Thursday, February 23, 2012

Internet Freedom is Asking the Right Questions to the Candidates the Press will not Ask

As the main writer for Lone Star Watch dog. I write about things not mentioned in the news media. Most of the time, my writings do resonate with most of the people who read my blogs. What we have experienced for decades is a controlled media setting the agenda and defining the issues. The news media has long held a monopoly on the controlling the information the people read and hear until the age of the internet.

Now since the alternative media and the free internet. The political dynamics have changed. Now the politicians are now forced to answer questions they are not use to answering.The flow of information has changed from the traditional mainstream media to the alternative media in the blogosphere. The internet has changed everything in the political landscape. The internet has changed the way grassroots movements coordinate activism nationwide.

With the age of the internet being the last bastion of free speech left in existence. Instead of the media asking the Presidential candidates the prepackaged questions. There is a website where the people can ask the candidate the tough questions. You can ask about will the candidate eliminate the TSA putting a end to the intrusive searches at the airports. The question can be the Department of Homeland Security be axed because it poses a danger to our civil liberties to Ending the Federal Reserve Bank devaluing the dollar.

Now it is the time the people ask the questions and the candidate answer. Do you agree?

So click the anchor text below and ask the candidate the question you want to ask.                           


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