Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Voting for Ron Paul is Not a Wasted Vote

Let your heart not be troubled seeing the Republican Party steal votes away from Ron Paul. The party is being discredited more and more as they keep propping up Romney as their man who is no different then Obama. It is not time to jump on the bandwagon of a candidate who looks like a winner because this is the man the establishment wants you to support. This cannot go on forever. What goes around comes around. People involved in election fraud will have to be accountable to the people and get the justice they deserve.

In election of 2008 when Ron Paul was not on the ballot. I stuck to my principles and voted my conscience. I voted for Pastor Chuck Baldwin, I knew he would not win and had no chance and winning in a rigged election. The point behind it was letting the system know that I am sick and tired of the two party system. That I am not going on the bandwagon behind McCain and refusing to believe in the "yes we can" slogan from Obama. I told the system that I will not vote for their guy. I do not buy their party rhetoric anymore. I sent a message to the two party system that I know there is no difference between the two.

I implore you all of you who like Ron Paul not to fall into the trap of thinking Romney and Santorum are the winners because one of them are the establishment's chosen ones already anointed by the political hacks. A vote for Gingrich, Santorum and Romney is asking for your choice of what kind of execution you want whether it be the firing squad, the guillotine or the gallows. When  Ron Paul gives us freedom over slavery. This election fraud is a mind game to get us to throw in the towel to plain give up. It is not futile to resit, no matter what the result is. We have to press on until the end of the race. If we persevere, the whole corrupt establishment will fall in on itself.

We have to vote our conscience and not what the media and the establishment say. April 3. Texas will hold their primaries for President. There is no reason why Ron Paul cannot win Texas. We are saturated with patriots and activist in the lone star state. We can watch all the elections in all 267 counties.We can make state republican party fear the people if they try to rig the vote. Texans will have to be stubborn when it comes to Ron Paul. Hell with the rules of civility. Texas has to be the break out state for Ron Paul where the world will know . Ron Paul is the only true choice for President.

We have to seek out the party officials and tell them we are watching them. Let them know they will not get away with rigging the vote in Texas.

We have to keep hen pecking Romney with Questions with how can he be a devout Mormon when he knows he is winning states on stolen votes in a rigged dishonest election. See how he reacts and look at his body language.

When Mitt, Newt and Rick come to Texas. We need to heckle them out of the lone star state. We need to let them know Texas is Ron Paul country. Start challenging their Christian values of Rick and Newt asking them how does it feel having a victory in a stolen election when those votes belong to Ron Paul and not them. I will not count on them giving an honest answer. Just observe and see how they react. You will see the guilty look on their faces.

It is time we start rattling the ring knockers getting close to them getting in their faces. We cannot tolerate this fraud anymore. We have to start showing that hostile attitude toward them. We need to make them
be afraid of us know they will be accountable to the voters when we get out republic back.

We cannot no longer play by the rules of civility they can use against us to rob us of what is rightfully ours. We cannot worry about what the media will say or the Homeland security thinks. If we have to get nasty with these party hacks getting in their faces knowing their bubble they live was an illusion never existed. They will not have the luxury of being obscure from public scrutiny. We must use the art of ridicule and shame now. They are not going to listen to us unless they are forced to. We have to stop being nice and start being Americans again. Why should we be nice to them? We are being robbed of our substance by the very establishment stealing the elections. So why should we be nice back? Send a message, a vote for Ron Paul is not a wasted vote because the cause of liberty will prevail no matter how much they try to suppress it. It is time we move into gorilla activism away from the traditional peaceful grassroots methods of the past.

It is time to stop being nice when we are being robbed.


  1. pls check into hr387 i believe, the canadates are protected by secret service and now this new law applies, it is a federal crime to "disrupt" any event that is held. i am with you all the way on this idea, heck maybe we can share a jail cell.