Monday, February 27, 2012

The Bankers trying to Steal Elections In Russia to oust Putin?

The European Bankers are being relentless trying to regain control of Russia. For many decades since the Bolsheviks taken over ousting the provisional government all the way to the time until Putin took power. The financial oligarchs who funded the criminal communist government plundered the wealth of the Russian people seizing the people’s gold and land. The Robber Barons behind the Communist takeover was not to help the Russian people, but to destroy them.

The most parasitic bankers starved and murdered millions of people by executions and famines. People where not allowed to grow their own food or be productive through their puppet leaders. When the Soviet Union collapsed because it was no longer could sustain itself. If were not for Wall Street, The US Government and the Federal reserve Bank funding the Soviet Union it would have fell from within a long time ago. When Boris Yeltsin was the leader of Russia, he was a puppet leader for the bankers where the oligarchs were continuing plundering the Russian people until the ruble collapsed in 1998 by the actions of a parasitic financier named George Soros.

When Vladimir Putin took power as the Russian President over a nation in near ruin on the brink. The country was very unstable and uncertain. He took a hard-line in throwing out and arresting the financial oligarchs that worked for the Rothschild. Putin brought stability back to Russia. He took away the fear of uncertainty and put Russia back on track. The Bankers who are owned by the ruling families are not fond of Putin because he is a wild card not under their control. Putin is not a globalist puppet. They may say he is an evil man because he was in the KGB. Not all KGB agents were government spooks. He has a background with collage degrees in economics. Intelligence agencies do study economies and economic trends. They are not all spies playing cloak and dagger.

Not all people in the KGB were evil. They did study economies. While in the KGB. Putin probably figured out Russia will be better off without the bankers and socialism. Now since the Soviet Union collapsed. He knows socialism and being under banker control does not work working inside the KGB. To label all people who were with the KGB as being all bad is not fair because many good Russian people worked inside the agency too who did not like the communist system. Putin being one of them who has knowledge in economics. I remember Putin telling Obama do not use the failed socialist policies of the past. They do not work. Putin is right like many others have said too.

I want Putin to win because he will be a hardliner against the international Bankers. He will not appease them anymore. He will not allow any more wars of aggression by NATO and Israel to attack sovereign nations who will not play ball with the European bankers. We need a leader to take a hard line stand against imperialist empires hell bent on domination. I know the CIA, Foundations and Endowments being fronts for international bankers to fund subversive activities will try to rig the elections and staging anti Putin protest. The Bankers do not have control over Russia; they are desperate to try an overthrow the Russian government by any means possible.

I am love my country as American and a Proud Texan. The government in Washington DC is no longer a republican form of government. The US government has become a fascist dictatorship run by Israeli interest, bankers and multinational corporations. The special interest using our Armed forces to attack sovereign nations for conquest. To take over the banking system and plunder their natural resources for their own gain. The wars drums beating to start a war with Iran and Syria are madness and insanity. Our US Military commanders are not willing to start any more wars because they see this is not a very good thing. I just hope they do not start using nuclear weapons when a conventional war is not feasible. Since there is no sanity coming out of the three branches of government stopping this antagonistic foreign policy. I am glad Russia is holding the line saying no more wars of aggression against sovereign nations who do not want to play ball with the bankers. 

I know our CIA will try to rig the election in Russia trying to discredit Putin and the Russian government for not having free and fair elections. It will be our doing with the blessings of the bankers. However, America has no room to talk when they steal votes away from Ron Paul on American soil. I hope Putin wins because he is the only person showing leadership trying to avert World War 3 from starting. I hope Putin remains a thorn in the side of the oligarchs. I may not agree with everything Putin did as President. However, I will tell you, he made Russia what it is today. If he was not the President at that time in Russia’s history. The bankers would destroy Russia with no long-term stability.

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  1. George Soros caused the collapse of the Ruble? He did it in a pretty stupid way then. Soros' Quantum Fund lost a third of it's value overnight, when the Ruble collapsed.

    If Soros is the evil genius you make him out to be, why did he lose any money at all? Hell, why didn't he make money? The world trades about a trillion dollars a day in various currencies. Why would Soros lose billions, when if he was a chessmaster you claim, he could have made billions, even trillions?

    I love when you said, "Not all KGB agents were government spooks."

    The KGB was The Committee for State Security. They WERE the government spies. It's like saying not all CIA agents worked for the government. Purely, factually, simply wrong.

    Your love of Putin, while having a hatred of Obama, is a prefect example of your lack of critical thinking. It's team thinking. You love people, not tactics. You love personality, not facts.

    Putin in ten times the fascist that Obama can ever dream to be. Putin unilaterally closed newspapers, and silenced reporters. Nationalized private businesses, and confiscated their profits.

    These are things that had Obama done, you would be up in arms. But of course, you aren't.

    That's the danger in your uneducated, mal-educated, de-educated worldview Realman. You praise one man for doing what you damn the other man for doing as well. Not because of what they do, but because of how you feel about them.

    Is this how an American would think?