Friday, September 30, 2011

Barrack Obama is our Bull Connor

            Does any one know who Bull Conner is? Let go back to memory lane back to the civil rights uprising in the 1950s and 1960s. We can remember how civil rights protest went violent when the police clashed with black activist protesting against racial segregation and oppression. They were fighting for their basic God giving rights in the south. Bull Conner was the Public Safety Commissioner  in Birmingham Alabama. When Dr. King led the protest in Alabama against the bombing of those little girls in the church. Martin Luther King was a challenge to Bull Conner's authority. This were we see scenes of the dogs and fire hoses attacking peaceful protesters during the civil rights turmoil.

           What is so hypocritical is the very people like Barrack Obama and Eric Holder may denounce the actions of Bull Connor in his treatment to black protesters in the south. They will talk about the injustices to slavery and segregation. They will decry the Jim Crow laws. Never forget they will talk about how bad the Klan was to Black people. I will not deny the injustices in our history. We were wrong. Slavery and the oppression of free blacks after the civil war is going to be a scourge on our history for many more decades to come.

            Now we come to today. We are raided for raw milk. Alternative health stores are SWAT teamed in the dark of night. Gun Stores are attacked by the BATFE. Gibson Guitar gets a visit from the EPA. It seem the Obama administration is doing everything in it power to take away our basic God given rights and any vestige of economic independence. He is the enforcement arm for Wall Street and the Bankers. He is our Bull Connor using brutal tactic to suppress or intimidate the people for standing up for their rights.

             This is why we are having occupy Wall Street because their will accomplice the Federal Government is seeking to loot the wealth of nation into the hands of a few. Barrack Obama is willing to use every means necessary to achieve their agenda. This White House is not afraid to use deadly force if necessary to oppress economically and socially the American people. Like Bull Connor in the 1960s. Barrack Obama and Bull Connor have a lot in common is their tactic they will, use to try to oppress and suppress the people from standing up against the illegitimate authority. This is why during Occupy Wall Street we have to watch for infiltrators from starting any violence to justify the Police to use brute force against the peaceful protesters.
Barrack Obama is a modern day Bull Connor in this new civil right struggle of our day. That is our right to economic Independence from the bankers and the government to leave us alone. Do you agree?


  1. My goodness watchdog. You must be from the North or are much too young to know what happened in Alabama in the 1960's. Or has your analogy been invented from MSM photos of the fire hoses and police dogs and your own image of the name Bull?

  2. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. NobodysaysBOO!:
    IF (the great BLACKNESS of amer.HOPE) OBUMMER had any GUTS he would PERSONALLY be in the street with the good people in NYNY NOT repeat NOT sipping wine on the BALCONY!