Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Texas Warrant Roundup Training Police for Mass Arrest of Dissidents in the Future?

Well what can I call people getting traffic tickets on the side of the road? Taxation by citation as Sheriff Richard Mack calls the traffic ticket fraud… There are cities of Texas I avoid driving through for one good reason. It is because the Police write tickets all the time for nothing. It has gotten so bad in Texas. More than Ten percent of Texans now have a warrant for their arrest for failure to pay fines. These traffic tickets are no more than revenue generation for the city and county governments. It is the biggest fraud ever.

On February 25, many law enforcement agencies working together are starting the Great Warrant Roundup going after people with delinquent fines or failure to appear. Mixed into the fray are felony and misdemeanor warrants also. If there is any outstanding warrants for any reason mundane or not. The police are coming after them. I know the economy is not helping matters when people get expensive tickets. People do not have the money and I can say for a fact. Many people, who are in jail, should not be incarcerated at all. The United States has the highest incarceration rate per capita then any nation in the world. Even more then those totalitarian countries we decry for human rights violations.

I just wonder if the Federal government is involved coordinating these operations for future roundups? I know many of these Law Enforcement agencies are hooked into the Fusion Centers. There has been a relentless effort by Homeland Security to label anyone who dissents against the government are now labeled a domestic terrorist. I am talking about Anti war activist, pro gun groups, private property advocates, and constitutionalists. People exercising their first amendment right who are as American as apple pie are now designated enemies of the state. The NDAA now allows the Military to arrest American citizens without the right of Habeas corpus and due process. Can we see the Military assisting in these warrant roundups in the future? Never mind the border is wide open and  violent Illegal aliens who are fugitives killing the police. Our goverment does not care about that. Many big cities in Texas are sanctuary cities who will look the other way concerning these violent felons who are illegal aliens. Only non violent offenders they will go after who play by the rules.

I just wonder in the future when these do these warrant roundups in other states including Texas under the cover story of going after people not paying their seat belt fines. Could we see the US Military participating with Police rounding up not only people with delinquent traffic warrants? It has been reported the Military working with the Police in joint operations in the past. Could we see these roundups arresting Political enemies and dissidents? Could the Great Texas Warrant Roundup be a prelude of the Police and Military doing mass arrest in the future after a false flag event blaming the patriots? They were planning mass arrest of Patriots and Political enemies right after the Oklahoma city Bombing

Could we see just the Police doing the Roundup with the Military waiting at the county jail when the police bring them in, they hand the person over to Military custody placing a black bag over the prisoner's head putting them on a bus waiting to take them to the FEMA camp. People now see the NDAA is such an overt act of war against Americans. If the Military goes out to round up Americans, they might get resistance, with police being issued a bogus warrant. The officers might not be aware if it is fake or not, telling the person come down and take care of the warrant might be a trick to get a person to stand down instead of resisting. People might not resist with the Police coming out, but will get into a shooting war with the Military.

Be very skeptical of the Great Texas Warrant Round up. This can be a practice using the reason of arresting people with outstanding warrants for minor infractions who are non-violent people. Police will not go after the violent fugitives. They will go after the non-violent ones. Are they getting ready to do the real round up of the Patriots next when the Fusion centers gives them a list? Be aware the government uses reasons that sound very reasonable to the average people. However, to do a mass round up of people state wide. This operation could be used for a more nefarious purpose to go after to round up the patriots next.


  1. Texas has evidently rolled over to the NDAA. It will be their downfall unless the state government grows a pair like Virginia has done. Hopefully the nullification can pass there at least to set a positive example for the restoration of the country to sanity.

    "I am talking about Anti war activist, pro gun groups, private property advocates, and constitutionalists. People exercising their first amendment right who are as American as apple pie are now designated enemies of the state."

    Yes, anti-war activist(s) and pro-gunners, and first amendment practitioners being labelled enemies of the state in America has to mean that the state they are enemies of is not America any more. It has already morphed into something else that nobody growing up in the original America would recognize.

  2. I could see it happening. Put all the non-violent ''dissenters'' in concentration camps and then anyone who refuses to go would be deemed a hostile threat. They make it pretty black and white for themselves. If you aren't locked up or allowing us to lock you up, you must die.