Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Texas, Time to Secede or Be Ruled By Globalist Puppets in Both Poltical Parties.

This election is a joke. There is no evidence to say the elections are fair, accurate or have any credibility. Texas cannot afford another four  years under Obama or Romney. If Obama wins a second term, we will get more of the same and worse. If Romney wins, there will be no difference in policy either. He is for gun control and socialized medicine. Romney is a vanilla ice version of Obama. There is not a dimes worth of difference between the two candidates. So what should Texas do to ensure its own survival to maintain her economic and cultural heritage?

First things Texans should do, that is recall Governor Rick Perry and Lt Governor David Dewhurst to remove both from office. They both talk a good talk, saying they will not allow Washington DC to interfere in the business of Texas; their lack of actions on the behalf of Texans speaks louder then words. They both are derelict in their duties and have behind the scenes have killed bills that were good for Texans siding with special interest.

They were silent during the rolling blackouts in February 2011 allowing the EPA to shut off our coal power plants on the coldest day of winter. Both were silent and out to lunch.

They have failed to send law enforcement officers to the Airport and enforce existing state law prohibiting TSA for touching people in private areas against their will. Lt Gov Dewhurst twisted the State Senators arms on the Senate Floor with a Rep from Obama's DOJ to kill the bill after the House voted overwhelmingly in favor. Gov Perry waited the last minute to put the bill back on the agenda of the special session making it impossible to pass due to lack of time left in the session. Both these men coordinated behind the scenes to kill this legislation that would have been a major victory for state's rights.

They have allowed the EPA to come into Texas and shut down coal power plants without any law to justify the actions.

They have no stood up for the Texas oil industry when Obama was on contempt of court not allowing offshore drilling.

They have stood silent while Obama came in and took over the permit process for refineries and power plants that was reserved for Texas only.

They violated the Logan Act. Rick Perry attending Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul Turkey in 2006, David Dewhurst attended Bretton Woods II in 2011 meeting behind closed doors with George Soros talking about economic policy in secrecy.

Gov Rick Perry and Lt Gov David Dewhurst both work for the same foreign banks Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney bow to and take orders from the same oligarchs. Texas cannot have this anymore if she is going to survive.

These two will stand in the way allowing Texans to vote on shall we be a part of the Untied States or secede from the union? If Texas does secede, we cannot have these men in power because they will make sure we are beholden to the UN and a private central bank.

If Barrack Obama wins, a second term or Mitt Romney is the 45th President. First, we cannot have Perry and Dewhurst in power to thwart the will of Texans. They will go along with the same globalist agenda regardless who is in the White House.

I see secession being the only choice now facing Texas now if freedom is going to survive and her dignity kept in tact. We cannot allow to be governed by a false choice that was chosen by the ruling oligarchs and not Texans themselves. Mitt Romney is not a dimes worth of difference than Obama. They are both stand for things Texas is against in their true beliefs. Texas does not want Obamacare. Romney and Obama both endorse Socialized medicine. They both are for gun control. Romney signed the assault weapons ban in 2004. The both are pro abortion. They both are for carbon taxes and banker bailouts.

President Obama if he wins a second term will use the pen to sign executive orders bypassing congress to implement gun control and agenda 21. Texas needs a governor and a Lt Gov who will govern as the President of the Senate who can set the agenda for the state to erect barriers against illegal Federal encroachments. If the Federal government does not respect the state's right to govern as they see fit. We can secede by a vote of the state legislature or a direct election with a simple up and down vote,

Texas is in a unique position to make her own way to be a state or be a republic once more. Sam Houston prophesied" Texas will again lift its head, and stand among the nations" That time is coming soon where Texas will have to make a choice or fade into history under the globalist dictatorship. It is all in God's hands for now.


  1. Secession is easy to talk about but hard to accomplish. Think "Rick McLaren." But who knows, it could work--but no demagogues, please!

  2. So, elections aren't fair, accurate or have any credibility. But you want to recall Perry and Dewhurst? How do you expect to accomplish that without elections?

    Later, you mention that these two will stand in the way of Texans voting to secede. Again, if voting is as pointless as you say, what does it matter what they do?

    You state that Texas needs a new governor. You states that "[Texas] can secede by a vote of the state legislature".

    Those both involve voting!

    So which is it, Realman? Does voting work, or does it not?

    1. Roland, If you get rid of the electronic voting machines and mandate paper ballots counted out in the open in Public view. Then Then election is fair and credible with very little error. As long we have the voting machines the election is a joke like it is now.