Friday, February 10, 2012

To Police and Military: Beware of Joining the Dark Side

The lessons of history we have a chance to avert have been shed for in blood. Not the blood of soldiers that has paid the price. It is the blood of the innocents; it was paid for with the blood of those loyal to the tyrants. They all have paid for the lessons of history we hope never to see repeated here in America. You look at the Red Terror in Russia; you have to wonder how this could have happened. A major part of it was the police and military going along with the communist agenda thinking they were all safe. History tells a different account.

After watching the checkist, I do not want to see my fellow citizens being stripped naked in a FEMA camp to have a bullet put in the back of the head. I do not want to see mass graves or the rounding up of innocent people to be sent to the firing squad. This success of this type of tyranny relies heavily on the Military and Police going along with the Tyrants. Without them following orders, these tyrants would not have the power.

Lenin and his minions Trotsky held families of the Military at gunpoint hostage with the threat of execution of their families if they did not carry out these immoral orders. The truth is the families anyway were executed along with the soldiers once they used them for their evil purposes. This is what I say soldiers to get your families off the base and out of the neighboring town outside the base. Please send your spouse and children back home away from these henchmen. Do not let the tyrants use the families of the military for their evil deeds to murder people.

Last Month in Las Vegas. Sheriff Richard Mack hosted the county Sheriffs conference. Many Sheriffs, these elected Peace Officers embraced their oath of office and will defend freedom. They know making a deal with the devil does not make them safe. It does not give them any guarantee of protection being in a Partnership with Homeland Security. This is why I say to Police and the Military; Beware of joining the dark side. It is not safe, they are better off doing what is right then just going along to get along.

For those Sheriffs and Police chiefs who blow off Sheriff Richard Mack’s plea to follow the Constitution and protect the people of their county from Tyrants out of Washington DC. If these politicians think, they have a deal with Homeland Security. If they think, they are the special ones being the willing sucker to go along with the despotism. Here is what happens. Making a deal with the devil is no deal at all. The devil lies and deceives to get what he wants. Once he is through using them, he will dispose of them with another group of henchmen to take their place.

 During the Red Terror under Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky. Millions of people were murdered. If anyone goes to YouTube and look up the video the Checklist. You will see no one was safe under the Red Terror. Police Chiefs and the officers who went along with the Soviet Communist system where exterminated along with the peasants. These people were replaced by criminals released from the jails to run the police stations and the carry out this bloodthirsty rampage through out all of Russia.

The executioners who got their jollies stripping people down and lining them up against the wall to shoot a bullet in the back of the head. After executing innocent people, regaling their tales around the table in the barracks in their complacency. The next group of goons would come in and surround the table to kill the executioners taking their place. As the new murdering squad being deceived like the group of henchmen before they just killed were told before they were the special ones. The cycle repeats itself replacing the low IQ idiots they killed before with another set off imbeciles to do their bidding. All of them were told they were special.

The truth is no one is safe in the system. They could be TSA, DHS,IRS,FBI, County Sheriffs, Police officers and US Military that go along with the system. They were told they would be able to torture, arrest, humiliate and execute Americans. They are told, "They were special" and "the protected ones". The reality is looking through history. No one is safe who works for the system; they always execute the witnesses to the crimes of tyrants.

For those who are in the US government reading this blog and those inside the system. You are not safe. History will repeat itself because they fail to learn from it. So beware joining the Dark side, this is not the winning team. Tyrants die very violently and their fall is never peaceful. That police officer bugging their eyes out on a power trip tazing old women and beating up old men. Get a moment of clarity. You are a useful idiot to inflame the public against you while the politicians telling you to do this think they will never face the anger of the people. Police officers are just a sandbag to protect the corruption from the people.

Police and Military: learn from history. I plead you to see for yourself. Organizations like the Southern Poverty law center, the Anti Defamation League, are the same people who were the Soviet Kamaczars who sent millions of innocent people to their death during the red terror. The people are not the enemy. The very people accusing the citizens of being the terrorist are the real threat. If you take the time to learn from history, we might be able to avert the destruction of this great republic. No one has to die.


  1. The fascist wannabes will figure out they are destined for the camps. They are pigs and just more willing to disturb the peace than the good guys.

  2. The police are being trained that protesters are enemies of the state. The men in blue depend on their jobs for their lively-hood. I doubt that principals will stop them from feeding their families. Unfortunately they are forcing us to take the role of enemy of the state because they will not back us up. This will not end well. There WERE people that stood up against tyranny as it was happening in the past. Most of them were brutally murdered. Yes the sad truth is that we will have to crumble as a society and possibly be defeated in battle in order for the country to right herself. On the bright side look at Germany today. They are a shining beacon in Europe. Hmmmm funny how you can't keep the German people down even after they lose 2 consecutive world wars. There is hope for our future generations. For us however I recommend getting right with your deity and preparing to meet him/her/it.