Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Dirty Politics Trying to Block Anti TSA Groping Bill in Texas.

               These RINOs in the Texas Legislature think they can get away with blocking the will of the people and have political cover is over. They cannot save their face and ass at the same time anymore. Texas Speaker of the House is now blocking the will of the people of Texas as always. I wonder if he is running interference for the Obama White House now. Last month the Lt Governor who is also the President of the State Senate killed the TSA bill that would have prohibited people from being illegally touched as a condition to board an airplane reinforcing already existing state law.

                 Too bad Speaker of the House Joe Straus who lives in San Antonio which is driving distance from Austin does not have to deal with the groping like other Texas State legislators had to endure to return to their districts. This latest move by the Speaker of the House has Washington DC's and the Republican establishment’s fingerprints all over it so Gov. Perry can have wiggle room to squeeze him out of political pressure to pass this anti TSA bill. The Speaker wants to make the anti TSA groping bill from being an actual law that would arrest TSA workers for illegally touching to a non-binding resolution watering down the bill that has no legal effect. Another ploy the Speaker commented on was the Anti TSA bill was just a publicity stunt and there is no the support to pass the bill. That is a slap in the face to most Texans who want to TSA‘s authority restrained. It seems the leadership in the state legislature is trying to run out the clock on the special session so they can use as an excuse saying there was no time to pass the bill. That is hogwash trying to pull the wool over Texans eyes. The governor can keep the legislature in session as long he sees necessary to pass anti TSA. If the Governor supports the bill and says he will sign it into law. Lets put his money were his mouth is and the session going until the bill is passed.

                  Has the Speaker of the House Straus learned what happened to Lt David Dewhurst when he tried to kill the bill? The Lt. Gov is politically in hot water for being a political hack for the US Justice Department. For Rep. Straus to not allow the bill to come to the floor for a vote because he says it is a publicity stunt and a flawed bill now wants to have a resolution instead tells me he is the water carrier for the Obama White house too. Ramifications that are far more serious can happen if this bill becomes law that will have a ripple effect sending shock waves nationwide. This bill becoming the law of Texas will be a major boost for the State rights and Sovereignty movement. The momentum of the states against the over reaching Obama White House would have shifted in the people's favor against tyranny.

                  The political shenanigans of dismissing the house members early on Friday so the bill can not be voted on saying there is no legislative business was a cheap shot ,Saying the bill is flawed piece of legislation and a publicity stunt so they can water down the bill to just a non binding resolution shows the other side is desperate. This is all rhetoric by the establishment politicians to break the will of Texans to discourage pushing back against tyrants. People in Austin like Joe Straus, Lt Gov Dewhurst and Governor Perry do not care about Texans. They care about the Status Quo and power. These people have sold their souls and sell out the people of Texas always for power.

                   The Special session in the Legislature ends this Wednesday. We better burn up the phones lines and give them hell. I am sick and tired of people like Joe Straus playing games with the lives of Texans. This man is not fit to serve as dogcatcher.  A recall election petition needs to be in motion to remove him from office. We cannot tolerate people with this kind of character making decisions that affect our lives anymore. I have to wonder was the timing of Gov Rick Perry waiting so long to put back on the legislative agenda the Anti TSA bill in the special session was collusion with Joe Strauss to defeat the bill.

                    People who say they are Texans who say one thing and do another are working hard to make this bill not a law because there are serious ramifications they see that do not work in the favor of the political establishment. We better cowboy up with spurs on our boots and give Speaker Joe Straus a swift kick out of Austin for good. We are not playing games anymore with dirty scumbag politicians in Texas anymore.

Call Speaker of the House Joe Straus   (512) 463-1000 to bring bill to the floor for a full vote.

Call Lt Gov David Dewhurst at   512 463-0001  Once passed the House on fast track for passage in the Senate.
Call Governor Perry to keep the Legislature in session till the TSA bill passes 
512) 463-2000 out of state callers (512) 463-1782

Lets Give them Hell if they Mess with Texas!


  1. PLEASE stop wishing for(and wasting time hoping for) some honest help from Austin they sold us out LONG LONG AGO, they will NEVER be honest or honerable again!

  2. Rick Perry sold his soul along time ago. To many big doners are making money hand over fist with this whole TSA dog and pony show.

    Damned fools elected this spineless fool again, I couldn't believe it. And now he'll probably take the Presidecy aswell.

    Debra Medina would have been much better for Texas.

  3. Texans need to rally together and confront all this crap once and for all. Secession.. Declare independence and get the snakes out of Austin, and their Government God in DC out of Texas.

  4. Excellent post.

    Do not pay any attention to the nay sayer.

    When the american people stand up like their counterparts in the MENA the end of corrupt government will come. Until people know how corrupt & incompetent the government is they will never stand up.

    Posts like this help people educate people.

    Giving up=dying.

  5. bravo for the post and the comments alike and i too voted Debra Medina!!!!!