers that
    they like at those points, and who would know
    the difference? We could all go in and vote
    for Ron Paul and when we go to the TV screen
    to see who is ahead, it will be whoever the
    press has designated as our President! Imagine

    I agree that the only choice is Ron Paul, but
    just like some of you have said.. all you get
    from others is "he can't win" "you will be
    wasting your vote".. I always tell them that
    as long as they think that, it will be quite
    true, and then I ask them who is really
    wasting their vote? Always vote for the lesser
    of two evils? But then you are still voting
    for evil! Vote your heart, but ironically
    look at who oversees the voting precincts?
    Members of both corrupt parties do! So you
    still feel like you have to try right? But
    it will always come out the same since we
    have a two party corrupt system that both
    take us in the wrong direction, albeit from
    slightly different view points. It is sort of
    like we are going to end up at the bottom
    of a cliff, but one party will take you there
    by plane and the other by boat, but either
    way, you are still laying dead at the bottom
    of a cliff.

    As for all of the terrible things that NWO or
    whoever is going to do to us, haven't they
    already done enough? Let's see here, they have
    completely taken all of the wealth from the
    middle and lower classes.. They have destroyed
    our property values. They have made it
    impossible to get a real job, since they allowed
    them all to go overseas. They have poisoned our
    food supply with GM crops. They have sprayed
    stuff on us from high flying jets. They have
    destroyed the constitution of the United States.
    They have destroyed morality in our country.
    They have taken the American dream and stomped
    on it, ripped it to shreds and spat upon our
    traditions of national pride by invading
    countries that we have no quarrels with. They
    have opened our borders and encouraged an
    invasion of our "once" sovereign nation.
    They have hooked our population on drugs, both
    legal and illegal. They have sold weapons to
    our enemies across the border. They already
    have been spying on us all for a long long time.
    And though they have done all of these things,
    our population sits and watches Dancing with
    the elitists and other mind numbing programs,
    designed to further dumb us all down, while
    we clutch the remote control stuffing our faces
    with potato chips and snack cakes. If they
    have been able to do all of the things listed
    above with hardly a whimper, they can do most
    anything that they want to in the future. Sure
    we can defeat the NWO, but I just don't see
    anyone getting off of the couch.. Do you?

  12. "Ok Rooty.... How about coming back in a few months and showing us that egg all over your face"

    Gladly! If he wins, I'll be glad to admit I was wrong. When he doesn't, will you be here to admit YOU were wrong?

    Keep up that positive thinking. We just have to belive enough!

  13. I just read a good post on Alex Higgens blog, stop giving your money to mega corp companies.

    Close your big bank account and get a small local bank etc.

    We have been living this way for years!

    We take it so far that when out of complete necessity have to go to WallyFart we tell everyone there to unionize! Invariably we are followed out of the store when we leave by someone in management. You should see the faces of the store employees when we tell them to unionize, their faces look like I just spotted the most veil profanity.

    Spend your money local with locally owned business, fuck the mega corps. We have all be seduced by them and it high time we stop feeding them.

    If you must go to a large corp business be sure to tell the employees to UNIONIZE!!! You'll get a kick out of it for sure and you may even make a zombie wake up in the process.


  14. You're really doing good realman.

  15. NobodysaysBOO:
    I always throw away my worthless vote on libertarian politicos they even win sometimes but mostly they lose miserably like ralph nadiar,but,it is better than gifting the scumbags or not vote at all.

  16. fooey blahblah

  17. NobodysaysBOO:
    The filthy rich always fail they breed with their relatives and genetically destroy themselves just look at the insane behaviors.
    In San Antonio's Alamo heights section there is so much genetic insanity it is a standard JOKE!

  18. I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Primaries and I will vote for him again. People need to vote their conscience and not worry about voting for who they think will win. Those that voted for Obama can say they voted for Obama but look where that got us. Unfortunately, nobody in the media asked the most important question which was 'what EXACTLY do you MEAN by HOPE and CHANGE?"

  19. Ron Paul will win. It is the mainstream media that keeps saying he won't win. They are paid by the people that don't want him to win. Shut off your TVs.

  20. Ron Paul: ‘No war with Iran’ (for Israel)

  21. You are naive to think that anyone "elected"will have any power to affect any change beyond the script their given. The electing of our government "by the people" is a sham and facade. Why do you think the same policies they railed against when candidates remain in place when elected? Because they, thus we, have NO POWER. You are a slave...just be happy with your delusions, watch your Glen Beck, Fox News and resign yourself to the propaganda.