Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Acting Normal Might be an Act of Terrorism to Get Us Shot by the Police

             I remember when watch the movies series the Police Academy. There was one character called Eugene Tackleberry who was a trigger happy police officer who love to use guns and would not hesitate to use them. It may have been funny watching it in the 1980s. Now no one is laughing anymore reading about trigger happy officers. I wonder if the Federal goverment are giving classes to go out and abuse people or is it the leadership within the police Departments that is corrupt.

             Two of the latest incidents in California and Virginia does have me wondering. What kind of people do we have being Police officers? I remember growing and talking with old school cops who under stood they were servants and not Lording over the people. Many Cops were officers for 30 to 40 years. Even in a big city. They never used their weapon their whole career. Only on the range that was it. Many never even pulled it from their holster in a confrontation. Even when the killing was just when they used deadly force. It still weigh on the officers mind was there something else he could have done instead of killing the bad guy? Todays goons feel no remorse or devoid showing any proper dignity to population. 

              This phony war on terror has not stopped one terrorist. Only phony concocted stings to perceive they are stopping Al Quaida. The TSA has not stopped one terrorist. The Police tactics have not produced any real fruit in actual protection of the people. The truth is the War of Terror killed more American then what happened on September 11, 2001. A lot more innocent casualties by the very government that says they want to keep us safe has killed and maimed more people ever since the Patriot Act became law.

              What we are seeing is trickle down tyranny in this country. Many Police Departments in rural towns and big cities are getting their marching orders from Homeland security. Instead of using common sense, the police are going after a fabricated threat that does not exist. The American people are the perceived threat to the police and we are all under suspicion for no reason at all.

              When I read about a police officer shooting an unarmed student in middle school, at Sunday school teacher and Marine in front of his children. All were shit to death. Did they violate department  protocol using deadly force? On the other hand, were they giving a pep talk by out Federal Homeland Security for some grant money. The truth is a good veteran officer would not escalate a situation to the point of using deadly force. Most likely these encounters would not have happened at all. If there was any, it would have been brief without incident. A good Cop would not bother to encounter these people at all.

             What ever happened to common sense in law enforcement. Most police officers with a sane mind would never waste their time with a Marine with his children and a Sunday School teacher. We have more people get killed by the Federal government in the war on terror then what Al Quaida has killed on September 11. So Americans beware doing normal things like paying cash for your coffee or doing the day to day mundane things will get us shot or even killed. We must confront our local Police Chiefs and Sheriffs and ask them to let you see the documents Homeland Security is sending to them.

            The last time I was in a Police Station office . I seen ADL and SPLC publications all around the office. We all have a right to know what the Feds are telling the Police. If Homeland Security does come to town to give a pep talk to the Police saying blue and hooded jackets are domestic terrorist. Make it open to the public so everyone knows so we the people can ask questions. If there is any transparency about the local police and Homeland Securityin their interactions. We might not have to read about another Sunday School teacher being shot.

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