Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sorry Israel,ADL and AIPAC. There Are Genocides Worse then the NAZI Holacuust.

The feel sympathy for the Jewish people and the six million that dies in Hitlers death camps. I am getting very tired of hearing it. I am getting very tired hearing them play the victim and act like the bullies using what happened in Germany. Well there was more genocides worst then what happened in Germany. To use the Holocaust excuse is getting old. They are asking congress for a handout based on the Holocaust. I will not pay reparations for something I am not responsible for.

A certain element in the Jewish community uses the Holocaust as an excuse for Israel's aggressive behavior which is no different then Hitler's policies. The truth is I do not hear of of the Chinese, The Russian, the Polish people and the Cambodians crying about there mass killings looking for public sympathy or our tax dollars. Only the Anti Defamation League and all the pro Israel crowds are the only ones crying about the Holocaust of six million Jewish people sentenced to die in NAZI death camps. Here are some mass murdering genocides that dwarf the Holocaust:

The numbers of innocent people murdered dwarfs six million people.

Ever Since the Bolshevik Revolution, When the communist took over, there was the red terror and other mass murders in Russia. Between Stalin and Lenin, they murdered close to 62 million people with execution and famines.

Pol Pot, the murderous dictator in the killing fields of Cambodia killed about 2 million people.

The Communist Chinese under a blood thirsty despot Mao Tsa Tung murdered 45 million people through execution and famines.

Israel has no excuse going out looking for a war just because of the Holocaust that happened close to sixty years ago to attack its neighbors. Israel cannot be cry like the victim and act like a bully. I cannot confirm nor deny the Holocaust. This is sixty years later, it is time for Israel to start using sound diplomacy and not use the threat of war as a means to an end. Six million Jewish people died as history has told us. Yes, any life taken by a tyrant is tragic and should never be repeated. Other countries and its people have endured worse reign of terror that far more exterminated people more then what Hitler did.

We do not hear the Russians use the red terror or the Chinese people cry about Mao Tsa Tung mass murders in China . They have moved on not playing the victim. Israel should learn a lesson from the Russians and the Chinese. That is they endured many mass killings of their people. They are not making any excuses from the past to justify getting their way. It is time for Israel and the its people stop using the past and start living in the present. Using the Holocaust does not work anymore. Other nations and peoples have lived through the same horrors of a tyranny killing off people.They have moved on living in peace with their former enemies and their friends. Now it is time they do the same and stop living in the past.


  1. Don't forget what Europe did the the North and South American Continent, and what the Rome/Catholic church did to everybody. Carthage, Albigensians, anybody who knew anything, how they messed up Ireland. . . When I die, I'm gonna hunt down Aleric I, and slap him upside for going so easy on them when he so called 'sacked' Rome.

  2. I appreciate this, but don't help perpetuate the lies about the holohoax. The number doesn't come anywhere near 6 million. Not even half of that! No gas chambers were ever even discovered. There was NEVER a plan for a mss extermination of a people! It was war propaganda to benefit the jews. I could go on and on. Not only were there many holocausts far worse than the one we're constantly lie to about, the holohoax was nothing at all what we were told. onethirdoftheholocaust(dot)com

  3. Actually the literaturnaya rossiya (1992) stated that the bolshevik jews killed around 147 million Russians and Ukrainians during their whole reign of terror. so the very very questionable 6 million deaths of the holocaust pales in comparison with what these same jews did in Russia and the Ukraine

  4. Forensic test (including ground penetrating radar)conducted at all the known Nazis work camps show that a relatively small number of inmates died at the camps. The test also show that most of the inmates who died, did so primarily from malnutrition and infectious diseases such as typhus brought on by a lack of food, medicine and sanitary supplies destroyed by the round-the-clock allied bombing raids in the closing months of the war. Most unbiased researchers estimate that a maximum of about 250,000 to 300,000 inmates died in the work camps during the war, with most of them dying during last 3 months of the war. And as has been pointed out by a previous commentator, there is no physical or scientific evidence of homicidal gas chambers ever existing at any of the work camps. Although many well-meaning but naive Gentiles and practically all Jews accept the official 6 million version as fact, it has been proven beyond any doubt that the official version is a complete hoax that continues to be pushed on the public for the purpose of who-dooing them into donating huge sums of "gilt money" to the holocaust industry.

  5. Boycott, Divest, Sanction Apartheid Israel! It's time to economically strangle the Zionist monster - Israel is the greatest threat to peace in the world.

    Does anyone else realize that if not for Jewish manipulation of the markets that gasoline would be close to $1.00 per gallon right now? Look it up for yourself and see who made outrageous gambles in the oil futures market a few months back - now they've had to drive the price of crude up with their war mongering in order to stave off bankruptcy.

    It's time to bury Israel in the same grave as the Roman Empire, Carthage, and all the other nations of antiquity, no nation has an inherent right to exist.