Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Failure Is Not An Option Defeating the New World Order

To hear the words of defeatism in the words of my fellow patriots that it is impossible to have a real victory against a cabal of sick control freaks in mansions is nonsense to me. To hear the opinions this will happen before it happens is nothing more then surrendering to the other side without a fight. The truth is, if it has not happened today. Then we always have a chance to stop it. There is always a chance to expose it. The awakening we are having now is because a few lone voices crying in the wilderness speaking the truth no matter how unpopular it may have sounded. To these brave souls like Alan Stang, Eustis Mullins and Ezra Pound to endure persecution and hardships to speak the truth about the Federal Reserve Bank and the New World Order. To these men, being silent was not an option and failure not doing anything was not a choice.

I have always been inspired by the mishap of the Apollo 13 crisis. Not that the space craft was in peril with the nation on edge hoping a praying for a safe return of the Astronauts. I am inspired by the mission control in Houston at Johnson space center. I had the rare privilege of walking into the room were the best minds in the nation found a way to bring Apollo 13 safely back to earth. The Head of Mission Control Gene Krantz  had the attitude saying to his men " Failure is not an option". It was that drive and determination that saved the three Astronauts from disaster. We need that attitude in the movement or we will meet a certain disaster. As the lives of three men were in the hands of Mission control knowing failure is not an option. The fate of free humanity is in our hands. Going along with the New World Order is not an option either. it is a life or death choice.

This year is make or break for us. The one who wins is the one who wants it more.

Ron Paul can win if we do not allow the party hacks to keep stealing elections. It is time we can no longer tolerate such practices anymore. Tolerance is the face of injustice is no virtue.

The TSA will stop the groping and the body scanners, if we get stubborn. If hundreds of people a day give them a hard time. We can give them a bad day on the job. Bullies cry when they are challenged.

If we educate our county Sheriffs and local government. We can keep these Federal goons out of our jurisdiction. Enough local jurisdictions say no to the Feds coming. That will be a serious blow to the globalist.

It is time to starve the beast, and just not comply with the system that is illegitimate. If they cannot prove the elections were honest and accurate. Then morally, we do not have to obey them. There is more of us then there is of them. We outnumber the enforcers.

Going along with tyranny is no longer a choice. We may not have another four or two years to make things right. This must be the year that is a game changer where the momentum shifts towards liberty away from tyranny. We have the high ground

We can defeat these people. They are fighting for holding onto power. We are fighting for our posterity and our society. We are fighting for the ladies we love and the children she nurtures. We are fighting a righteous and a just cause. The other side is fighting to keep the lie alive. Our foundation is moral and right. It is solid. The other side is on a foundation of quicksand. We have nothing to lose. The other side has much to lose, this is why they are so desperate to silence us. We must never lose to fear.

They are trying to silence through internet censorship and on the airwaves. I think it is too late because the world wide web. I believe there are enough techs out there who can bypass and find a way around the goverment filters to keep the web free. I believe we will see the rise of Pirate or Gorilla Internet coming soon as an alternate to internet two they are trying to put everyone on. The goverment trying take over the internet might be fruitless if we play our cards right. The internet is just servers connecting servers. There is a way to bypass the goverment filters I believe. We must keep the internet free and open. We have no choice but to keep the internet free regardless of the efforts of the tyrants trying to shut us down.

Failure is not an option. We win or be forever have a boot on the face of humanity forever. This is the attitude we must have. Failure is not an option. Ron Paul for President or a reign of terror. Failure is not an option.

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  1. I learned that courage is the most effective approach in my issues with hereditary crime.