Thursday, February 23, 2012

RINOS Sold Out the Second Amendment Again;Another Obama Nominee Confirmed to the Bench

Last week, we alerted you to a radical anti-gun nominee President Obama named to the federal bench, Jesse Furman.
To no one’s surprise, Furman is cut from the same judicial cloth as other Obama nominees such as Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.
For instance, in an article published a number of years ago—but from which Furman has not distanced himself—he writes that: “Probably the best explanation for the amount of violent crime in the United States is its fascination with guns.”
GOA members flooded the Senate with emails, and many Senators voted against Furman. But Majority Leader Harry Reid kept every single Democrat in lock-step with the Obama agenda, and Furman was confirmed to a lifetime appointment to the bench on a vote of 62-34.
Republicans Jon Kyl and John McCain (AZ), Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander (TN), Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe (ME), Jeff Sessions (AL), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Scott Brown (MA), and Lindsey Graham (SC) joined all Democrats in voting for Furman.
This vote serves to highlight the difficulty in protecting the courts from anti-Second Amendment nominees who come before the Congress. Obama will continue to nominate far left gun grabbers, and Harry Reid will be his go-to guy for confirmation votes.
And if Obama wins a second term, his agenda will become only more brazen. That’s why a top goal of GOA in 2012 is to help elect as many truly pro-gun friends as we can to the U.S. Senate.
It is crucial that Harry Reid does not retain the gavel next year. But it is not enough to just elect members of the opposing party. We need to elect strong candidates who understand the Constitution and who will not bow to pressure from the White House—whoever the occupant may be—or from the leadership of either party in the Congress.


  1. This is exactly why we must stop the GOP infighting, and move the focus to Obamas failures as a president. We cannot afford another four years, or its game over. Keep the spotlight on camp Obama, and don't let up. It will only accelerate if he wins another term, and no majority will stop him. He will do an end run around the other branches and further implant his cronies in positions which cannot be countered. Now fall in you leaders of men, and stop the bickering, or its game over..

  2. Marxist Origins of the Republican Party

  3. Compared to Dr Paul, Romney, Obama, Gingrich and Santorum are the same candidate. It's foolish to rally behind the guy who's just like Obama in terms of agenda and significant policies, only a "republican".

  4. Sessions has become a RINOd abomination. How and why he got "turned" I haven't a clue. His votes the past two years have been awful. On the House side, Rep. Lamar Smith has gone 100% RINO by pushing an insane National E-verify Bill (HR 2885) that would destroy 1070 and HB 56 laws thru preemption and would give de facto Amnesty to 8 million-plus illegal aliens working for a paycheck. Smith also authored HR 2847, a Guestworker Amnesty bill that wold replace our H-2A visa program. What no one seems to be saying about this bill is the fact that there is NO ENFORCEMENT PROVISION! If we bring in another 1 million "guestworker aliens", who's to stop them from fleeing the fields and becoming illegal aliens taking jobs from Americans in the cities, suburbs and rural areas?