Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bringing Back Honest Money Might Bring Back a Moral and Just Society

                 If we look back on history when we had a moral and just societies. Also when we had an immoral and unjust people in our nation. What brings in the immorality and the corruption. What brings about tyranny and political turmoil. Bankers have long known if they can control the monetary system they can control the morals of a people. The Apostle Paul said it best in his epistle" The love of money is the root of all evil" So what can be traced to the moral decline of a nation? Our moral decline is directly linked to the Federal reserve system.

                 When there is honest money outside the bankers control with the people controlling it. There is a just society, because the currency can not be manipulated and debased. Government cannot use a central bank's printing press to buy votes and create a dependency class. When there is easy money and easy credit issued by the central bank. Societies tend to decline being in awash in Fiat money that can be to root of corruption in our government, business and society. Under an honest money system, corruption is not eliminated completely. But it is kept in check when there is an honest monetary policy.

                   When President Nixon took us off the gold standard, we started to see a sharp decline in our society were political corruption reigns and the welfare state is in full swing. As long the US government can go to the Federal reserve and ask to print more money out of thin air to buy votes. The single mother will see the welfare check taking the place of the wage earning father. Farms are discouraged to grow crops because the government pays for them not to produce. It corrupts the tax code changing the behavior of people. The power to tax is the power to control. Fiat money interferes with the economy and stands in the way of the free markets working because central economic planning by the Federal Reserve Bank.

                  For those social conservatives who are concerned about the moral decline in America and how the family is being attacked by big government policies. If they want reform the schools in dire straits our education system is in. When we see freedom being attacked by a bloated federal government. The root cause is a dishonest money we have today. If they end the Federal reserve system returning to an honest monetary policy. We can start to see a reverse in our national character. Under the current system the US Government was able at will go to the Federal Reserve bank and print money out of thin air with no backing by a commodity like gold and silver. We can see immoral things happen. When we have money backed by gold and silver outside the control of a private central bank to manipulate the value. We might have a chance to reverse the moral decline in America.



  1. The lack of knowledge of management of a medium of exchange is stunning. An exchange media backed by gold and silver can't work. There is only 1 oz of gold per world trader. There is only 1/5 oz of silver per world trader. That's less than $2,000. People making $50K per year get that much in each paycheck. If they all went for gold, the gold would be exhausted in two weeks.

    Todd Marshall
    Plantersville, TX

  2. The hoax is a monetary policy at all. We have arrived at a time in human history where everything can be transparent and information is at your fingertip within a few keystrokes. Money is obsolete. Stupidity seems to be abundant. Unethical employment and labor should have been abolished and never allowed to appear again by the simple creation of the internet and fingertip communique; Star Trek style world wide. Jobs like soldier, revolutionary, politician, priest, judge, fast-food team member, wal-mart hustler, and other unnecessary human crushing labors do not have to be the normal abnormal. We are tired of living in crap because the majority see power and wealth as the role model for progress. When we finally decide to become a sane Universal citizenry killing money will be our first step.



  3. Close, but not quite. Actually it was the birth of this blogger, Realman2020, that caused the biggest collapse of morals in America.

    How? Well think about it. Realman2020 is in his 40's. And hasn't America been in decline for the past 40 years or so? Clearly it was his birth that started the decline.

    And if you think that blaming America's decline on this blog's author is specious reasoning, you'd be right. Just like blaming the decline of America on the birth of the Fed.

  4. Pure fiat money can work, if it is proportional to the size of the human population, spent into the economy interest and debt free, like Lincoln did. And yes, the Fed is the reason for moral decline, not just in America but the world!

  5. You need to read the work of Mike Montagne at

    Right now, the bankers hold the purse strings for every government on earth. They decide where and how the money is spent and who spends it.

    Money should be interest free as that is the only moral way to use a measuring device.

  6. olrailbird: Money should be interest free as that is the only moral way to use a measuring device.
    Jct: And the chips should be based on human time, not just stuff. That's why timebanking is sweeping the world. No one can fudge with an Hour owed being worth 60 minutes all the time. in 1999, I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with a timebank IOU for a night back in Canada worth 5 Hours which I recorded at my Facebook Timebank Account page at Google UNISET UNILETS for instructions on how you can join the underground timebanking economy too when you link you local IOUs to the Time Standard of Money. The Most Revolutionary Act is the one that liberates us from using their enslaving mort-gage death-gamble currency and cutting the middleman usurer out of our action.