Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stop Giving Jurisdiction to the Goons by Consent

                 We are going to have to get a pair of balls and start saying no. This war on terror is a fraud from the start. The only people who benefited was the military and security industrial complex to stop the phantom enemy and CIA entity Al Quaida. It is 10 years later and now people are no longer afraid and now is starting to turn to anger. Sept 11th was used as an excuse for a power grab by the Federal government to seize power over every aspect of our lives.

                  The power freaks in Washington can only get away with what we allow them to get away with it. It is time to stop being the frog in the water being boiled slowly to death. They took our freedoms piece by piece which was so subtle and crafty, We thought that compromising giving a little freedom for a little safety would be good if it put the bad guys behind bars. Now the government wants to be in our face and in our homes controlling every aspect of our lives. I just do not think it will succeed because event the NAZIs and the Soviet knew they had their boundaries and putting hands down people pants. They knew they could only go so far. I see the breaking point coming and a major push back against the power grab coming. This could be a major setback for the tyants.

                   I do not care if it is the TSA, or some goon cop on the side of the road trying to draw my blood without probable cause. We have to start saying "I do not consent to you touching me" or " I do not consent taking my picture in a full body scanner" and "I do not consent taking my blood or searching me without a warrant". We have to use the power to say " No" When they yell "opt out, we have an opt" really loud. We have to be just as loud or louder saying Hell Yah I opt out. I do not consent to an illegal search!". It is time to steal there thunder and jump inside their heads. If one has the courage to stand up. We might to inspiring people to start standing up too saying the same thing.

                  The Federal government only has consent if we give it to them. Without our consent, they have no jurisdiction and no power over us. There is more of us then there are of them.  We do not need them for our safety. They have become a threat to our security. If I have to worry about my Laptop, cash and my other valuable are being stolen or confiscated by the very people who said they are supposed to keep us safe. Then something is wrong when their is rampant theft, instead of correcting the problem. If they are a threat to our personal dignity and well being. Then why should we allow them anymore dominion not just over our bodies. if they cannot conquer our minds. They will fail.

                 The revolution starts in the mind making the choice. That is where the choice is made. When I mean jurisdiction. What I mean is in our minds and thoughts. They can chain us, grope us, torture and imprison us. They must never imprison our minds. Never let the tyrant have jurisdiction over our thoughts. We must never be conditioned in our thoughts to be like a sheep ready for the slaughter. It is time for commons sense to prevail and this tyranny to go. If we make the choice not to be afraid, we will win. Just as long we retain the power to say"no". Use it or lose it, you choice.


  1. It is indeed horrid to watch people line up to be abused and have their natural rights abrogated in such an obvious, illegal manner. You are absolutely correct, the battleground starts in our mind, freedom begins between the ears. I alone retain complete and utter sovereignty over my person.

    To add insult to injury, the folks TSA are ultimately working for are the very people responsible for mass-murdering innocent people, and then blaming it on others in order to start wars of aggression and conquest.

    Hey Realman, you've got a lot of heart and integrity in your thoughts - I don't give a fuck if you use bad grammar here and there - If you want pretty words go buy a book of poetry. I'll take an honest person who actually cares about truth and justice over some English Professor any day - keep it up.

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