Sunday, September 25, 2011

Texas Moves to Block EPA Enforcement

              One of the biggest job killing agencies in the Federal Government is the Environmental Protection Agency. They have shut down factories and recently raided Gibson Guitar Plants in Memphis and Nashville Tennessee over were the wood was finished enforcing foreign law. They are blocking the drilling off shore and prevent many refineries coming online. This agency has been responsible for our energy cost going through the roof. This agency has a anti American, anti freedom and anti free market agenda to bring down eh US economy.

               The Texas Attorney General is taking the EPA to court to block enforcement of new rules President Barrack Obama is implementing. These new carbon rules are the Cap and Trade laws the President could not get congress to pass. So he bypasses congress and implements the rules through the regulatory process. The two things that could work in Texas's favor is these new rules are based on fraudulent data that has been proven to be just a fraud. The other thing is the President cannot just makes rules if he does not get what he wants from Congress using executive orders. The Constitution delegates the President only the power enforce the laws of Congress. Not to mention the ninth and tenth amendments to the bill of rights do apply too if a court recognizes the original intent of the founders.

               The State of Texas is now approaching the Winter months. Feb 2nd of this year we had rolling blackouts throughout the State on a day record cold temperatures. ERCOT was ordered by the EPA to do rolling blackouts because of a the high demand of electricity used they claim. I believe these plants shut down so they do not exceed their carbon limit or be fined by the US government. There was no excuse for rolling blackouts. Due to the EPA rules. Many coal power plants were ordered to shut down by the EPA without any law passed by Congress.  Many coal plants in Texas had burdensome regulations placed on them that makes it impossible to operate. Texas was forced to buy electricity that day from Mexico who has no EPA rules. Texas used to provide electricity to other states as far as to Kansas. These new rules does not make it happen anymore.  Texas has to buy electricity form Mexico now because of these new rules to avoid these rolling blackouts.

                The state of Texas were we fly our flags equal height to the American flag. Why, because we are still a republic before we became a state, still isa republic as well as a state. We are the only state that exist by a treaty. The State of Texas should have used the laws of the treaty and told the EPA they have no legal right under the treaty. Texas does not need to waste time in Federal courts. They could have went to the Texas State Supreme Court and issued an injunction against the EPA saying they have no legal jurisdiction in the state of Texas. I hope Texas wins in court blocking the EPA, but I do not think that will stop the White House or the EPA. Obama is already in contempt of court for not resuming offshore drilling. Texas needs to back up their legal rights with more than a piece of paper or Obama will keep walking all over the Lone Star State.


  1. When are the States going to realize that the Federal government is a foreign controlled occupying enemy waging war against Americans?

  2. The real EPA is the only thing standing between today and Texas poisoning and killing everything alive in Texas to make a dollar, or a Texas dollar. It is NOT the federal government waging the war. It is individuals accidently voted into power with the CFR programmed television providing the propaganda to make it policy. some of the most treasonous of these include LBJ, Bush41 and Bush43, John Connelly,and the soon to be retired Rick Perry.

    And YES, the 'Carbon Tax' B.S. is to embezzle more money and send it to England. It is TOTAL B.S. The other day, Al Gore , at an "educational" seminar used visual aids to emphasize his "knowledge" that "carbon dioxide is NOT a naturally occuring substance".

  3. Wait just a blinking moment... The plants in question have been in violation for over 15 years, many have applied for and received loans from the Federal Government to pay for bringing these plants into line with the old regulations and used the money for other purposes. I have not heard of any kind of rate relief for their customers, nor any but the most glib of apologies. They have taken the money, they have taken their customers, and now you wish to allow them to place the blame on the same people? Look at what is happening, look at their profit margins.

  4. Hey bubba, why don't you start the "lists"?

    Put together links on your site to different scams, frauds and murders from MURDER, INC. For instance: 911 and the NAMES of anyone remotely connected to it's crimes; Banking, Fraud, Laundering, FED Res, and their NAMES; Iraq, Afgahn, Libyan, Pak, etc; war profiteer companies and NAMES; Zionism and AIPAC we need NAMES; PATRIOT ACT infringement from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc, we need NAMES. Gulf Disaster(s) BP, Trans Ocean, Haliburton, etc, we need NAMES. Vatican child sex crimes, NAMES; Sex Slave (child or adult) Trade, we need NAMES. Start the lists and let the public add to with vetted names and facts. Coordinated lists of crimes against all of us; not just Texas and NAMES of as many players possible and possibly their last known locales.

    Once we recognize as a nation that the Courtys, Corpys, and Govys are all against us we will need the names of the CEO's, CFO's, COO's, Exec. VP's, Tres., Sec., and so on. Just because they kill indiscrimantly does not mean the just do. With the right lists of crimes and the proper names attached, in a worse case scenario, at least the right heads can be kicked into or close to the neighborhoods where someone who gives a fuck, can pick it up.

    Just a thought. Something to do if you're unemployed and bored.

  5. Although the EPA is one of america's top job-killing agencies up-to-date I hope that they can clean the administration and make the best out of the EPA. I've been hearing a lot of news about the EPA. Negative ones.