Monday, September 26, 2011

Never Surrender Freedom and Your Guns for a Bowl of Rice

               As we seen through history, tyrants always set themselves up putting themselves at the advantage over the people making the difficult decisions. They use economic war fare and the lack of food as a weapon to get its way. In Denver Colorado at mile High Stadium they had a drill were they bused children to the stadium set up as a FEMA camp. The only way the parents can get their kids back was to turn in their guns. They will use your children to get what they want. This is a possible sign of things to come. If their is not a drastic change in leadership with the globalist out of power. They will starve us into submission.

             When the economy implodes and people are hungry. Do not be surprised in order to have food provided is to turn in your weapons as a condition. They might use this to generate fear getting a vaccine because the pandemic of a fabricated flu bug going around and the only way you can get the shot is turn in your guns. This means can be used to get the basic necessities we take for granted. We will be encouraged to surrender our freedom because the government will say the Constitution caused this economic trouble. It was responsible of the terrorism because people have guns and the hard times on the economy because the Constitution caused it.. If a person is not educated and prepared. They will follow the government like lambs going to the slaughter. 

            The only way we can counteract tyranny is to take control of our lives ourselves. We have the ability to provide for ourselves and educate our children. I would suggest home schooling and doing what it take to divorce them from the public school system. Thomas Jefferson said"A Government big enough to give you everything and big enough to take everything". Tyranny thrives because of dependence of the people. If you control the food and resources. They can control the people. If we stay prepared ready for them. We have a chance to win if we do not fall for the lie for food for freedom and guns.

            I remember a couple of time I educated a gun owners taking all their firearms to the police station to a $100 Wal Mart gift card for food. I gave them better. I brought their shotguns for $200 cash and they kept thier other guns. As far as I know, I know when I see him. He was shortage on food was a temporary, now he can provide again. He still has a means to protect himself and his family. If he did not meet me. He would have been vulnerable. Thank God he did not surrender his arms for Monsanto junk at Wal Mart. No matter how hungry you may feel and going without some basic necessities. It is only temporary. When the government say they have a solution for your hunger pains if we surrender our freedoms and guns for food. Do not fall for it. If we are prepared and ready, what they say and do will not work. If we surrender all liberties along with our right to keep and bear arms for a bowl of rice and beans. We will starve and be defenseless.


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