Friday, February 17, 2012

True Economic Justice is Jailing the Bankers and the Corporate Oligarchs.

Through my research and reading the book the creature of Jekyll Island so many times learning the fiat banking system. I can say Central banking is the real economic injustice. Every time the Central bankers have taken over a nation's currency. The nation is wrecked and the political structure is corrupt. I am not talking about the phony petty things we hear about because some one is well to do and they are not. It is their fault, so let us soak them with high taxes. Let us make them pay their fair share. The truth is that is not economic justice. That is just propaganda to play on people's feelings.

The banker's willing accomplices have relied on the media and puppet politicians using class warfare to pit on group against another. The unemployed against the employed, the rich against the poor or the young against the old. The welfare class vs. the middle class. They have used this tactic as a way to make people think it these people's fault or that group for their bad situation. The illusion of class warfare making people think if they are punished for their success, hard work playing on the emotion of envy will bring economic and social justice. That is a bold face lie the politicians use to buy votes playing one group against another.

The truth is economic justice will come when the Bankers, the Ruling families and corporate oligarchs are in are convicted and in jail. Playing calls warfare games has only deflected people from the truth of the Federal Reserve Bank. The worse economic injustice is having a private banking cartel in control of a nation’s currency. These corrupt financial institutions have been part of the political corruption. They have enslaved people with a debt-based currency. They wrecked societies and started unnecessary wars for profit and influence over a nation's money supply.

They have defrauded the people, their governments with derivatives called credit default swaps, and mortgage backed securities. These were only useless financial instruments with the illusion of perceived value when they are useless paper with nothing backing them up. These derivatives sold to pension funds and other investors were fraud. Instead of the people selling the derivatives who committed this crime going to jail. They are bailed out with billions of dollars and now the taxpayers of a nation are on the hook for the banker's debt the people are not responsible for nor consented to. Since the bankers paid off the politicians and have their own financial officers in place being the operatives of the moneychangers to steal the wealth of the nation with austerity and higher taxes.

No matter how much the public outcry is against the bankers is. It is hard to remove the politicians and the bankers when the control the whole system from the puppet leaders and to the elections. The only way to rid the nation of these financial parasites is by resolutely dealing with the problem. That means not waiting for a political solution to vote out the bankers. The only solution is the police and the people start arresting the bankers and removing the politicians who gave them aid and comfort to these criminals. The people of the Ukraine and Iceland dealt with their problem going after the bankers and puppet leaders. They are starting to recover from the economic disaster these bankers left behind.

Real economic justice will not come from politicians pitting the haves and have-nots against each other with high taxes in a wealth redistribution scheme. Economic justice will come when we arrest the bankers who manipulate the people and economies for their gain. When Ron Paul was asked the question" What do you think about fifty percent of the people not paying any income tax?" He replied saying " We are halfway there of no one paying any income tax". As long, the politicians use the tax system as a way to buy votes either way for cut taxes to small businesses and for wealth redistribution swindles. They will continue to use the tax code to exploit on group of people again another. They can divert attention away from the real problem and the source of all the economic injustice. That is the Federal Reserve System.

The Grace Commission back in the 1980s concluded that not one single penny from the income tax pays any government service the people receive. The income tax goes to pay the bankers as a cost using their useless Federal Reserve Notes. Ron Paul's plan of abolishing the IRS and the tax code will take away a tool the politicians use exploiting the tax system. The politicians will not be able to use class warfare rhetoric anymore with the myth of everyone paying their fair share as a way to buy votes.

Real economic justice is no more crony capitalism with the bankers and a few select corporations enslaving the people. People would be able to decide the means of exchange of good and services without government interference. Jailing the bankers and corporate oligarchs is real economic justice. Being enslaved by a fiat-based currency is the worst crime against free humanity ever conceived. Ignore the class warfare and the phony rhetoric of the side issues. It is time to pull the curtain back and see the real power pulling the strings behind the scenes. You will see the worst criminals on earth. Divine justice cannot asleep forever allowing them to wage war against innocent blood. The Oligarch will reap what the sow. that is his or her own destruction, which is real economic and social justice. Do you think the same way?


  1. The system is so corrupt that nothing less than revolution will fix it. The very rich or very well connected control the politicians who then control the justice system. Asking the powers that be to arrest those responsible is a bit like asking a corrupt police officer to please arrest himself.

    The powers that be are a criminal enterprise. All of them, from the wealthiest oligarch to the lowliest foot soldier politician should be captured, incarcerated, tried for crimes against humanity, and all of their assets confiscated, to be put back in the hands of the people.

    I am tired of those in power saying things like "we will have a new world order, by conquest or consent". It is arrogant, and hubric. My response is "we will have justice, whether your life ends humanely in a comfortable prison, or violently, with the kiss of a guillotine"

  2. True Economic Justice is Hanging or shooting the banksters and corporate mafia.

  3. Research? You've done research? Laughable.

    If you had done actual research- and not simply nodded in agreement with every anti-globablist tract you've ever read- you know that The Grace Commission did NOT conclude "not one single penny from the income tax pays any government service the people receive".

    What they stated was that as much as a third of all taxpayer's money is wasted through government inefficiency. And that "100 percent of what is [left] is absorbed solely by interest on the debt and by Federal contributions to transfer payments."

    Transfer payments. Or what we call, "government programs". Like Medicare. Or the Social Security disability that you collect every month. Transfer payments ARE government programs.

    You see, this is what kills me about people like you. It's not the awful grammar and spelling. That's easy. It's the lack of academic rigor. It's the failure to look beneath the surface. To read beyond the scare tags.

    Griffin's Jekyll Island is an interesting read, but he also wrote a book about finding Noah's ark. Clearly he has some ideas that are ridiculous. So why is his Island book ridiculous, but his book about Noah's ark makes perfect sense? Or is it the other way around? If he's an expert, are you willing to conclude he really did find Noah's ark stuck on a mountain in Turkey? And if he is wrong about the ark, can he be wrong about the fed?

    You writing style is just an offshoot of your entire life philosophy. Lazy. Don't improve the way you write. Don't look deeper into an author. Don't search for your own facts, just believe the ones handed to you. Intellectual laziness.

    How often have you confused the terms Communism, Socialism, and Fascism? How often have you tarred someone with one of those labels, without really knowing what they mean? Do you know what they mean now? Can you give me three differences between them?

    Of course not. You are what Karl Marx wrote of as "the mass man". A man utterly without discipline. Without any desire to improve. A man for whom surface is all that matters, and all that is needed. He uses the products of science, while knowing nothing of its works. He is easily swayed by glamor, but never by facts.

    He speaks of justice, but is incapable of defining it. He dreams of a glorious future, but knows nothing of the past. He wants freedom, but is too scared to break the chains of ignorance that bind him.

    Sound like anyone you know?