Friday, June 15, 2012

Can Aristocrats and the Money Junkies Make Themselves Extinct by their Own Greed?

History has shown that when certain trends happen, it replaces something else that is in existence.  Thanks for the creation of the internet; many possibilities now exist to accomplish things 20 years ago would be out of reach. Back in the age of the when the first bible was published. The sliding printing press made it possible to publish books cheap for all people to afford to share knowledge instead of being limited.

People can publish and sell their own books online by the personal computer.  People can create their own documentaries with video technology and publish to a website for public view. Technology is breaking the stranglehold of the controlled media. The old ways of doing things of publishing and reporting the news is making the old publishers with the dinosaur media obsolete. The monopoly of control has started to end.

Musicians use to have to go into a studio to play their own music and find a record label top sign them. Now bands can produce their own music and put it out online by YouTube or sell it by MP3 on Amazon. The old way of going through a record company and a recording studio was the way musicians tried to do in the past almost makes the recording industry almost obsolete. The personal computer and the internet changed the dynamics that will not make the world the same. What channels people used to go through to publish, record has to now compete with the individual. Like pay phone competing with cell phones.

Now we talk about the old aristocracy. The old merchant class and the bankers enjoyed the cloak of secrecy. They had the luxury of their plans not being made known. They were able to control the issuance of the currency with impunity. The old aristocracy, which the banking families are not above the trends of being obsolete in a changing world. The veil of concealing themselves from scrutiny of the people is now ending.

Now the international banking cartel has been blown wide open. People see how the con games of the bankers work. They see how they start wars. The people are aware of the political puppets working for them. The people see now how they create a false debt out of nothing and how they enslave people by fraud. Just like the book publishing companies, the old news media and the recording industry. Thanks to technology, people do not need them anymore. Technology has spurred individual intuitive.

The world is finding out we do not need these private central bankers anymore and the fractional reserve banking trick. People are seeing what money really is and how important having a gold or silver backed currency makes life better. The old aristocracy that ruled by debt enslavement and compound interest may now be going extinct because people will find out we do not need central bankers to survive. People can do fine without them with a simple monetary system that can be exchanged with other currencies without the manipulation behind the scenes of the past.

The Rothschild, Rockefeller and all the other ruling families that got away with crimes against humanity with wars, mass murder by eugenics and famines might go the way of the dinosaurs. When the fraud they committed is revealed and when people know what real money is and how these central bankers impoverished many people. We can start seeing the old banking aristocracy be no more. The new aristocracy with be the individual. The old aristocratic order will be outdated like the horse and buggy. 

With a worldwide banking collapse, we can see the old order of the aristocracy fall along with it. The world is always changing and nothing stays the same. We just have to shout loud and clear. We do not need anymore central bankers. Once the world finds out these Banksters are not needed anymore and been the problem all along, they will fall along with their useless fiat paper money. We never needed the bankers all along. It has been an illusion that has ended.


  1. We can be rid of them tomorrow if people would just refuse to accept, use, work for, or acknowledge their currency any more. Pack it up and send it to them along with a short note saying, "Here is all of my money. I will not accept it any longer therefore there will never be any more to take from me. I will not use it for I will have none of it. Game over."
    Yes they will become ugly and violent for a short time. But they will not be able to pay their henchmen for the money will not spend if the people will not accept it. Their tirade will be short and they will be toothless and powerless in short order.
    Think it over, we have the power, we always have had the power. Now we only need the will to use it.

  2. That's a great idea. Why don't you send your worthless money to me? I'll send you my address.

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