Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey Mr. Ben Bernake, Put me on Top of your List. I Will Not Shut Up nor Be Afraid of You. I am a Proud Critic of the Federal Reserve Bank

               It is hard for me to be quiet when my neighbors are enduring hard times of no fault of their own, they paid their rent and mortgages on time. They played by the rules and tried to be responsible with their lives as best as they can. The saved for their retirement and set aside money for a rainy day. So how are they rewarded for their hard work and good stewardship? American used to be called the land of opportunity, now it showed be called the land of no good deed goes unpunished.

                These people who have worked hard to pay off there homes paying three time what the house is worth with compound interest and the one who make their payment on time are losing their homes to foreclosure. They are seeing their savings and retirement accounts wiped out by inflation because of printing money flooding the economy with useless dollars. The only thing not affected by the rate of inflation is the cost of labor. Waged have not increased with the rate of inflation. People cannot keep up with food and fuel cost due to inflation. I am mad at these bankers for how the defrauded the American people. Nor will I be afraid either if I make any of the bankers mad because my righteous indignation I feel how they rob my fellow countrymen

                 Thank you Ben Bernake for your magic money printing scheme helping Wall Street by screwing Main Street. I hear you are putting people on a list for criticizing you and the Federal Reserve Bank that you are the head of. Everyone has a right to be mad at you and I believe the names will be so numerous, you will not have enough paper and computer hard drive space to make a list of your enemies. We want you gone and put out of business. We want our real money back. We want you in jail and turn the federal Reserve bank into a prison for all you robber barons. The building should be refitted so the public can visit you daily and ridicule you for your fellow thieves. The building you constructed for maximum security to protect yourself from the American people will now be a maximum security prison for bankster gangsters as an example that crime does not pay.

                  We have freedom of speech here in America. If Ben Bernake think putting people on a list because they speak out against the Federal Reserve System might silence the critics. You are wrong It will not work this time. Obama tried to send a chilling effect to the people not to criticize him did not work at all. You making threats to put people on a list because they speak out against your bank will come back to haunt you. We know you are losing. If what we said did not have an impact. You would not care. But now since you are the focus of scrutiny and people want the bank abolished. Trying to put people on a list will not work anymore no matter what you throw up to deflect the critics. The Federal Reserve Bank is on its last Legs. I hope the next congress that convenes will revoke your charter because you have been nothing but heartache and stress for all of us in the real world. Go ahead put me on your list. I do not care. My rights are God given. Just because you all think you're masters of the universe does not make you God with the right to take away my free speech. This list only shows you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.


  1. vote for RON PAUL

  2. They are seeing their savings and retirement accounts wiped out by inflation because of printing money flooding the economy with useless dollars.

    How can there be monetary inflation when we are at 1% interest rates?