Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Speech vs. Obama's Truth (Goon)Squads

In my lifetime, I have not seen such a corrupt President as Barrack Obama. At least Bill Clinton had some sense not to push people too far. All I know is this President is trying to follow the footsteps of African dictators like Mugabe or Idi Amin. Obama now is dispatching his truth squads again to counter the so-called lies against the President. I would like to know what truth is there for Obama to talk about. What good has he done since he came into office. Now he wants to send out a chilling effect again trying to quell free speech.

This just shows Obama is not fit to lead a free people. Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our legacy passed down from our founding father. We all have freedom of the press and freedom of religion. These tyrants cannot handle free speech and their agenda being exposed to the light of day. Threatening arrest for telling something that the President does not like is tyranny. Every prosecutor, judge should be jailed if they allow and prosecute because exercising our constitutional rights cannot be converted into a crime. The Obama Campaign did this in the 2008 election.

I say to everyone, do not cower in fear. I say overwhelm the Obama truth squads with so much truth they cannot get anything done. I mean so much information, the Obama Squad because lack of operatives will grind to a halt. They cannot go after anyone effectively. They may try to arrest someone, but that will only make people get louder. Mike Rivero's words of wisdom" The best way to take down a dictator is to make them act like a Dictator. What is next he will do? Will he dispatch thugs out on the streets to thug up on Political rallies trying to demonize the opponent's support base as violent and racist?

There is no sense playing nice with these tyrants. There is no sense in going along with them. These people have no intentions changing their ways just because we are now being nice and it will keep us out of jail. With NDAA signed in law, people being arrested might just disappear. Tyrannies in the past arrested journalist who criticize the despots in power to make them an example. All we have to so is overwhelm them with so much bad press that is truthful and based in fact. There are not enough people in his truth squad to analyze the content to try countering it.

Only a man who is desperate to hang onto power will use such tactic dispatching truth squads who nothing more then Obama's goons who will censor and try to suppress the opposition. This is nothing more then an act of desperation of a dictator trying to keep the presidency because if a Ron Paul runs against him. He will lose. Ron Paul has the base to win. Obama lost his base. Fear not the emperor who is wearing no clothes. He is just becoming intimidated trying to put off the inevitable. That is removed from power.

The right to free speech is God given. Not a privilege bestowed by this Tyrant. If Obama thinks, he can silence a 234-year tradition of political dissent. He will see some severe blow back from the people. This is not China or Soviet Russia. This is America. We will not shut up or be silenced not matter how much this White House tries to thug up on us. God gave us the right to speak. So use it or lose it.

If Obama did his Job and kept his campaign promises he made in 2008 there would be no damage control.

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  1. Thanks Watchdog.

    The greatest legacy of this disgusting liar who calls himself "the first black president" is America's return to Slavery. See:

    Just remember a basic truth that dawned on me one day:

    The good-guys, like we the people just trying to exercise our freedom of expression, are not the violent and deranged ones pulling guns, teargassing, tasering, clubbing, setting-up, framing innocent people, or locking people up in an evil network of jails, prisons, FEMA Camps, etc.

    Those tyrannical evils are employed by agents of the state against we the people. In today's world the bad-guys are the thugs with badges(remember Occupy?). Every cop at every level is part of the problem, unless they are true members of Oathkeepers.

    I know people who are locked up in the USA, right now, because they nonviolently expressed their anti-government opinions. They were set up and locked up. That's why I defected from the USA to Canada. No regrets, and f*ck yes I'm a 'prepper'.

    And one more thing. All you DHS/Mossad asswipes who troll these forums, f*ck off and kiss my hairy ass-crack.