Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The absence of Leadership in the Lone Star State,Just Political Obstructionist and Opportunist. A Leadership Crisis in Texas.

               The State of Texas is in crises. It is not a TSA crisis or an EPA crisis. These two agencies have been the ball and chain dragging Texas down. We have a leadership crisis. When will Politicians figure out there is nothing good that comes caving into the adversary. Why did they cave in? Where is their spine or backbone? It is truth a coward dies a 1000 deaths. Caving in will kill the soul of Texas if we do not stand up to bullies. We are Texans and not Washington's subjects for dehumanization by mindless Federal goons.

               If I was Speaker of the House or the President of the Senate carrying out my duties working for the people of Texas. I would have called over the DPS officers and ordered these Federal people to be escorted off the capital grounds, and further instructions not to allow them back on the premises to interfere with the Legislature. Under Texas law, they are a foreign power. I know they will not because they do not want to make the Feds mad. Well the news is Washington DC hates Texas. They do not care if they get us mad or hurt Texas. Why should we care what they think if they do not care about what we think?

                I send a message to the State Legislator. Do not cave in or compromise. That will only make your final resting place in a mass grave when they are through using you being their useful idiots. Do not accept less then freedom. Do not accept a watered down bill that has no effect. We need a constitutional standoff with Washington DC. You have the people's support if you do what is right. This fight is our fight too. We fight with you. We need good moral leaders and not professional politicians in the State Legislature. We sent people to the Legislature to stand up for Texas because we have nothing in common with Washington DC. We cleaned out congress because the people have nothing in common with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barrack Obama.

                We need leadership in Texas. True leadership never buckles under pressure from a bunch of unpopular sleaze balls in the White House. Gov Rick Perry shows no leadership. He does not want to take on the Feds or they will not let him run for President. That is not leadership. That is playing politics thinking compromise will be better for his Political career than standing up to tyrants. If Gov. Perry took on the feds and defeated them, that would be a big boost for him politically. If he did run for President and seems like he intends to do so. He would be a folk hero and a household name. Demonstrating leadership making the stand for Texas would make him unstoppable with political capital at his disposal.

                 Seeing the leadership in Texas caving in to Federal pressure, watering down the bill that has no effect as desired by the people show no moral fortitude in our state leaders. The true absence of principle and out of touch with the people is the trait of career politicians‘.  We do not want people in office to compromise and make deals behind the scenes. The people of Texas made their voices loud and clear we wanted to criminalize the illegal acts of the TSA. To derail the will of the people by Gov. Rick Perry, Joe Straus and David Dewhurst shows the arrogance of the political establishment. They are not leaders, but the gatekeepers and obstructionist to progress in the Lone Star State.

                I pray for a miracle the House makes the bold stand and passes the strong TSA bill forcing the hand of the political hacks out in the open. They need to be called out working with Washington and not for the people of Texas. We need leadership that will stand up for Texas and it people. We need the house to be strong and keep passing the strong bill that has teeth until the Senate votes on record. If the Senate is, there to get along and go along for the sake it will help them politically to gain favor of big money lobbyist. They will pay the price. We want them on record voting up and down finally. We need leadership in Texas. That is our crisis. The lack of Leadership when good people do nothing will always make things worse. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain if we have strong leadership instead of politicians and cowards.



  1. If they are your so called represenatives why don't they vote the way they are supposed to? Thats because they are NOT your represenatives. Then you need to THROW off that government and establish new ones that WILL effect your safety and happiness as you see fit. Politicians are walking a VERY dangerous line, when they IGNORE the ones they are supposed to work for...a VERY dangerous line....

  2. It appears the Bright Star of Texas has grown very DIM! Watch close America.

  3. Change your name from "Lone Star Watchdog" to "King of the Sentence Fragments"

  4. Lone Star Watchdog: I like your sentence fragments. Keep writing - "if you aren't taking flak you aren't over the target"

  5. Well the Texas Legislature showed their lack of BALLS today. Guess they were afraid of losing all the kickbacks they have grown so fond of..the people say don't touch my stuff and today Texas said we are afraid if we don't let THEM touch your stuff we get any airplanes in or out of our state I Say BULLPUCKEY! Sam Houston just rolled over in his grave and apparently the elected leaders of Texas "forgot the Alamo"!

  6. Jack Rabbit said... "if you aren't taking flak you aren't over the target"

    Don't you mean, "If you aren't taking. flak you aren't over. the target"?