Friday, February 17, 2012

9 Ways The Congress Can Balance the Budget Without a New Constitutional Amendment.

I am very skeptical of States calling for a constitutional convention for a Balanced Budget Amendment. To me this is the Hegelian dialectic in action with problem, reaction, and solution with a debt crisis that threatens the survival of this nation. The Balanced Budget amendment to me is just a Trojan Horse of the Globalist to take away our right to free speech and to keep and bear arms. To alter our Constitution and change our form of goverment with no bill of rights. We must resist a call for any Constitutional convention everywhere we can or they will win.

If we get a balanced Budget Amendment, it does not guarantee the size of goverment will shrink at all. We will still have an income tax and a Federal Reserve System. The politicians will make the excuse of raising taxes just to keep up with the growth of goverment  because they cannot barrow or print money anymore. Besides if they do ratify the balanced budget Amendment.It will not go into effect until five years later. For that five years, we can see the national debt go up like never before the amendment goes into effect.

The best way the goverment can balance the Budget is Congress and the President Follow the Constitution

Here is how

1- A simple Majority vote of 228 in the house and 51 votes in the Senate can balance the budget.

2- Returning to the Gold or Silver Standard in our monetary system. The Government cannot print money for precious metals they do not posses.

3- Congress stop abrogating its authority and enumerated powers under the constitution to a private Central Bank minting and determine the value of Gold and Silver currency. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank.

4- Eliminate All Departments and agencies that are not in the Constitution or where the goverment has no authority to be involved with.

5- Take back the power to declare wars and stop the overseas adventurism. Close all the bases outside the borders of the United States not essential to out national security.

5- Stay out of Foreign Entanglements like the United Nations and the IMF.

6- Congress live under the same laws they impose. If a Family has to balance their budget every month. The Federal government should also be held to the same standard.

7- Congress saying "no" to raising the debt ceiling. 

8- Stop calling a reduced increases in spending a cut in spending. It is just a reduction in the growth of spending a cut which it is not at all. It is just fuzzy math. Start calling for real cuts reducing the size of goverment.

9- Congress uphold their oath they have sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Common sense solutions can balance the Federal Budget. The Constitution does call for a balanced budget if congress sticks to its only lawful powers delegated by the Constitution. We do not need a balanced budget amendment. If congress followed the Constitution, We would have no debt and goverment would be small. We do not need to reinvent the wheel to get our fiscal house in order. \Just follow the Constitution and we will be a debt free nation.

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