Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Will President Obama Hold America Hostage Again to Get His Way on Raising Taxes?

                 This class warfare is getting old and worn out. I do not want to see the millionaires taxed to oblivion to pay for more government boondoggle. The people who are millionaires or people making $250,000 or more are important. These are the people who still eat at restaurants and still go on vacations. They still purchase goods and services. They hire people and  produce to maintain the economy. The truth is anyone who is a small business owner to the person working as a dishwasher is considered rich to Obama.

                  The sad reality is he might get his way raising taxes on the rich because the republican leadership caves in always. When the government was almost sut down. They caved in to the President. When the debate on the debt ceiling was an issue. The same leadership caved in again. Now the President is now touting is plan to increase taxes on what he called the rich because he believes they are not paying their fair share. That old class warfare tactic of the left to pit rich against poor, young verses the old, the employed against the unemployed and the welfare class waring against the middle class may not work this time. On the other hand in the Halls of Congress, using fear tactics still works.

                  How the President got his way was making congress cry uncle and caving in. Every time the President wanted his way on keeping the government running when threatened with a shutdown, raising the debt ceiling  and now a proposed tax increase. The President will threaten not sending the checks to social security recipients, not sending medicare payments out, not paying the military, sending our pensions checks to retired government workers and veterans if he does not get his way on a tax increase. When he wants his way with anything. He always holds a segment of American hostage by not sending out the checks. He has found congress's weakness to make it look like it will be congress's fault because the Social security checks will not go out because the tax increases would have paid for it is a lie. Holding Americans hostage is how he get his way with congress every time. Now will he use the same tactic again to twist congress's arm again to get a tax increase or will our elected representatives call his bluff and impeach the tyrant?

                    If Congress does not hold the line this time on tax increases. The Republicans will never be forgiven  for raising taxes. This would put the final nail in the coffin in a economy that is anemic as it is. Raising taxes only adds insult to injury. Thinking raising taxes will pay for big government programs is a farce. When taxes are raised, government revenue goes down. When taxes are low. the tax base expands and revenue increases. Tax cuts always pay for themselves, saying how the government will compensate when there is a tax cut is just an illusion. The power to tax is the power to control. If the Republicans cave in to the President if he uses this threat again holding Americans hostage not cutting the checks again. Congress needs to threaten the President with impeachment hearings or He will keep on with his lawless behavior. I hope congress gets a spine this time put the President back in his place.



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