Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poltics Does Not Make Strange Bedfellows with a Romney and Paul ticket. A Bad Idea

I been hearing the rumors of the Ron Paul camp and the Romney camp forming a political alliance. I have a real problem buying that speculation from the press. I do not think Ron Paul would compromise his principles making a deal with the devil. If there is the rumor of such a thing happening. it is to betray Ron Paul and to derail his movement.

They say politics make strange bedfellows. I cannot see Ron Paul teaming up with Romney when the former Massachusetts Governor passed a healthcare bill identical to Obamacare to taking money from the Robber barons on Wall Street. What Ron Paul stands for is the complete opposite of Romney. From civil liberties to shrinking the size of goverment and the illegal wars. The two cannot be together on the same ticket. The is like Ted Nugent playing guitar with Barbara Streisand.

How I see what is going on is this. In reality Ron Paul is the real front runner. The Political establishment inside the Republican party knows Romney and the other two losers candidates do not have the depth of support to go the distance with the Texas congressmen. Ron Paul can break away and sweep the rest of the states in the primary process gaining the delegates necessary to secure the nomination. If Romney was the definite candidate being the sure thing as the anointed one by the GOP leadership. Then why are they speculating Romney/Paul ticket and trying to figure out how to deal with this at the convention in Tampa this August.

I cannot see Ron Paul compromising with Romney. He has no need to form a political alliance with a known globalist. His trajectory despite the vote fraud, I see him prevailing. They are talking about a brokered convention because they are trying to stop the anti establishment candidate from getting the nomination. They would not float a story like this if the Romney as their man was in peril. They thought the fix was in, but activist counter measures exposing the vote rigging has fouled up their operations. They cannot find any dirt on Ron Paul, They cannot find anything in his voting record to use against him. There has to be a reason this story is out there on the web.

Ron Paul is the only man who can beat Obama in a landslide. I do not know the reason really behind all this speculative press. But the other side has something up their sleeve. If Ron Paul did ever join forces with Romney. The Texas congressman's years of efforts and work to get this far would be all for nothing. I do not buy this one bit, nor should you.          


  1. They can't marginalize Ron Paul so now the effort to co-opt him begins. That's a notable shift in itself, but the Paul camp must reject it.

  2. I understand everyone's frustration with not only the GOP vote fraud, and the speculation of a Paul/Romney ticket. I have watched these last months as the Paul camp has been treated with disrespect across the board, but I think everyone is missing the bigger picture, and so I will attempt to shed some light here, as this is a place of intelligence. The OBAMA camp is full of traitors to the Constitution, as well as this country and what it stands for, but they are playing most everyone perfectly into their hands. They have used the media to create a giant riff among the GOP, and have all the challengers acting like children, who present the GOP as unorganized idiots who would rather fumble about attacking each other instead of the issues. The problem is that Obama is running a pump and dump scheme, and it is working. History shows that a tie, always goes to the incumbent, and OBAMA is betting everything on this. He is hiding in plain sight as the GOP, fumbles about infighting to death, and he is set to coast to another term on a game of slight of hand. The issue here as I see it is that America, will not make it through another four years of Obama, and he and his minions are using everyone to attack the GOP to make it happen. If we do not start focusing on the issues of Obama's complete failure as a president its game over, no matter who the GOP presents. If he gets reelected, and places anymore of his cronies on the bench, no Congress, or Senate will stop his plans for destroying this nation. We must work together to unite behind the GOP if we want to save this country. I hear many say Romney is just another Obama, but this is not true, as Obama is the single biggest threat we face. He is but a puppet, who enables those who are working behind the scenes to do their work unfettered. Look, we all know Ron Paul would be the man for the job, but by spending all our time attacking Dr. Paul's opposition, and the faulty process we play into Obama's hands, of making the GOP look unorganized, and unfit to lead, when it is he who is unfit to lead. I cannot stress enough, that we must keep the focus on his failures, and his hatred of our republic. The more time we spend infighting, the more ground we give him. Unfortunately, many people in this country do not look farther than their television's, and they are watching the GOP come apart. Obama has a plan, and will soon be using the race card. He will further paint the GOP as those who never gave him a chance, as he is the first black President, and the GOP better get in front of this and now, or its over. I do not like the Paul/Romney idea, but I can understand the logic, and they are not entirely wrong. This is smashmouth politics and it is for all the marbles, so the GOP has to unite. That is unless we wish to endure another four years, and wake up to a country we will not recognize, or like. Please keep the heat on Obama, it is in all our best interests to see him voted out. I wish to see more heat on Obama,and all of his failures, and you are the ones who can make it happen. Let us put aside out differences and take our country back, for all our sakes.

    Semper Fi

  3. Talk about pissing in the milk.

  4. It's just divide and conquer tactics on Ron's part. He'll team up with the front runner Romney and take out all the other contenders one by one. They've all be taken down except for Santorum now, and his contraception stance and poor AZ debate might mean he could sink a little, but it might not be in time for Super Tuesday. I think it's a great strategy from Ron's team... it's always easier as the "outsider" candidate to go against others one on one instead of the whole team, and while they all ganged up on him in '08 his supporters are so fervent and plentiful this time that they've pretty much just left him alone and attacked each other, further feeding into Ron's strategy. I doubt that Ron, who has been consistent for decades would change stance now after all this time, even to be VP. I mean, he hasn't changed to try and be PRESIDENT, so why change just to merely be VP?

  5. Guys -- read this


  6. Whether this is true is debatable, but isn't it sad that Paul is probably the only one Mittens can trust? Who was that publisher of the Jewish paper in Atlanta who threatened the president? How soon we forget. Katz? Anyway, this guy said the Mossad should knock off the president if he doesn't toe Israel's line, so a more sympathetic VP could step in. The Mossad would have to do both Mittens and Paul, and that might attract attention.
    This illustrates the moral calibre of our "leadership." The only VP they could trust is the one they despise, the moral American, Ron Paul.
    Since we are run by the tin pot dictatorship of Israel, we are a tin pot dictatorship too.
    Obama is not a total failure until he bombs Iran, which he will do upon reelection. There is no difference between Mittens, who supports tossing The Constitution too, and Obama but an R instead of a D after his name.
    Ron Paul/Judge Napolitan-the winning third party ticket. Fuck the GOP.

  7. Judge Napolitano. Adding Romney to the Dr. Paul ticket is worse than having the fellow on the underwear package do a table dance for your inlaws. Not in the cards. Restoration of the constitutional government will be made of sterner stuff.