Friday, September 23, 2011

Watching Gov Romney And Perry in a Debate is like Watching Pro Westling.

                 I can recall long ago seeing Rowdy Piper and Hulk Hogan talking trash and mud slinging about how they will beat each others skulls in on TV. Know what Jesse Ventura said later that politics is just like pro wrestling were on camera they rival and hate each other. But behind the scenes, they are best friends and shake hands. I see more and more all this political rhetoric is a scripted play for all of us to see talk about.

                 Watching the debate on Fox last night from Orlando Florida. Seeing Romney and Perry say pop shots at each other attacking one anothers record as Governor was like watching pro wrestling seeing the Undertaker and Cain taking trash . It sounded so phony and scripted. Their was no passion behind the political mudslinging. I mean getting my Newsmax and World Net Daily emails every day of either Romney and Perry saying something about the other.

                  This is a phony controversy to create news stories and trying divert attention away from Ron Paul and his ascension as a top tier candidate. Both of them are useless as people and Presidents. I do not care what they say. What they argue about has no substance and relevance about the real issues affecting us today. This controversy is just a distraction and a make news ploy by the political establishment and the corporate media to divert people away from the real issues that really plague is nation like the the bankers looting the nation. I am not fooled by the phony distraction. Perry and Romney have more in common than we think. It is just a game to make news to keep attention off of Ron Paul. 


  1. Perry is a total sociopath. Anyone who doesn't see that is so very blind.

  2. The entire US political system is a theater of the absurd and has been for decades, just getting more and more obvious lately. A poorly scripted TV show to keep the ignorant masses thinking they live in a democracy and not the authoritarian police state, corporate military empire it is.