Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To Defeat Tyranny, All We can Do What is in Front of Us and Call their Bluff

                Imagine a big block of cheese that needs to be eaten are are all mice. It is taking up space and needs to be dealt with so there will be room to move freely. We cannot move it at once because it is too big to move. So we all a little at a time. I see many little mice nibbling on this big block of cheese until it is gone. They did it paying attention to what is front of them and over time the cheese was gove and they were free to move around. Just like the mice, We are chipping away at the New World Order if we all little by little take a piece here and there. When many bands make light work, next thing we know we are winning while they are on the run.

                I know many of my readers have played cards before if it is Poker or Gin Rummy. Why we see the tyrants are moving rapidly trying to clamp down on the population with TSA expanding its operations outside the airports and DHS demanding more of our privacy trying to swallow up every institution it can. They are trying to move to take our guns. Why are they like this?I see this like the man at the the card table who will whistle the loudest when the hand he has cannot even get a two of a kind. He is playing a mind games with the other players hoping they will fold when after the game the other players find out he had nothing to begin with when everyone should have demanded he show his cards.

                 So why are they desperately trying to crack down on us calling us terrorist. Why are they moving with every form of tyranny on us trying to break our will? The reason why is because they really have nothing to use on us if they really tried to move on us with FEMA camps and rounding up of dissidents. When we see the government trying to lord over us using fear and intimidation to break our will. It is because they are at their weakest.This year alone 15 million firearms have been purchased. They are scared of the fact that if the people start resisting by civil disobedience and by the lawful use of force. The wretched machine will grind to a halt like Alexander Solzhenitsyn said after sitting in the camps regretting they should have resisted.

                  If the people put up resistance in a non violent way or with coercive force if necessary. We will find out that the Tyrants really have nothing to stand on and it is all been a mind game on us. So when they terrorize and try to break our will using fear and hopelessness. It is not because they feel invincible. It is because they are scared and if they do not do something. Many of them will see the inside of a jail cell if they do not have a police state in place. Telling us to disarm and give up is the only card left to play. False flag terror tactic is an unlikely option and starting wars is harder to do. The people have become very aware of their devices.

                  If we do what is in front of us taking back our counties, cities and states. We can remove the tyrants in power in these post until we have tyranny isolated out of reach of us. Their scheme is unraveling knowing it is over for them and they will go to prison. This is why they are desperately trying to crack down on free speech and dissent because if the can sell the illusion of being all powerful and it is futile to resist. When people find out it is a bluff just like the hustler at the poker table whistling very loud holding the losing hand. It will been known and more likely not to work.The choice is do we believe in the mind games and fold or do we call their bluff demanding the show us the cards.


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