Monday, February 27, 2012

UN Agenda 21 and the Public School Curriculum vs. Local Control of the Schools

My oldest son is getting ready to start Junior High school next year. As I was helping him choose his elective classes for the seventh grade. I notice something was missing from the curriculum that was not there that existed when I was in school. I thought the education system was supposed to prepare the children for the real world. Now they have become indoctrination centers to make good little slaves and victims instead of self-reliant individuals. All I saw was Home Economics, Art, Marching band, the glee club, musical theory and choir as electives. Nothing against music or Art classes, I took those classes too. I took music classes in High School too. Not seeing these vocational classes as part of the curriculum really has me concerned.

I read about the schools Zero tolerance policies where I read about students being expelled from school for carry a pair of nail clippers. I never heard of a bully in school threatening kids with a pair of nail clippers saying," Give me your lunch money or you will get a manicure". Even dealing with these schoolyard bullies, they encourage kids not to fight back and just tell an adult. Fighting back against a bully will get students arrested for standing up for themselves. The bully will never get in trouble. He will become a TSA agent or a jack booted thug instead.

Were Zero Tolerance policies in the Public schools responsible of taking away classes like wood shop, metal shop, agriculture, construction and auto mechanics because many of those tools used to learn the basics of a trade can be used as a weapon? Using these stupid policies to take away these classes has now taken away the ability of our children to learn the basics of a trade that can be converted in to marketable skill. I learned how at electric arc weld and gas weld in Jr High School. I learned how to make things from wood from these classes to help me make a living. Even in Home Economics, I learned how to repair clothing and even make clothing that can rival the china junk any day. I learned how to grow food and how to judge a cow and a pig I wanted slaughtered that is where I learned the value of workmanship taking these vocational classes. When I was in School, I was a member of VICA and the FFA as part of learning my vocational skills. They do not have these organizations in the schools anymore.

When we look at what Agenda 21 is about with its real goals. Taking away these classes from young students to learn basic trades and skills is the path of serfdom. The government does not want us to be self reliant and self-sufficient. I know the public schools are in bed with agenda 21. We must throw out agenda 21 out of our counties and start teaching our children the skills needed to sustain themselves. When we get back to common sense education throwing out these Federal mandates, stop taking Federal money with the prohibition of allowing government workers to unionize. We will start restoring the republic and its greatness again.


  1. Great article! And true, true, true. UN Agenda 21 is being implemented in every state, county and berg all across this great land. Our politicians have sold us out.

    We can and must stop them.


  3. I am a teacher. We still have woodshop in our middle school and high school. We will be losing art and woodshop at the middle school next year because of budget cuts. I've been hearing Agenda 21 being blamed for local sustainability initiatives (relocalizing economies and reversing corporate globalization) and now for cuts to schools. I believe you are wrong. The real reason for these things being eliminated from schools has to do with budget cuts and the corporate "reform" agenda that is eroding local control of public education. ALEC drafts legislation for state legislators to implement. In our state, the goal is to break down public education, remove local control, and hand over control to "emergency managers" and corporate for-profit schools. Don't be foolish. Realize that there is a top-down effort to take away local control, but it is being spearheaded by the corporate ruling elite.

  4. You learned the value of workmanship in shop class? Why? Why would you need to learn to do something well? As long as you do something "good enough", people will understand it. And if they don't, it's their problem, right?