Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hang Up on the CDC if they Ask About Your Children Being Vaccinated.

            I am glad I have a waiver for my two children not to receive any vaccines to enroll in school. When I hear the CDC is now calling homes to interrogate parents about children getting vaccines tells me this administration plans on getting into our lives as much as possible. I would not surprise me if the government mandated ladies wipe their behinds back to front knowing it is not very sanitary to do so. We have to start pushing back with peaceful non violent ways.

            When it comes to the safety of my children, I have to dig my heels in and say  no. I will not have no nurse or Doctor knocking on my door with a social worker. The Supreme court has ruled time and time again that the rights of parents are fundamental rights. The Obama Administration with the CDC being the enforcement arm for big pharmaceutical companies wants to usurp those rights that are God given. If the CDC calls and tries to get information out of me. I do not care if call is recorded for quality purposes. Before I hang up the phone and tell them to kiss me where the sun don't shine.

            I will tell them about the men in prison for shaken baby syndrome because the infant received a shot and went into seizures. Instead of putting blame were it should be with these vaccine manufactures. The put innocent people behind bars to save face. What about the vaccines linked to autism. The schools now have a nice size classrooms full of autistic children. Back 30 years ago children with learning disabilities in a public school was less than a handful. Now it is an epidemic. I know what vaccines done to people taking the H1N1 and those young girls taking gardisil to prevent cervical cancer. As far as vaccines are concerned. The cure is worse than the disease itself. If you do decide to answer and talk to them. Be ready to show the facts to them doing a reverse interrogation on them asking if they know the real truth about vaccines. Expose the truth to them.

          If a CDC agent calls you, Hang up the phone like we would treat a bill collector trying to collect on compound interest. As far as bill collector, the CDC or even a telemarketer. I just do not answer the phone ever. They are not worth my time. The fifth amendment does give us the right not to talk to them or disclose any information to them. Remember we have to flex our rights. We either use them or lose them. If we do not stand up now to this administration, then they will be asking for our shot records soon too.



  1. Fenced in yard and two very big, hungry dogs here that want nothing more than a couple of strangers to play with. It also helps that the "phone" is a pay-as-you-go-phone with an area code from another state.

  2. you have an editor? do you proof read your articles before printing??

    I guess not. Wow...another illiterate american.

  3. 'The fifth amendment does give us the right not to talk to them or disclose any information to them."

    Another American under the idea that amendments give rights instead of expressing rights.

    Shamne on those that do not care enough about their own laws to actually comprehend them.

    The 5th amendment express pre-existing rights. If the 5th gave us rights then who gave said rights to it?

  4. Great information thank you,and one more thank you
    for your courage and strength to get the message out, I always find good truth here.

    What annoys me is the idiot, to can't see the truth and annoys others with with his illiterate

  5. Given the damage this quasi-military organization did to American children in the 1990's with hazardous waste levels of mercury in the vaccines which was the principle facilitating event in the autism epidemic, their working in concert with the Mainstream Media, long after they knew the damage done by the mercury to continue to pump the poison into the kids, their present flu vaccine program which needlessly pushes essentially useless vaccines most of which contain hazardous waste levels of mercury into pregnant women and children preferentially by mandate, suggests that something is certainly awry here. It is hard to fathom that even government agencies could be this stupid.
    A number of activists have argued that the vaccine program is designed to do to American children and American society what the British and their Banking families did to the Chinese to hook them on opium and disrupt their civilizations. The incredibly high levels of mercury in the vaccines mandated by our government to be injected into our infants appears volitional, not accidental.
    Given the tie-ins between certain banking families (Federal Reserve), their involvement in vaccine policy and the historical relationship of some of these families with the Opium trade in China, one wonders if those activists are not on to something- that there is an intentional program to weaken our society and disable our children.
    Of course, these are all conspiracy theories and the mere fact that the CDC used its policies to poison millions of children during the 1990's by mandate and are now trying to track children to make certain that no one escapes should give no one pause- because someone in the MSM might call you a conspiracy theorist.

  6. I think it's great you know about the dangers of vaccines...but I find it ironic that you are happy to get a waiver so you can put them into the government indoctrination camps. Please please look into the history of the Prussian based education some of John Taylor Gatto's books.
    Best Wishes