Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Republican Establishment Cheating Ron Paul Can Destroy the GOP Giving Rise to a Third Party to Take its Place

                I can see very plain as day that the Republican establishment sees Ron Paul as a threat to the Status Quo. They are pulling out all stops to keep him from being the nominee. They tried denying he exist in the media, They tried to keep him out of the debates. They smear and and demonize him with baseless accusations. They do not give him time in the debates. They will try every dirty trick in the book to keep Ron Paul from ever making it to the White House.

               When the primaries roll around early next year with the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire Primary. We will see Diebold trying to alter the outcome of the elections. We just hope Ron Paul wins by a landslide, because Diebold cannot flip the results on landslide wins. They can only alter if the election is close. Ron Paul is surging to be the top tier front runner candidate because Romney and Perry are getting politically destroyed by their records as governors of their states. Sarah Palin if she enters can be shot down resigning as governor of Alaska because she could not handle defending herself with ethics complaints. if she quit being governor of Alaska because she was being held accountable. Will she quit as President when the heat is too much? Cannot forget to remind everyone her support for Israel will be a political liability also.

               Herman Cain's win in Florida was a fluke and just luck. Besides he was the chairman of the Federal Reserve bank and a war monger. The two very things the people want out of. No more wars and no more Private central bank issuing the currency. Herman's association with the Federal Reserve will be his liability since he opposes auditing the Federal Reserve Bank. Gov Mitch Daniels of Indiana and Gov Chris Christi of New Jersey has too much political baggage. Lets wait and see if they throw their hat in the race even though they said no seeking the GOP nomination. The Republican establishment is between a rock and a hard place concerning Ron Paul. The more they try to silence him or deny he exist. The more popular he becomes. This could be the beginning of the end of the reign of the Republican Party as a major political party.

               To be hypothetical looking down the road into next year. If Ron Paul secures 270 delegates or more in the Primaries. Could we see the party leadership doing to Ron Paul like they did to Ronald Reagan when the National Convention convenes? Regardless of the party faithful saying they want Ron Paul as the nominee to beat Obama.  In 1980 at the Republican convention, the party threatened Reagan that they would not give him the nomination unless he selects George H.W. Bush as his running mate. Someone Reagan said emphatically he will not chose as a running mate. Could Ron Paul be pressured into selecting Romney or Perry as a running mate? If he does not comply, he will not get the nomination. If Dr Paul does not cave in and the Party gives the nomination to  Romney or Perry even though Ron Paul had more than 270 delegates to secure the nomination. If they play this dirty trick manipulating the delegates to select a nominee regardless of the will of the party faithful speaking. This could destroy the republican party forever. Breaking a promise to not raise taxes is one thing. But thwarting the will of the people can have disastrous consequences. The people will not forgive then for doing that.

               We can see Ron Paul become the Libertarian nominee were we can see a mass defection from the republican party. If a state will deny the Libertarian candidate to be on the ballot. We can see Ron Paul be a write in candidate in those states. We can see the Libertarian Party taking the place of the GOP if they cheat Ron Paul out of the nomination when he had the delegates to win the candidacy of the Republican Party. We will see the death of a major political party in our lifetime  giving rise to another. Most likely the libertarian party or the Constitution Party will fill the void. A warning to the Republican leadership. If you try to destroy Ron Paul and thwart the will of the voters. You will destroy the Republican party as a result.           


  1. Meh - for all the "turn coats" - as long as they get the LIFE PENSION and a paycheck (tax free)

    They'll just all jump to the Democrats side!

    Yeppers - liars are liars are liars

  2. No more wars and no more Private central bank issuing the currency.

    People certainly care about stopping the wars. But no one outside the blogs cares about the Federal Reserve. It's your personal hobby horse. People who know at least a little about finance know the Federal Reserve is not the evil empire so many bloggers think it is.

  3. NobodysaysBOO!:
    The NIXON criminals just made the repugs stronger and more criminal than before, when they spin whitewater and elect the reagan crime family then the bush cartel.
    The fix is already in for the next repug probably somebody like HITLER?

  4. The only reason I registered as a Republican in Florida was to vote for Ron Paul. The party disgusts me because of their complete and utter corruption.

    I know more than a little about finance, Rooty, the Rothschild's central bank has to be defaulted on. When Dr Paul ends the Fed, he ends the debt. We start fresh from zero, we rebuild the country's infrastructure, repay the Social Security commitment and pay our service people with money backed by honest labor and tied to silver or gold. Imagine a currency created for pennies in materials issued for an hour of honest American labor equal in value to an ounce of silver. Its only been done once in history, in 1930's Germany, when Adolph Hitler rebuilt a war ravaged country and made it into the strongest nation in the history of the Earth in a few short years. No wonder the Rothschild's central bank run countries rose up to destroy them. Reminds me of whats happening right now in Libya. Demonize the leader, Ghaddafi, and destroy the infrastructure of a great and free independent country. Libya is a shining example of freedom on a very dark continent.

    By the way, Rooty, your spelling and sentence structure, is atrocious.

  5. Miguel Grande said... By the way, Rooty, your spelling and sentence structure, is atrocious.

    Darn. I thought we were going to have a serious discussion on fiscal policy. Instead, you throw in a stupid, pointless slam. Well, come back when you can act like a grownup. It's an interesting topic.

  6. WOW good for you ROOTY!
    from boo