Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It is Not Good Being Nice Compromising With Our Enemies. It has Never Worked.

I am remember Mark Koernke in American in Peril 2 making an example of how our enemies work and how cunning they can be. He said suppose a socialist tells a home owner to give him his house. The man of the house says "no". This parasite says "the homeowner is being selfish because he will not give him his house." So he says "give me ten percent of your house." The homeowner says "no" again. This bottom feeder finally gets the homeowner to give five percent of his home to the socialist just to be nice and not look mean spirited. Well sooner or later. That parasite will own it all and the homeowner will be out of a house and home.

The reason why we are in such sad shape as a nation is because compromising when we never have to. The reason why Washington is so dysfunctional is because of the spirit of bipartisanship. Bipartisan means politicians selling out our freedoms to avoid the media backlash or to get along with their opponents. The NRA compromised so many times on our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. The Republicans compromised with the White House allowing the President to borrow trillions more. The people who claim to be for limited goverment and for freedom have compromised just to keep the other side quiet has not worked. It has made us worse, not better.

There is no sense compromising with our enemies. They do not intend to like us. They have never like us. They do not want to like us. They are ruthless and wicked. They never keep their word when they make a deal. Compromise to them is we give up our freedoms, our wages and our property rights so they can get what they want. They gained and not lost nothing This is unacceptable now. We cannot compromise anymore. We cannot make deals with our enemies anymore. It is time to call them for what they are. Parasitic politicians sucking the life blood out of this nation.

I am not looking for a congressmen, a state legislator, a governor who will say "I will reach across the isle and work with parasites to get things done." I want our people we send to Washington and our state capitals say "I will reach across the isle to grab them by the collar to crush their spirits, defeat and humiliate them." I would not mind if they say "punch their lights out". A patriot has nothing in common with a leftist socialist bent on taking away the things that make this nation great. They have used the rules of civility against us for a long time so we never fight back. At the same time they never practiced what they preached. There is no coming to an understanding with these parasites.

If we gain more seats in state capitals, in our local government and the nations capital with libertarian minded public servants. If we win big, we have nothing to apologize about and no need to compromise with the other side. We do not have to be nice to them anymore. We have to stop being nice to these tyrants, The more they we try to be nice to them, the more they will see it as a weakness. We have to show strength and not play the nice game anymore when we do not have to. No more compromise, no more retreat. Lets heed to the words of the late Barry Gold Water "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue" Let us not be ashamed defending liberty even when we cannot be nice anymore.

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