Sunday, September 25, 2011

Putin Needs to Step Down his Candidacy for President While He is Still on Top

                I commend Vladamir Putin for what he has done for Russia. He has threw out the bankers and stabilized the country. Russia has come a long way since the Soviet Collapse in the ear.y 1990s. The truth is Russia needs new blood in the leadership. It is time for new people to come forward and assume the mantle of leadership for the Russian Federation. Putin last time he was President could not run another term because of term limits.

                 It is time for Mr Putin to step down, not run for President and just become a private citizen to live under the laws he has passed. His intentions may be good for Russia, it does not mean it will be good for Russia in the long term. There is a reason for term limits in office. The reason is so corruption does not set in were everything done is to hold onto power than doing good for the people. Being in power too long does not do good for Russia. Russia needs new blood in the Kremlin or it can revert back to a system of government without a healthy rotation of people in leadership.

                I like Prime Minister Putin. He has done well for Russia and done what needed to be done when the country needed it. For those Russians who will read this blog let me say this. We have people in the US Congress who have been there way too long. When they first came as freshmen to Washington. They all had good intentions to do well and serve the people. Now 20 and even 40 years later. The people now want them gone from office because now everything they do is for power and powers sake and not for the people. They have out served their usefulness in Washington. Vladimir Putin I think if he become the President again will be a disaster for Russia because he has out served his usefulness.

                Russian like the United States put term limits in place for a good reason on the office of President. So power does not become entrenched and corrupt. If Prime Minster Putin is reading this and wants to come out on top with history remembering him for all the good he has done. He ought to step down his candidacy as President and allow new blood to come in. He should assume the new role of educating the Russian people why the oligarchs need to be kept out of power for the sake of Russian and his posterity. Like I said before, he may have the best intention in the world to be president again for Russia's future. Like most people after being in power so long, can be a political disaster. Putin ought to make room for new blood to be in the Kremlin and withdraw his candidacy . Go out on top I say and let history remember Putin for all the good he had done and not a possible blunder waiting to happen.


  1. One of Americans' biggest problems is telling other people how to run their countries. I'm a non-interventionist. We should butt out and tend to our own knitting!

  2. Agree, Ethan Allen.