Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Need to Halt All Executions and Place A Moratorium On the Death Penalty

                Our criminal justice system is broken. It is out of balance where the Police and Prosecutor have the unfair advantage. Many people cannot afford a good criminal attorney with the resources to debunk and challenge the evidence. Even the most sincere Public defenders who really want to represent people with a vigorous defense do not have the staff or means to counter the evidence the state presents. They do not have the funding or the resources to mount a fierce defense.  

                When a person is charged with a capital crime such as murder. Prosecutors have been known to withhold from the defense exculpatory evidence that would allow the accused to walk being exonerated. When District Attorneys knowing full and well withhold vital evidence that causes an innocent man to be put to death for a a crime they have not committed. To me, these Prosecutors should be put to death if they known all along they put an innocent man to death.

                The justice system would allow 10 guilty people to go free than convict an innocent man at one time in our history. Now they will punish 20 innocent people to catch that one guilty person. Seeing the execution Troy Davis shows we need a moratorium on all executions until those cases were there is a reasonable doubt get a new trial were new evidence and witnesses can come forward to be entered into the court record. People in the system need to be held accountable who did not follow protocol,who cut corners in procedure because they cared more about getting a conviction to advance their political career making sure justice is served making sure the guilty are punished and the innocent never see a court room as a defendant.

                 This week Troy Davis was put to death, he was an innocent man. There was no murder weapon and nothing forensic evidence linking him to the crime. All they went on was one persons testimony, Despite witnesses coming forward to disprove the witnesses testimony who before were coerced by the District Attorney twisting arms to testify against Mr Davis has been brought to light. The Judge, the DA, The Governor of Georgia all have innocent blood on their hands allowing an innocent man to be executed. If seems if an average person was murdered and Troy was a suspect, chances are they would have let him go. Since a Police officer was killed. Someone had to pay and they did not care if the person was innocent because it was a Cop that was killed.

                 This is why we need to halt and suspend all executions in America until this mess is all sorted out and new trial can be started with new evidence and new witnesses can be put on the stand once not allowed to before. The system is broken, When a person faces the death penalty for capital murder. They should have right and protections under the United states Constitution making sure not one innocent man sees death row in prison, even if 20 guilty people walks free just to make sure no innocent man gets put to death. So let it be. It is better than the system today were 20 innocent people will suffer just to get the one guilty is bad and must be stopped. One innocent man put to death for a crime he never committed is one too many. Do you agree?


  1. i am against the death penalty...but even troy's lawyer said he is probably guilty...he and his buddy both blame each other....and nine witnesses at the time, including many that knew troy pointed the finger at him...but now that the time is near to pay...they are lessening their testimony...troy or his bud definitely did it...funny how the facts never seem to get in the way of a good story...sort of like 9-11

  2. anonymous get a clue please: