Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr Obama and Mr Boehner I Do Not care if the Government Shuts Down

              To President Obama, You better nor threaten again not paying the Military and Social Security recipients. If you hold America hostage again withholding by law your obligations for political purposes. I hope the people in a rage demand impeachment. Here is some government entities we find useless and a waste of money.

          Shut down the EPA. We will still breathe clean air and drink safe water. Your regulations cost too much at the gas pump and in our utility bills. They kill more jobs then they create. The American people will not miss them.

          Shut down homeland security. This department has become a useless bureaucracy that seeks to get into people lives. Local law enforcement, the states and the armed citizens can protect the homeland far better than this agency can.

           Shut Down the TSA. This agency has become a major inconvenience for everyone. Inspecting grandma diaper is not a national security threat. Airlines can pick up the slack with their own security measure with far more efficiency that is far more effective with less intrusion on the individual.

           No more foreign aid to Israel and other rogue nations.

           No more corporate welfare for the Wall Street Bankers and Money Junkies.

           No more Social Security, Welfare Benefits or Food Stamps for Illegal Aliens. 

           No more farm subsidies.

So Mr. President before you hold Grandma hostage witholding her social security check and grandpa veterans pension. Cut back on all those useless and counter productive functions that really are unessential. No more games, if you cannot accept defeat resign as President.

My Speaker Boehner, Thank to Tea Party making you speaker of the house. We sent you to Washington to be a stop gap against an out of control administration. We did not send you to Washington to make friends and cut deals with Obama. Let the Government shut down. We have no use for them.





  1. Enforce the 10th Amendment. End the Fed. End the 14th and the 17th Amendments. Resubmit them back to the States. We at least need a Speaker of the House who does not cry like a Baby whenever he gets emotional. America is a sick, dysfunctional joke. Why, its wrong to be a White man and want White girls to only have sex with White men. We don`t need the Supreme Court to tell us what is right or wrong. Their rulings are not enforceable LAW. Brown vs. Borad of Education is null, void and Unconstitutional. There shall be no attainder of treason that works Corruption of Blood. No questions of goodness or intentions. The 14th Amendment is Unconstitutional along with its "emanations" of integration, abortion, and so forth. America, grow some balls and exercise some courage!!!

  2. Here i have seen some good decision which is taken by USA government.

  3. NobodysaysBOO!"
    Thats my social security INSURANCE and MY unemployment INSURANCE you talk about ending my payouts from the INSURANCE payment I PAID ALREADY,ENOUGH ALREADY.
    A MUCH better idea is to put the robbers in prison who have ROBBED the trust and the funds!

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