Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poll: Nearly Half of American See Government As the Threat

              I believe this poll was being nice to the government saying nearly half American people are weary of Government, noew they see them as a threat more than Al Quaida. I beleive the poll is more like eighty percent of the American people see the government as the threat. The other twenty percent who says they are not weary work for the government. I see it more and more people seeing not Al Quada as the threat to our freedoms, they see the war on terror as the threat to our freedoms and security.

             Lets look at the overreach the War on Terror and the War on Drugs has assaulted freedoms. We have no privacy online and on the telephones. Our cell phones are not safe without a warrant singed by a judge. The can use the cell phone as a GPS device to track your movement wherever you go, they can dial in if the phone is off and listen in on conversations. The government has mandated the Power companies to install smart meters that monitors what we use that can give data how much TV you watch and what appliances you run.

             Then we have illegal wiretaps of our phones and online activity on our computers without a search warrant. The IRS can watch our Banks Accounts and Credit card transaction activity in real time. The we have Obama care that takes away much of our freedoms where we can face jail time if we do not enroll in this government black hole healthcare system that will kill more than heal. The war on drugs, if we get sopped by the police, we can have our cash seized if we cannot prove it was not involved in the sale of a controlled substance. The government has become pirates looking for booty from the American people with no due process, no judge, no jury and no justice.

              The most obvious is the TSA and the monotonous process going through airport security. People want to be left alone and want to catch their flight on time. Now people dread going through airport security. People are being groped and feel more threatened by the TSA than Al Quaida. Now this kind of security is being expanded to shopping mall and sporting events. Tyranny has become an unnecessary inconvenience and a hassle for no reason at all. but to grab power away from the people Then we have them coming after our guns. No wonder gun sales are on the rise like never before because people see the threat coming from an out of control government than from a petty cat burglar trying to invade a home.

               I do not have enough time to go through how the people  might see the government as a threat. Every time I turn on the news, the government wants to get more involved in my personal life and my daily activities. I have empathy for the people who say the government is a threat to our freedom and security. People want to be left alone and sick and tired of the government looking over the people shoulders for every little things to see if they are not drinking raw milk to making sure the children have their vaccines. People want the government out of their lives and out. That poll was going easy on the government. It would not surprise me if the real number is more like eighty or ninety percent of the those polled feel the government is a threat. Do you agree with me?


  1. For most people throughout history, their government has been their biggest enemy.

    As a famous Chinese man once said, "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun."

    And that gun is pointed at you.

  2. The 911 hoax was the enabling event for the zionut takeover of America. If we can expose the 911 fraud then we will turn around the federal government takeover of society.