Sunday, June 3, 2012

10 Reasons Why Rep. Allen West is a RINO, not a defender of the Constituion; Neither a Real Tea Party Candidate.

What is so great about Allen West? He talks a lot and gets people all excited for nothing. To me his actions speak louder then his words. He is no defender,nor a champion of the constitution. So why so much hype about him? I know he is a war veteran and I do not question his service at all. But today I do question his ability and judgment to govern as a congressmen. There is nothing he has done to show me he is a real patriot or a defender of personal liberty. Nevertheless, He has shown just to be a neo con playing a patriot. This person's rhetoric and actions are two different things. Do not listen what Allen West says. We all should be watching what he does.

I do not buy into the phony attacks on Allen West as they do on World Net Daily and Newsmax as away to keep people in the left right, Democrat and Republican or Liberal Conservative paradigm diverting people's attention away from the real power brokers. That is the Bankers sitting offshore who taken over our government by fraud. He is not a Tea Party Candidate. The original Tea Party was not founded by Sara Palin and Michelle Bachman. It was founded by Congressmen Paul. Allen West is no Ron Paul by a long shot.

Here is Why Rep. Allen West of Florida is No conservative or defender of the Constitution:

1. He is a war monger. For someone who claims to oppose Obama, Why did he say on the House Floor the President needs more war powers to keep America safe? He is for congress abrogating their war making powers to the President to decide for himself.

2. Allen West is for supporting Israel's wars, he is brought and paid for by AIPAC.

3. He is for war with Iran.  A War with Iran will destroy our economy.

4. He voted for the NDAA authorizing the US Military to arrest American citizens with no charges brought up and shipped to GITMO without a trial or a lawyer destroying our Bill of Rights. He helped destroy the right to Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus Act keeping the Military from civilian alw enforcement on American citizens .

5. He voted for CISPA. That means censoring and destroying the Internet. Say good bye to free speech on the internet.

6. He is for an extension for the Patriot Act and the most draconian provisions that take away our rights to privacy.

7. He voted for raising the debt ceiling.That is putting further in debt.

8. He is for the Banker and Wall Street Bailouts. He received campaign donations from intuitions that benefited from receiving in the TARP bailouts.

9. He is for bloated Military spending to enrich the Military Industrial Complex

10. He publicly convicts George Zimmerman before he has his day in court. 
What about allowing the justice system working out the facts. A true statesmen would withhold judgement in a criminal trial.

This man is not a conservative, nor is he a hero of the Tea Party movement. He is not a real patriot. People are saying Romney should pick him to be his running mate for the VP slot. I am sorry to all you people who think Adam West can save the republic. He does not have the credentials being a conservative nor a libertarian. He is a mouthpiece for the powerful Israeli lobby and for the bankers getting government bailouts who work on Wall Street.

I hate to rain down on someone's parade. Rep Allen West maybe a decent man, but he is ignorant of the Constitution and the real founders intent. He works for the globalist and is controlled by the same people who control Nancy Pelosi when you look at who contributed to both of their campaigns. People like Allen West is why this nation is in trouble. When they say conservative and not the constituion, He can never bring up the Constitution because Rep. West has lost the credibility to ever to bring it up to go back to this founding document because his voting record.

This is why we hear of " We must return to our founding principles" instead of saying" Let go back to basics by going back to the Constitution" The reason is, if they brought up the Constitution as being their guild, People might read it the Constitution and find out their voting records of these phony politicians does not measure up to the founding document. The truth always hurts in the beginning, but it always sets us free in the end if we accept it.


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  1. I agree that West is a phony, no real conservative. I have to take exception, however, with the whole "Israel Lobby", Israeli conspiracy crap. Israel has no need for us to get involved in their "war" - their war for survival, if you want to be accurate. As I've told a few _other_ folks who just don't like Jews, all they need is for us to stay out of their way. They know getting Obama involved in Iran will only f*ck things up.

    Good article on West, otherwise.