Sunday, February 12, 2012

Americans will Outlaw Obama in a Second Term before The President Makes Guns Illegal.

This puppet in the white house is living in a Marxist wet dream. He is not in his right mind. He lives a life of illusion. He is what some people call criminally insane. Do he think he can outlaw the second Amendment and take the guns away from Americans? Does he think people will go along with him and turn in their guns? Well, I think when he tries to go after the people's guns on a large scale. There will be so much blow back This will be his Waterloo because the right to keep and bear arms is the third rail of politics now.

Bill Clinton and his party lost the congress in 1994 and Obama's party lost the house in 2010. Gun control being one of the major factors for a shift in power. Democrats in his own party knew better not to touch gun ownership when Obama took office. The President tried to use Operation Fast and Furious to attack gun owners by blaming violence in Mexico on the second amendment. It has been revealed the White House and the Department of Justice was behind shipping the guns to the drug cartels in Mexico. They tried using the attack on Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords to attack gun ownership. All his effort have gone flat. All this President did was spur more gun sales reaching record numbers ever since Obama won the election.

The truth is Americans have wised up to gun control. They know what happens to people who turn in their guns. The people know what the outcome is when the goverment has the guns and the people are defenseless. They see what happened during the Red Terror in Soviet Russia, the purgings in NAZI Germany, the killing fields in Cambodia and the mass murders in China. Government is the main cause of death more then wars, natural causes, disease and car accidents. Police states emerge when the goverment has all the force and the people are left without any self defense. Genocide always follows with mass graves and a reign of terror. American have wised up to the scam of gun control in the name of caring for the children does not work anymore. The emotional hype people see right through it. The anti gun propaganda does not gain anymore traction as it did in the past.

If Obama is reelected to a second term. Then he goes after the guns by executive decree without the process of repealing the second amendment by the states or going through congress. If he wins reelection by election fraud, this will be a reason for the people not to comply with the emperor wannabe. He will be exposed as illegitimate not because of his birth certificate. His multiple aliases and social security numbers can be a reason to not obey him because no one knows what his real name is. This President going around congress making laws by executive fiat will be met with a lot resistance from the people, if he uses this power to go after the guns.

People will wake up to the fact that Obama coming after the guns is not about us being kept safe. it is about the Tyrants being kept safe from the people. It is to protect the power structure from the population. It has nothing to do with the well being of the people. It will be very hard to collapse the economy here when people still have firearms in their possession. The US goverment wants a monopoly on deadly force. When the founders put in the second Amendment as a means of protection and security of a free state. That meant to keep goverment in check. When it gets too tyrannical. The people have recourse by force of arms to resist any further abuses of the goverment.

President Obama attempting to take the guns by force might get him removed from office. This is where he will bite of more then he can chew. This is where he might find himself removed from office politically or by force. I do not think the Military will be loyal to him or a good number of police either. UN member nations sending foreign troops in to grab the guns might not be politically good for that country sending the soldiers under the United Nations flag if they come back in flag draped coffins in large numbers. President Obama is so unpopular. If his reelection is to be found a fraud, If the courts or the states will not correct this. If Obama tried to drop the hammer down on the people to quell dissent using NDAA and other draconian measures. Outlawing guns in America will be Obama's Waterloo.


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  1. I like how you pointed out the idea of sending in foreign UN troops to do the dirty work of this corrupt government.

    I believe this has been the plan from the beginning, because they think foreign troops would be more willing to commit the atrocities necessary to protect the establishment in this country than the US military and police forces would.

    What they don't seem to understand is that they (i.e. those that comprise the establishment) are hated the world over. Everyone is waking up to the crimes and detrimental natural of the bankers and their bought and paid for politicians, so why would people want to help these creatures get what they want even if it's in a another country?

    People are starting to see the UN as the fraud that it is, with Russia and China perhaps being two of the handful of nations that aren't in the back pockets of the globalist banking dynasties. Not to mention that it was through the UN that the corrupt, nuclear armed, apartheid state of Israel was established.