Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Political Correctness Gone WIld in Major League Baseball

Where is this country going? I can say is Political correctness is purging our culture of the things that made this country great. We are told "Do not say that. You might offend someone or hurt their feelings". We hear about someone praying before a school game or before eating might offend an atheist. Now praying is almost banned out in public. Police cannot profile people because it might be racist. Men cannot compliment ladies on her nice dress might be considered sexual harassment. Political correctness has wrecked our societal  norms to the point a woman being feminine and a man being masculine is not politically correct anymore.

Now Major League baseball is now trying to be politically correct now. The Houston Astros who will be playing exhibition games in throwback uniforms celebrating their anniversary being a team. The Astros were called the Colt 45s before changing the name. The uniform had the word the Colts with the six shooter under the name. Now Major League Baseball is tell the Astros to remove the gun from the uniforms. The Atlanta Braves no longer have the Tomahawk on their uniforms. Political correctness running amok trying not to offend who? Are they afraid if fans see a colt 45 on the uniforms, will there be a gun fights in the parking lot? Will Major League Baseball prohibit the fans doing the Tomahawk chop at the Atlanta Braves games with the battle chant to remove any form of masculinity?

I mean we see this zero tolerance policy when anything resembling a gun cannot not be allowed at all. I read about students using a banana pretending it is a gun get suspended. Student have been in trouble wearing shirt that had guns on them. If a student draws a picture of a gun could mean nothing but trouble. No is is harmed or killed. I mean kids cannot play cowboys and Indians or cops and robber at recess anymore because even pointing a finger simulating shooting a gun will get them sent to the principles office. What do they fear with a gun if it is a picture of a gun or just a simulation of a firearm harmful?

Could we see the NFL follow Major League Baseball were the the New England Patriots might have to change the team's name because they are the terrorist according to Homeland Security. Could we see the New Orleans Saints being forced to change their team name because true Saints are a threat to National security as Big Sister Janet Napolitano has said in her publications. Those team name might be promoting terrorism having those team names or is it just political correctness.

In this day and age of the Obama administration and their imperial attitude. Do not be surprised if the White House behind the scenes are twisting the arms of these sports leagues. They have groping at the gates by TSA. If Homeland Security is doing that. Do not be surprised if the teams are forced to do the absurd because they are being threatened by Homeland Security behind closed doors to do things they would not otherwise do like groping and body scanners as a condition just to see a ball game. I hope there is no groping at the Daytona 500 this Sunday. I have not heard any reports of Homeland Security promoting" If you see something,say something". I hope NASCAR tells DHS to go take a hike.

Anyway, we need to take back our culture from political correctness. It is just a bunch of people using phony outrage to change out thinking not the think, say or express what we believe. If the Houston Fans want the Colt 45 on their uniform. Keep it on the uniform Who cares what these anti gun people think? I do not. We need to tell Houston Astros, keep the six shooter there and make the statement that this is Texas and all the gun grabbers who do not like can kiss our Lone Star Ass.


  1. While I don't think that this is the most important issue in the world, I can't help think that such uniforms should bear the caption, "Ceci n'est pas une gun."

  2. At least the Braves are still Braves. The Stanford Indians are now merely a color (Cardinal.)

    Political correctness and zero tolerance go hand in hand in hatred for human beings, as far as I can see. We cannot codify all of our thinking and expect to remain human.

    Therefore, PC and ZT must be tools of trans-humanism (another NWO goal to make us all just like them.)

    The end game is to have the hive humming their tune.

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